Last year’s Zombie apocalypse vehicle was an outstanding creation by Hyundai and no one had actually thought that anything better than this could be created. The company has taken help from expert team at Galpin Auto Sports to give rugged and strong look to the vehicle.
Hyundai’s Veloster Zombie Survival Machine is not a bad news for flesh craving zombies, its the worst. Now Hyundai has jumped into the fray with the specially prepared Hyundai Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine; a vehicle designed not only to flee the somnambulant hordes, but to turn and face them, slicing and dicing with all the subtlety of a flying chainsaw. There are no current plans to include the HECZSM (catchy acronym, don’t you think?) in the television show. The Zombie Survival Machine was built to commemorate the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic. My co-contributor Johnny Maverick and I focus on the zombie apocalypse because if you are prepared for zombies, other disasters may seem more manageable.  A zombie survival kit will not only give you the edge when fighting the undead, but it will also be handy during a natural disaster such as a hurricane or an earthquake. I decided to share my knowledge and experiences with fellow zombie survivalists through my book Zombie Apocalypse: Combat and Survival.

Guest Author is our account that gives a voice to any author who wants to write about zombies. Our mission is to be the voice of the independent zombie community and bring awareness and uncensored entertainment to the zombie loving masses. Stay tuned with exclusive news from the car industry, download high-resolution wallpapers at no cost and share everything you love on the social media. The bizarrely designed car has got a machine gun fitted on its roof with a chainsaw on each side of the bonnet for slicing the Zombies to pieces. Romero effectively utilized a pedestrian Pontiac Le Mans as simple tension-creating device in his seminal 1968 zombie flick, Night of the Living Dead, automobiles have been intrinsically linked to the modern zombie genre. Unveiled at Comic-Con, the vehicle was designed by The Walking Dead creator and writer Robert Kirkman and Design Craft Fabrication, the California-based firm better known for its race-car-building skills. And that’s a shame, because nothing says quality family viewing like an economy car outfitted with a corpse-catching spiked front plow, James Bond–inspired spinning wheel spikes extending from the axles, and a retractable fence around the sunroof that helps keeps zombies at bay. A limited amount of owner’s manuals detailing the vehicle’s unique features and providing tips for surviving the gruesome realities of the zombie apocalypse have been printed.

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The company has joined hands with Robert Kirkman to unveil this masterpiece at 2013’s San Diego Comic Con.
It has been made using thick window bars and metal sheets to keep strollers away from it along with loads of armor fitted throughout the vehicle.
From the first-gen Volkswagen Scirocco that gave new meaning to the phrase “riding shotgun” in NOTLD’s late-1970s sequel, Dawn of the Dead, to the Cadillac Escalade and Hummer H2 featured in 2009’s Zombieland, one thing is perfectly clear: If you’re planning on getting away from the undead, you’ll need some sweet wheels.
The only sad part is that this inexplicably designed car won’t hit the road for common man but its beauty will lie in its exclusivity.

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