The Midland HH54VP2 Portable Emergency Alert Radio is a small but indispensable addition to your emergency kit. A Public Alert radio, like the Midland HH54VP2, is critical in areas where severe weather can occur without warning.
The Midland HH-54VP2 also provides an alarm clock with snooze, a large, backlit display with continuous backlighting option, battery backup (requires 3 AA batteries, not included), user selectable alerts and color coded alert indicators. If you want to make your camping experience a great success you will have to pay much attention to the minutest details. Richard Snogren, craftsman of My Camp Kitchen has designed outdoor innovative products to enhance camper’s outdoor cooking experience. You will want to go camping frequently with this cool portable outdoor kitchen and if you happen to talk to campers you could exchange information about basic camping and tell them about two primary models- the Outdoorsman and the Summit Traveler. Installing this mod alone you only will get the vanilla plank types of signs and the vanilla metals.

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The HH54VP2 offers Home and Travel modes to provide instant emergency and weather alerts on tornadoes, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and civil emergencies where ever you may be! These devices have saved many lives in areas like Tornado Alley by waking people or simply giving them enough warning time to reach a safe location. With all these features, the Midland HH54VP2 a must-have emergency alert radio to help keep you prepared in case of emergency! You must pack all items needed for relaxing, sleeping and eating and any one of the miscellaneous articles you lose or forget can ruin your entire trip. In the first place, you must look around for a place for setting kitchen settings, spices and cooking utensils for camping.
Camping will be more enjoyable and relaxing while you could enjoy good food with family and friends as it is very easy to use, set up and package.

The former’s price will start at $350 for unassembled kit while the finished product would cost $575 excluding the price of cooking gear.
The Midland HH-54VP2 also provides other emergency alerts such as Amber Alerts, nuclear power plant warnings, biological hazard warnings, civil emergency messages, fire warnings and landslide warnings. There are options in the config file to control spawning of skeletons, creepers, spiders, slime, and endermen.

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