Additional Director General of Police Sylendra Babu at a€?Police commandosa€™ brave military grade survival campa€™ held at Gundupatti village near Kodaikanal. Survival skills are necessary to prevent deaths and serious injuries during disasters, according to Additional Chief Secretary T.S.
We never sell, share or rent your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances.
We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation. Anoop Madhavan said well-trained disaster response frameworks would dramatically reduce fatalities during large-scale disasters.

During an earthquake or a power outage a rope enables rescuers to stay in contact with each other while extending their search.
The personnel from Tamil Nadu Commando Force and Tamil Nadu Coastal Security Group Marine Police Commando participate in the training programme. If you’re a beginner prepper, get these 10 disaster essentials while you still have time.
Consider filling a large barrel with water and 2 teaspoons of household bleach per 10 gallons of water. A good multitool should have a knives, a saw, a can opener, a screw driver, pliers, and wire cutters.

Shelter is definitely essential, but the type of shelter you need may depend on your location. An underground shelter is ideal during a tornado or chemical disaster, but they can cost thousands of dollars and can’t even be built in areas where the ground is too wet.

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Rubric: Canada Emergency Preparedness


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