A game that reportedly encouraged players to kill Indigenous Australians has been removed from Google Play and iTunes after a public backlash. The move came after a petition that called for the companies to pull Survival Island 3- Australia Story 3D, started by Georgia Mantle on Change.org, reached 84,672 signatures in just a few days.
According to a cached description of the game on Google Play, the goal of Survival Island 3 is to survive in Australia by fighting angry animals and collecting food.
A spokesperson for Apple confirmed to Mashable Australia the game was no longer available, but could not comment further.
GFTEAM, the game's developer as listed on Google Play, has also been contacted for comment. Claiming victory in a statement on Change.org Saturday, Mantle thanked supporters for their swift reaction to her petition, but said she wanted further explanation from Google and Apple regarding why the game was ever listed and downloadable on their platforms.
Under Google and Apple's developer guidelines, it seems like the game, as it has been described, should not have been available. In 2015, Apple and Google pulled Confederate flag apps from their app stores, and in 2014, Google removed two apps that simulated Israeli air strikes on Gaza.
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