Knives don't need to do a bunch of different things to be useful — they just need to do one thing really well. Aviva Drescher’s first child was only 1 month old when the planes hit the Twin Towers on September 11. Thanks to shows like National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers, a cultural archetype of the new survivalist has emerged: bearded men and their sons living in the backwoods, Deliverance-style.
And yet, during last fall’s Sandy madness, a shocking number of New York’s well-to-do insisted on staying put, not wanting to acknowledge even the briefest disruption of their luxurious lifestyles. Raised upstate, Milo (not his real name) is a 45-year-old boutique equities trader who believes the onus is on the individual to protect himself and his family. As for transportation, Milo says he has a plan to buy his way off the island if the bridges and tunnels are blocked. It’s no secret propane is an important element in most family preparedness plans, as it is an excellent option for both comfort heat and cooking food.
To use propane as heat for cooking, some propane heater heads feature a burner surface atop the head itself which will work with just about any pot, kettle, or pan. Propane was first synthesized back in 1910, it has been in commercial production since the 1920?s. Propane has been used as a consumer product for the last 100 years and tight government regulations require propane hardware designs that are fairly fool-proof and reasonably safe to use, when used according to design and manufacturer’s guidelines. Refillable propane tanks are a highly regulated item due to the potential for disaster upon failure. Subtract the year that the propane tank was manufactured from the current year to determine the age of your propane tank.
If your propane tank has been re-qualified, the re-qualification date will either be printed on an oval sticker and affixed to the collar welded on top of the cylinder, or alternatively the date may be stamped vertically on the collar. Expired tanks can be exchanged for new or re-qualified substitutes by visiting any of the major big box stores, or home improvement centers located nationwide. It may not be safe to use a propane tank that is 12 years older than its manufacture date if it has not been re-qualified until you have it inspected and re-qualified to ensure that it is safe to use.
Never store propane tanks indoors or in any other sealed environment due to the risk of explosion.
RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. With these factors in mind, it becomes clear that preparing a base camp will take careful consideration. These items will form the basis of your survival checklist – the absolute bare minimum of what you will need in an outdoor survivalist situation. The type of camp you will set up will be dependent upon a number of factors, including how permanent your camp will be, what the weather and ground conditions are like, and whether or not you expect to encounter any nasty bugs, predators or other dangers. A Minuteman is someone who is prepared – at a moment’s notice – to respond to whatever situation they may be confronted with. Summary: What follows is a suggested “system” or template which one could follow and adapt to their particular needs and circumstances.
People who read this document will live in many different states, have different economic capabilities, geographical conditions, and have a variety of environmental challenges which to deal with. We also believe that we all have a responsibility to provide and care for our communities and prepare for concerning times ahead. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
This country’s economic welfare, morality, and socioeconomic state are in a free fall towards a destructive demise. This is not an all-knowing, endless list of all supplies that any Minuteman could ever need. A one month food storage supply for one person can be put together with commonly found food from at any grocery store.
This is not a perfect diet by any means; however it does provide plenty of calories and variety for one person for at least 30 days.
Water – There is a commonly used adage that in an emergency the minimum water requirements are one gallon per person per day.
Medical – The category “Medical” covers both first aid as well as other medical considerations. In order to achieve the “grab-and-go” concept there must be a system in place by which to transport needed defensive equipment efficiently. For the Level I Minuteman – develop a system for carrying extra ammunition and magazines that fits your budget and is comfortable to use. Bottom Line: A system must be developed so that in about a “minute” your main battle weapon and needed supplies can be grabbed and you can go to where you need to be. Basic First Aid Skills – take a basic first aid course or at a minimum self-study reading and watching video’s. PLANS & INFORMATION – What happens if power is lost through an area and there is no method for communication with loved ones?
Power Outage – everyone in the household needs to know what to do if there is a power outage.

MISC GEAR CHECKLIST – here is a basic list of general supplies that should be stored and readily available in case of an emergency.
Recommended Books – here are a few recommended books related to defense and preparedness and would fit well in any Minuteman’s library. Summary – This completes the template for the ModernSurvivalOnline: The Minuteman Protocol – Level I. If you will be milling wheat to make flour for bread, you will want to be sure that the mill will grind the wheat berries into fine enough flour. If you will be using the mill frequently, then it will be important to choose quality construction that will hold up to the test of usage and time. Victorio Hand Grain Mill, originally named the ‘Back to Basics 555? (now called the Victorio Hand Mill), has fairly good reviews for it’s price range (~ $50). Country Living Hand Grain Mill, which will last generations and is built with the highest quality. For those who are also interested in an electric grain mill, we have been using this one for years and have been very happy with it. The Goal Zero Nomad 7M is a portable solar panel system to be used to charge your 12 volt DC auto accessories, rechargeable batteries, and most handheld electronic gadgets.
Shelf Reliance Says: For the minimalist on the go the Nomad 7M delivers an ultra-compact yet powerful solar panel that enables you to charge your handheld devices directly from its USB and 12 Volt DC charging ports. The Earthtect Products Goal Zero 7M sells for under $90.00 and is now available from Shelf Reliance as well as from the Amazon Online Marketplace. This is a well made instructional video on building a hidden doorway within any stick-built dwelling.
Many preppers strongly advise people who are serious about having a prepping lifestyle to move to a more rural environment for the planning and safety considerations.
The Gerber Venture Knife ($75) adheres to this mantra by limiting its design to a polished titanium handle and a three and a half inch serrated blade that's ready when you need it thanks to the Venture's FAST spring-assisted opening mechanism. The Real Housewives of New York City star—a lifetime New Yorker—watched the events unfold with horror.
Drescher and her husband Reid Drescher, president and CEO of the investment firm Spencer Clarke LLC, are big shots. So to discover a “prepper” among the rich, white women of New York’s titular reality show was unsettlingly out of place. Tinsley Mortimer embodied this attitude as she weathered the storm on the Upper East Side by going to her friend’s apartment … in the same building.
After all, should society collapse, it’s the upper crust that has the most to lose (we all saw Bane playing Robespierre in the latest Batman film). Also available to the consumer are camp-style propane cook stoves that attach to the small propane bottles, and with an adapter, also connect to refillable consumer propane tanks. It is compressed into a liquid at relatively low pressures and will convert back into a flammable vapor under the typical atmospheric conditions found anywhere on earth. No one really wants to be in the vicinity of an explosion and fire resulting from a leaking propane cylinder. If the re-qualification date does not have a letter to the right of it, your propane tank needs to be re-qualified within 12 years of the re-qualification date.
Look for the large white metal lockers filled with empty tanks directly in front of the main building. Always read, understand and follow the safety directions that come with every propane product you own and use.
Well because an out of tune antenna can burn up the circuits inside a CB radio if the antenna is far enough out of tune. There are all sorts of things to consider when you’re in a survivalist situation; such as, how to make fire without being seen, how to sleep (or not) on wet ground, and how you should prepare for inclement weather or hostile conditions. But if you prepare in advance you’ll find that, when it comes time to put your plans into action, everything will go smoothly. But when it comes to preparing your base camp, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on any of the essentials.
It doesn’t matter if you’re bunking down for just one night, or if you intend to ride out a few seasons in the same location.
It may be a breakdown of society and you find yourself and family in a world without rule of law.
This preparation towards readiness combines food storage, water, defensive equipment, and gear which can be used in case of a power outage or a major supply chain interruption – or worse. As a matter of fact as a Minuteman you should back the US Constitution 100%, and this Republic called the United States of America.
I hope what follows provides some guidance and provokes thought on how to be ready….”just in case”. It is critically important to maintain enough food reserves to make it through until things return to normal.
In addition to the food items – plan on alternative methods for cooking and preparing food should the power go out. A common Brita-brand water filter is excellent for filtering out small foreign particles – however they will not work for water that may have pathogens or bacteria.

One inexpensive example is the Condor Modular Chest Rig running under $40.00 at time of publishing. Basically, the 5.11 is a shoulder bag with multiple compartments including magazine pockets in the outside for AR magazines. Don’t open the fridge, know where flashlights are, stay warm in winter time, radio for news, etc. Think of what plans and procedures need to be made as part of your Minuteman Protocol System. Many of the cheap mills have reviews that indicate that the unit falls apart or fails in one way or another after a relatively short time. Unfortunately it often requires a higher than expected amount of money to purchase a product that is at least ‘good’, and even more money for a product considered to be ‘excellent’.
This might be a ‘good enough’ mill for the occasional user who isn’t too concerned that the flour may not grind as fine as more expensive mills or may not hold up as well under heavy usage. This hand mill comes with stone heads and stainless steel burr heads to accommodate different conditions, and will apparently grind fine flour (and everything else) without issue. It also features a single, adjustable temperature control knob for simplicity, and a solid disc heating element for easy clean up. These Carbon Fiber Daggers ($200) come in a bundle, and include the slotted-blade Escort, the honeycombed Escort II, and the open-handled Escort III.
If terrorists could kill thousands of people with a couple of box cutters, what would happen if the Ebola virus was dropped in Central Park? Perhaps it’s more of a coping mechanism, because when it’s time to “get out of dodge,” money may not equal survival. In an out of tune antenna, RF energy will not leave the antenna and it will be reflected back down your intenna and into your radios circuitry. A well chosen spot will aid you in the event of your needing to find food, water or an escape route.
You should also support peaceful, democratic methods which to guide and create positive change for America.
For the MSO Minuteman, store as much water as you can – with Level I recommending at least 30+ gallons for each person. With this in mind – it is recommended that a LifeStraw Water Filtration Straw be stored for each person.
Should you have health issues requiring prescriptions or other necessary items – those should be stocked to have at least a one month supply. In a serious SHTF or WROL (Without Rule of Law) event  – law abiding citizens will be preyed upon by criminals and thugs. The Minuteman holds close those values which built this great country over 200 years ago.
Just read the reviews of the product in consideration and you will usually get to the truth.
Keeping a hand grain mill is for the serious prepper who is preparing for the possibility of living without electricity for a time. The Goal Zero utilizes the latest in flexible solar panel technology, monocrystalline solar panel technology, which provides the most power per square inch. Drescher revealed her “prepping” habits on camera, it created a pop culture paradox, a confluence of zeitgeists. This rugged antenna has provided me with excellent service and it gets very high marks in user reviews. Some newer radios have some protections built into them but those protections will lower your radio’s output power in order to protect the radios circuits. With this in mind, camping with your back to a cliff or steep incline is a great idea, as you’ll also be protected from the wind. The Nomad 7 Watt flexible solar panel can charge up all of your 12v devices quickly with the included 12v cigarette adapter.
People had to leave their doors unlocked so their neighbors could get in, and there would be ransacking of apartments in groups of five, six, seven,” he said.
The Nomad even has a built in USB charging port, to quickly charge up all of your USB devices (Iphones,Ipods, Smartphones.) It even has a bult in pocket for your devices and chargers. A good antenna, properly tuned, is the secret to getting the most from your Citizens Band or ham radio.
It features super strong and flexible nylon hooks on all corners to ensure you can firmly secure it, where ever you need to. This foldable solar panel even folds up and fits into the included foldable fabric carrying case to insure it doesn’t take up valuable space in your backpack.
On your outdoor journeys, feel safe in the knowledge that you have portable power, where ever the trail leads you.

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