Each LazerBrite® unit can emulate a chemical glow stick, function as a wide-angle flashlight, separate into two lights for sharing and produce a focused spot. The LazerBrite® modular design is a light-weight, high-powered lantern, tent lantern, tent marker, and still a traditional flashlight.
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Batteries are included and, with up to 150 hours of illumination, you can trust LazerBrite® to be ready when you need it most.
Traditional glow sticks glow and traditional flashlights produce a beam but LazerBrite’s modular design does both and a whole lot more.
The flashlight turned lantern also turns into two flashlights so you can share with a friend. Pakistan, Iran, charity, Charities, Red Cross, Christian Children's Fund, United Way, Methodist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Orthodox Russian Greek, Catholic Charities, Catholicism, Baptist, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, Naturalist, Atheist, Agnostic, Agnosticism, Mormon, Mormons, Temple, Church, Cathedral, Bible, Koran, Shinto, Islam, Good Samaritan, Children's Hospital, St. This initiative is based on the reality that "One Can Make a Difference." That means you and me!

LazerBrite® can emulate a glow stick, function as a wide-angled flashlight, separate into two lights for sharing, produce a focused spotlight, and multiple units can even be linked together to create a longer light baton in any color combination. Multifaceted, lightweight and submersible to 50 meters, this distinct LED light system has been custom-built for the serious user, providing light with unique advantages.

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Rubric: Solar Flare Survival


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