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Tiki Towers 2Swing into action with an all-new set of primate puzzles in the fantastic sequel to the award-winning hit. That power has been used 23 times between since April 2013 to stop people travelling abroad for alleged terrorist-related or criminal activity.
He said that "learning lessons from the past doesn't mean there isn't a place for our military" in combating the threat, but did not commit to any military action. Analysis by Dominic Casciani, BBC home affairs correspondentThe raised threat level may not lead to visible signs of change on the streets - but it is a sign of the increased concern and security activity behind the scenes involving all of the UK's intelligence and security bodies.

More steps to deal with the threat would be announced on Monday, Mr Cameron said, which would include details on how to stop would-be terrorists travelling abroad. He urged communities and families to report anyone who is "vulnerable, a danger or escalating towards terrorism" by calling the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321. The terror threat level was made public in 2006.The level last changed in July 2011 when it was reduced to "substantial". Politicians' leadership abilities should not be judged on the state of their personal finances, ex-Tory leader William Hague says.
David Cameron promised new legislation would make it easier to take passports from those travelling abroad to fight.'Gaps in armoury' The home secretary already has the power, under the Royal Prerogative, to withhold a passport if it is in the public interest to stop somebody travelling. In a Downing Street press conference on Friday, the prime minister said Islamic State (IS) extremists - who are attempting to establish a "caliphate", or Islamic state - represented a "greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before". Baroness Neville-Jones, a former chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee, said the higher threat level was "justified", adding it was "not something you do for the sake of it".Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said the government's decision to remove control orders - to restrict the movements of terror suspects - should be reconsidered, adding there should be "proper powers in place when there is an extreme threat". This may have been linked to attempts by an al-Qaeda affiliate to smuggle bombs on to planes heading out of the Middle East.

She said the government needed to support communities, and families in particular, and that more could be done through its anti-terrorism Prevent scheme. And efforts are continuing to identify a suspected British jihadist who appeared in IS footage of the killing of US journalist James Foley.
US secretary for homeland security Jeh Johnson said he had spoken to Mrs May about changes to the UK threat level but that he was not aware of any "specific, credible" threat to the US.What is the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre? Officials have twice put the country on such an alert - in 2006 after the discovery of liquid bombs aimed at airliners and then the following year when extremists attempted to bomb Glasgow Airport (pictured) and London's West End. In other words - if security chiefs had knowledge of a clear threat they could not contain, the level would already be one notch higher. Mr Cameron said the murder of Mr Foley was "clear evidence - not that any more was needed - that this is not some far-off [problem], thousands of miles away, that we can ignore".He did not give extensive details on what the changed threat level would mean, stressing people "should continue to go about our lives in the normal way".

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