Visit Ballarat, you will find plenty of local attractions and loads of hidden gold nuggets will deliver plenty of unexpected surprises for the family at Ballarat.
How about some gold prospecting, Discover gold at Sovereign Hill, you can pan for gold with the kids in the golden creek right in the middle of the Sovereign Hill village and every day somebody will find gold.
Ballarat has plenty of restaurants, bars and trendy shops, you will find plenty local produce and country wine.

Ballarat is West of Melbourne, it is only a short drive from Melbourne alone the Western Highway.
There are also plenty of country and city walking trails.Why not visit beautiful Lake Wendoree it is a 6km circuit to go around or simply visit for a picnic with the swans on the foreshore. It is wheel chair friendly, has plenty of disabled access toilets, and you will be able to find a disabled access cab.

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