India vs Pakistan Hockey Live Score Updates Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2016 MatchSultan official teaser out! Chennai, November 16: The rains in the southernmost state of the country is still drenching the people and causing more hurdles in the relief work caused by the flood waters. Media reports have already shown the pathetic condition of the state and people have used the social media extensively in order to show two present condition. The state government has issued an order to help the affected people soon and reach to them by any means possible. It looks good that state is taking initiative to tackle the situation, but what worries is that the condition will prevail for next 72 hours as per to IMD predictions. This map illustrates satellite-detected waters and probable flood waters in the Chennai area of the Tamil Nadu State in India.
In 2015, ReliefWeb covered 88 natural disasters, with the Nepal earthquakes the most significant. Frequently Asked Questions - Get answers to common problems and learn more about ReliefWeb. Some 280 people have been killed since November, in the worst period of flooding in a century in Tamil Nadu.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The condition is so severe that today Tamil Nadu looks paralysed with most of its districts covered with flood waters. Till now 105 people have lost their life and with the continuous downpour, numbers of death are likely to rise in the coming days. About 11 National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams have been deployed to help the people. The terrified faces of people can be seen, who are trying to make their way by struggling to cross the street flooded with water till waist level. On the occasion, Additional Chief Secretary (Commissioner of Revenue Administration) Sridhar gave away the certificates in the presence of C. Using satellite imagery acquired 24 November 2015, 12 November 2015, 14 October 2015 and 01 September 2015. Radhakrishnan described today how the floodwaters swept into the room containing the generators at the MIOT International Hospital in the state capital of Chennai.A Locals are still struggling to cope with some eight to 10 feet of floodwater, despite the waters beginning to recede, after the disaster carved a trail of devastation through the state.
After taking a stock at the situation and holding discussions with the state officials, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa allocated Rs 500 for the relief of people.

The Indian Meteorological Department has already declared that the incessant rains will continue for the next 72 hours, giving no respite to the people who have already lost their shelter. The state department has also issued emergency helpline numbers in order to tackle the issue.
Since 12-hour rains from Sunday evening to Monday morning 5:30 am created a panic condition, it looks things will become worse with the onslaught of upcoming three-day danger, if proper measures not taken beforehand.
Speaking about the animals, no stock of their losses has been recorded yet not the loss of crops been accounted as thousands of agricultural lands are submerged under the flooded water. Standing waters extended between the 24 November 2015 and 12 November 2015 and the total water expansion is estimated to be about 10% between the two dates.

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