Juliane Koepcke was flying over the Peruvian rainforest with her mother when her plane was hit by lightning. By Frederik Pleitgen CNN MUNICH, Germany (CNN) -- Juliane Koepcke is not someone you'd expect to attract attention. If the phrase ''triumph of the will'' didn't have such a sinister connotation in German cinema, it could apply to the last couple of documentaries by Werner Herzog. Probably one of the better-known survival stories, this one occurred in October 1972 when a plane full of Uruguayan rugby players crashed into the Andes Mountains.

Those remaining survived -30°C temperatures with inadequate clothing, rations and even cannibalism. The future of steel construction worldwide will be discussed at a top-level conference in Johannesburg on March 2013. Of the 45 passengers on board, 29 died from the impact, injuries or the avalanche that struck their shelter. When the rescue search was called off, two of the passengers trekked across the Andes for 12 days in hope for a rescue.

Edwin Basson, Director General of WorldSteel, the Brussels-based organisation representing the global steel producing industry.

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