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Recruit Survival Tip #242:Agent Romanov can, in fact, be an extremely competent and deadly agent and still like traditionally feminine things unironically. Recruit Survival Tip #240:Please do not encourage Loki by giving him a list of pranks you have pulled off successfully.
Recruit Survival Tip #238:Replacing the regular coffee with decaf in the coffeemakers is both unwise and hazardous. The more people are aware of these handy tips, the fewer personnel problems we end up with. Recruit Survival Tip #236:Just as Clint Barton is not Cupid, he is also not Katniss Everdeen. Recruit Survival Tip #232:Treat emergency drills with all the seriousness you would give an actual emergency. Recruit Survival Tip #229:There is a fine line between making sure your cover identity is secure and taking it way too seriously. He’s the God of Mischief and will either repeat the pranks exactly, or put a whole new twist on them.

Less cool is ending up in the hospital for months because you didn’t see a piece of shrapnel flying in your direction.
Do not take the opportunity to add further wrinkles to the scenario unless otherwise instructed.
Failure to do so not only causes issues for the cleaning staff, but it also puts the operation a member or more down. Don’t be surprised if even deaths of key personnel are overstated if it helps the Director to accomplish a goal.

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