The Clever Survivalist Blog is a survival guide devoted to teaching strategies on self-reliance, to seed survival and critical thinking skills in everyone. I have┬áspent many years learning wilderness survival, military survival, and urban survival. Having said that, what I’m getting at is that there is not one stereotype of a survivalist or prepper. There are those that consider themselves survivalists in the sense that they are determined to survive the uncertainties of today relative to the modern world that they live in.
The media that I’ve seen in the mainstream, when portraying survivalists, or exemplifying them in TV shows, or interviewing them in real life, is nearly always tilted towards the extreme. Without the ability to tell when you are being played, when you are being lied too and how you are being lied too, all the survival skills will mean nothing if you do not have the ability to remove the trash from the news being laid upon you.
If you consume your mind with all the ways your world could come crashing down you will not see the truth. Water, food, good camping supplies, fuel, firearms and enough ammo to last a while is what we have. It never ceases to amaze me the spectrum of different views people have, even when they share a common label. Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof.
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The same arguments that you have made could translate to most AR platforms when comparing them to any of these takedowns and the defensive limitations of the .22LR. The mini 30 is a nice platform, but given the choice I’d rather have the mini 14 because of the ability to shoot the same ammo than an AR15 fires. I am not a fan of the .223 either but you are entering the realm of personal preference here. In the end, it all boils down to what you need, what you are comfortable with, your budget, and a whole host of other factors that are unique to you.
The Henry is a good SHTF rifle just from the stand point of portability… the Ruger is more accurate but heavier and larger.
Sure, you could say that many share similar ideals, but every survivalist or prepper is different in their own way. In other words, they may not have trained to survive in the woods foraging for edible wild plants, or they may not own a firearm, but they may be honing their own unique adaptability skills, building a base of food and supplies for emergency, and becoming more informed about the risks of the world they live in. Someone who is preparing or has prepared for risk and uncertainty is doing so to survive the things that may be thrown at them. Instead, consider that there are many that are simply taking charge of their own lives and preparing themselves for uncertainty. It does have a folding stock , one thing that I do is put it in a fishing rod tube , people see that and dont freak out ( or snitch ) made sure it has a big Zebco emblem on it as well as other fishing stickers . The British have been trying to get us to switch to the 8mm , which is a far superior round for years .

When your talking about walking away OR back home, weight x distance x whatever your comfortable shooting x will it feed me?
But those of us that are more prepared that the next, have no idea how more or less prepared our neighbor, or for that matter, the local community may be. I live in a condo, in a small city in Canada, in an active earthquake zone, that is how I got started being prepared. So to survive when TSHTF may require one to exclude others (and their poor planning) from enjoying a longer and less stressful period of recovery (remember the grasshopper and the ants?).
While researching earthquake preparedness I stumbled upon a whole new world of other things to prepare for, so started putting more aside, just in case. Plus , you and I both know that most people will get stuck in an urban area no matter how much they say they are a rural.
I did get a book about edible and medicinal plants of Canada, and put a short-wave radio in a faraday container, even have a battery, inverter and solar panel charger. But really, without land and a cabin in a remote location I could never consider myself a survivalist.
I would think that if you want the best of both worlds , than a .22 anything is not what you need , although it is better than just a knife .

Protecting yourself from emp attack imminent
Small empty bottles

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