The East Bay district signed a federal contract in 1970 to get its new water supply from the American River.
MobilityWorks of Northern California provided Safety and Gear vehicle support for 5 Multiple Sclerosis walks this season. We slowly circled the perimeter of the walk route while staying in communication with base about the status of the route and whether anyone needs a lift. Rarely does anyone need a lift back to base, but when they do, MobilityWorks is like a knight in shining armor to them!
The Sacramento Convention Center electronic sign displays the SacAnime logo for the summer 2014 edition of the convention. The music group, The Slants posing in front of the Capitol building after their video shoot.

One of the most genuinely touching moments of the con occurred when actor, Mark Sheppard warmly embraced and calmed the nerves of a fan who had admitted that she had never met a celebrity. Oscar BenjaminSacramento Cosplay ExaminerA recent resident to the Sacramento area, Oscar Benjamin originally hailed from the Bay Area by way of New York city! With Gwen Stefani as the lead singer, No Doubt became one of the most critically acclaimed ska bands world-wide.
But Sacramento County leaders and environmentalists rebelled, attacking the plan as a water raid threatening salmon runs and the environment along the popular American River Parkway Trail.After years of court battles and negotiations, the East Bay district and Sacramento County Water Agency agreed to jointly build a $900 million project at Freeport to benefit both regions.
The “SAG Wagon,” as it is called, works with the MS team to assist walkers who need to be driven back to base due to a non-emergency such as fatigue or heat.
The East Bay will take less water from a place further downstream and limit its diversions to dry years."It takes a lot of tenacity to do an ambitious water delivery project like this one, especially in a water-limited state like California," said Alexander Coate, the EBMUD general manager and sixth to work on the new supply.

Benjamin developed and honed his writing and photography skills throughout high school and later by attending San Francisco State University. We plan regionally now and think we can work together rather than going it alone and creating a lot of opposition."The joint project allows East Bay up to 165,000 acre-feet over three consecutive dry years, or up to 133,000 acre-feet in one very dry year.

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