Different customers represent different priority levels to your customer service organization based on size, behavior, potential or their current journey status. Such a world requires you to make smarter decisions regarding which customers are directed to what resources to drive the best business value from each interaction.
Genesys Routing helps you deliver the right level of customer experience for each customer and matches this with the experience level of the agent or employee required. Every customer receives the most appropriate experience and is assigned to the most skilled and available resource, regardless of where they physically or organizationally sit in your company. Each time a customer contacts your organization, you must determine the best possible treatment that matches their intent and value to the organization. Unlike others solutions, Genesys offers a single multi-channel solution for the routing of all customer interactions and work items to allow for cross-channel journeys and blending of interactions to increase operational efficiency. Location-based: Selects employees that are located in a specific building, floor, city, country or other location-type. Context-driven: Routes based on (a number of) customer attributes derived from additional information sources such as CRM applications, Case Management, Contact History etc. Cost-based: Evaluates employee costs when deciding who is the best to handle customer requests.
Genesys offers all routing capabilities to help organizations find the right balance between great customer experiences and operational efficiency.
Through an intuitive and easy-to-use routing design application, business analysts can build the customer experience for all channels and work items using one single tool. No matter what routing design you have in mind, from basic queue-based strategies to advanced cross-channel routing, Genesys delivers a unique set of predefined components that allows business users to modify key parameters (such as opening times, overflow thresholds and service objectives) and greatly increase operational efficiency and agility. Ultimately, routing helps your organization reduce operating costs, leverage economies of scale and increase your ability to deliver on service level objectives.
In many Contact Center solutions, changing the decision logic in routing strategies is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Genesys allows you to build business rules such as prioritization, customer segmentation, previous behavior and determine next-best action. Genesys Routing utilizes context services to query existing information systems and legacy applications in real time to use complete customer context. Genesys uses a smart caching mechanism of this data to guarantee quick response times and facilitate a smoother customer experience.
Reducing work item backlogs is difficult to achieve with existing offline applications, including CRM cases and leads, BPM work items, faxes, email, social media posts, and web forms. To substantially increase the performance of your teams, work items are sent to agents based on real-time presence, business rules and relevant skills. Genesys Routing provides greater productivity and ensures that high-priority work gets done first, meeting SLAs, independent of employee behavior.
Genesys, the world’s #1 Customer Experience Platform, empowers companies to create exceptional omnichannel experiences, journeys and relationships.
How you segment and prioritize them is important to developing brand loyalty and encouraging future business. The goal is to deliver a consistent and personalized journey across all channels and touchpoints.
Agent-direct routing is contextual and captures customer intent through using CRM or case management system information and customer journey history in real time. With queue-based routing, all agents assigned to a group or queue are treated with equal weighting – with the emphasis on finding the first available agent within the required service level timeframe. Key business objectives such as first contact resolution, customer retention or cross- and up-sell require you to match each customer with the best available resource every time.
When you are looking to provide high-quality customer service, last-agent routing is a great way to delight your customers and improve operational efficiency. This problem worsens when business rules are maintained separately for each different communication channel and offline work items.
Data such as customer profile, order history, cross-channel usage, case status, customer satisfaction and many other behavioral attributes can be leveraged for more successful outcomes. Through the use of web services including restful APIs, integration with your business information systems becomes a matter of configuration rather than programming, saving significant costs and improving time to market.
Genesys solutions create better automation and a more positive experience for your team, with visibility into agent presence and skill set, delivering the right work at the right time.
For over 25 years, we have put the customer at the center of all we do, and we passionately believe that great customer engagement drives great business outcomes. In a perfect world, you would strive to treat every customer with the highest level of service quality, but that’s simply not scalable, nor economically viable. This journey starts with appropriate self-service options, then optimally and directly is routed to the best employee. It also integrates with your back office systems to route work items such as claims, contracts, sales leads, activations and profile updates. The use of business rules ensures that changes can be implemented by your business managers. Your employees no longer need to search for work and are far more productive than before while consistently meeting SLAs. Business Rules provide operational and service level controls for increased efficiency for your organization. Genesys is trusted by over 4,700 customers in 120 countries, to orchestrate over 24 billion contact center interactions per year in the cloud and on premises.
Legacy queue-based approaches lead to more transfers, repeating of customer information, lower NPS, higher customer effort, lower brand loyalty and higher operational costs. These changes are then immediately applied for interactions across all channels and all work items that are being evaluated using these rules. Genesys can help your company transform its limited insight and lack of control into oversight and operational excellence.
You end up offering more variety in workday tasks while maintaining your projected service levels. As a result, brand loyalty suffers and your employees bear the brunt of customer frustration, impacting morale and productivity.

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