BA Blades has the honour of being Ontario Knife Company's UK Distributor and has been since 2013. To visit OKC's website please click here.
Probably my favorite of all the Ontario Knives to use as a camping knife is the Spec Plus (Model 8305), the Air Force Survival Knife. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This knife isn't as shiny and good looking as some others but when it comes to use it can speak for itself and has never let me down. In most urban settings, you do not usually strap a fixed blade knife onto your belt in the morning as part of your everyday dress, especially one that is very big.  A folding knife is a good urban compromise for an everyday carry knife. The knives I have selected all have medium grade to high grade knife steel and have full tangs for strength.
Don’t buy a knife because it looks bad ass or because it is the Kleon Death Knife from Star Trek.  Stick to good manufacturers and designs by good knife makers. The Air Force Survival knife is a multi-use knife designed for a wide range of military, rescue and survival uses. Gebouwd als een Hummer, dit Ontario ASEK (Aircrew Survival & Egress Knife) survivalmes systeem.
The Air Force Survival Knife is the shortest of the Next Generation Spec Plus Knives and features a very practical design.

It's a really comfortable Kraton Handle with grooves, finger guards, and a non-slip grip - I love it!
Het mes is voorzien van een plexiglas breker, hamer, zaag, kartelgedeelte, gaten om er een speer van te kunnen maken, gat voor een halskoord en een geisoleerd heft. The blade has small "teeth" (serrations) on the spine of the blade and a bowie style, clip point tip making it ideal for almost any cutting application. Meegeleverd wordt een aluminium veiligheidsmes om veiligheidsgordels, verband, touw, kleren, enz.
Survival Knife Systems tested and approved by PM Soldier and Natick Research Labs to meet the criteria defined by the US Army. It's full tang, so you know this knife is going to be strong enough for some heavy duty camping and survival tasks that require chopping and cutting.
The blade is epoxy coated and 1095 carbon steel -- it's gonna hold it's edge and re-sharpen well (it will rust, so keep it dry). The sheath is practical and utilizes a belt loop and secures the knife in place with a strap over one of the finger guards and the handle. The blade is just long enough to be useful but not so big that it's too heavy or cumbersome.
De schede is vlamvertragend en kan op verschillende manieren gedragen worden, ook om het dijbeen.

The blade is a plain edge, but there are teeth on the spine that could make quick work of rope. The fire retardant scabbard fits on the pilot?s vests, load bearing equipment, web belt, belt or can be worn on the calf as designed for Air Warrior. The slight backwards curve at the tip is sharpened, which could be really useful for gutting an animal or fish (campers still have to eat!). The sheath comes with a sharpening stone and the sheath is good, the knife won't fall out even if you don't button the strap. Dit staalsoort is niet geheel roestvrij, wat gedeeltelijk wordt gecompenseerd door de coating, maar u kunt het het beste licht ingevet houden.
The strap cutter fits in the left leg pocket on flight suits and is a must for medical crews. The only downfall the Air Force Survival knife has is glorified shoelaces that it comes with. Het voordeel van dit staalsoort is dat het gemakkelijk is te slijpen, en dat het niet slijtagegevoelig is.

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