Keep reading to get an underground tour and learn how to make your own robot shotgun sentry. With the addition of some creative landscaping, the shelter completely disappeared from sight.
Of course, a shelter is only as good as its front door, and Person went to great lengths to make sure you don't want to knock on his. But by far the coolest a€“a€“ and the accessory most likely to keep you out of Person's backyard a€“a€“ is the homemade shotgun attached to the robot sentry. You've got to wonder why more people don't use cheap-assed seamed galvanized pipe from HomeDepot to make shotguns!??! Given his construction method, my guess is that the cinder block cores are filled with concrete and rebar.
Uhm, last I checked the minimum barrel length on a shotgun was still 18" with an overall minimum length of 26". Whole lot of stupid goi9ng on with that article. When I was younger I found a book how to make a homemade shotgun and even at 18 years old I would have looked at that guys shotgun and said WTF do you have a death wish?

Lootie appreciates the heads up , but is wondering how much Heineken he has stocked up down there . The sentry analyzes video frames in real time for the largest moving target, which it then aims at, allowing the operator to either manually fire via computer or set to auto-fire I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure thats a no-go, for some reason I was thinking machine gun laws?
His biggest fail is talking about what he is doing but is making money by putting it up on youtube.
People who build the functional armed sentry drones and UAVs don't post about it on the internet. How is the ATF not all over this already for the improvised short barrel weapons? Also major block wall fail. Ok gents I know this is an old thread but I've been going through the SF post by post over the past week and re-reading most of them (it's been boring here lately).
But this one will have bars on the windows and doors and he will not be allowed out for about 10 years or so. Over the past two months, eight cities got rid of Columbus Day in favor of adopting Indigenous Peoples Day.

On October 7, the City Council of Lawrence, Kansas supported efforts from students from Haskell University to have the city honor their ancestors by declaring October 12 Indigenous Peoples’ Day. On Tuesday, Portland’s City Council also declared Indigenous Peoples’ Day, something tribal leaders have been seeking since 1954, as did the City Council of Bexas County, Texas, according to US Uncut. Person took 12-gauge shotgun plans out of an old Army manual and constructed his using bits of two-by-fours, steel pipe and rubber bands. Anyway, I went ahead and went to this dick-hole's blog and found THIS I'm TOTALLY using "conceptual art" if they ever question me too. I wouldn't be surprised if a neighbor takes offense at being targeted and takes him to task for it.

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