Cold and snow terrain caressed by North winds, terrain where the wind chilly effect can drop temperature at -20°C! When the days get so short it seems as if the sun will never return to warm our cheeks, we give each other gifts as comfort in the darkness. First thing you should do is light up their room and remind them of the warm evenings of summer with an electronic firefly in a jar. As much as we may want to remind our friend that it will be warm again sometime in the future, we shouldn’t deny the reality that it is actually cold out. I think the only other thing your friend needs to get through winter is some reading material (or listening material in the form of an iPod pre-loaded with our show). And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our own store, full of shirts, mugs, glasses, and other Science… sort of accessories!

I think with all this you’ll be well prepared to survive the Solstice and make the geek in your life happy. Not only is this a cool gift, there’s no guilt when you wake up in the morning to find all the little lightning bugs dead.
So I recommend getting your friend a jacket from SeV, makers of clothing with many pockets. Now by way of shameless plugging, I think some of the books by people we’ve had on the show are the perfect choice. There’s something quintessentially geeky about loving pockets, but I know I do and hopefully you do too.
I prefer straight black coffee, and while I have yet to try it from a civet’s butt, I’d certainly try it if someone else paid for it.

Then again there’s always the monkey-picked tea alternative (disclaimer: may have actually been picked by apes).
Regardless, warm your favorite geek’s heart with some gifts sure to brighten their darkest days of the year.
But perhaps we should just keep things simple with a glass for our most on-air consumed drink Beryllium and Erbium. Fortunately pants and jackets can be worn at the same time for some serious constructive interference.

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