In information security, a threat is anything that could harm information or systems creating, receiving, maintaining or transmitting information by exercising a vulnerability. There are several types of threats that may occur within an information system or operating environment.
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Many IT managers and CISO’s are now fully aware that employees, contractors and business partners, with legitimate accounts on key internal systems, all have the potential to cause significant damage or data loss to corporate information.
The mini heatwave in London this week, was a welcome addition for the 2-day Spring event for the InfoCrime Summit, held at the Thistle Marble Arch. David Wall from the University of Durham, recently released an interesting journal covering the definition of an insider threat and how organisations can readdress their approach to internal asset protection.

With the last event only in November, it was good to see a range of varied speaks and industry representatives have their opinion on a range of information security issues.

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