The June edition of Student Voice has an interesting article that tackles one of the most crucial youth issues of today.
The first thing that some young people think about is leaving home so they can have more freedom than they have in their parents’ house. Some people in different countries think that young people should leave home at the age of 18.
This thing may be reasonable in some American or European countries, but in Morocco it is a bit weird. Leaving home can give you more freedom, independence and space but it’s not guaranteed to be a positive experience. Leaving home at this early age is a big step and it is important that teenagers think about what their options are. At 18, young people might think about starting their own lives but after a while they realize that it will be a lot harder than they first thought.
In my opinion, it’s up to them to decide the age they want to live alone and either they’re ready to leave their home or not. Young people should leave home after they graduate from college or university and get a job. Even if they get a job, they can still stay with their parents because there’s no place in this world that is better than your home. I think the only reason that would push me to leave my home at this early age would be to continue my studies or get married.

Apart from these two reasons, I don’t think that I would leave my home at 18, because I haven’t had the chance to learn everything about life, so living alone would be a tough thing to do.
When his father decides Richard is old enough to leave his parental home, he sends him out into the world. This entry was posted in Animation and tagged Animation, Attach, Attached, Attachment, Family, Frame Order, Grow up, Growing up, Home, Joost Lieuwma, Leave, Leaving, Leaving Home, Own feet, Parents, Return, Send away, Sending away, Uit Huis. You finally got a good paying job, you left for college, or your parents are sick of your crap. Anyone who has looked at a ,500 monthly paycheck and decided they will "be just fine with that" can tell you -- you won't be just fine. Even if you move in with you bestest friend you've known since kindergarten, he's a complete tool and thinks you are too. The first time you let something in the oven burn, or spill cooking oil -- you will think someone released sarin gas in your apartment. It will smell like Smokey The Bear's underpants for a week and you'll have to explain to every visitor why there's scorch marks on the wall.
Two weeks later, you have squirrels in the sink, it smells like the Flint, Michigan City Dump, and you're eating pasta out of a baseball hat. Everything you do will tie directly into the question of whether or not girls will like it. When you lived at home, you just threw everything in the hamper and poof it was magically done.

It's less fun when Dad visits because he will point out all the things you need to fix, everything you're doing wrong, and nine times out of ten will turn down your water heater.
Yes, being allowed to play video games whenever you want is the best thing about leaving your parent's house. When you turn 18 you’re legally an adult and it’s your right to make your own decisions and choices. If they don’t, some people call them ‘big babies’ or refer to them as ‘kids who live in their parent’s pockets’. It’s not just having a place to stay, there are other things that young people should know about such as school, work, paying bills, trying to study, worrying about deadlines and other things that need to be done. There are plenty of young people who live with their parents until they get married, especially girls. In Moroccan culture, a girl cannot live alone first because her family will not allow it and second, Moroccan society doesn’t tolerate this.
When an unfortunate alteration in life takes place, Richard is forced to stand on his own feet.

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