Every year, representatives of one of America's hottest industries convince in Park City, UT to freeze their buns off and make important discoveries. CraveOnline will be present at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival to try to discover what the next important films will be, but for those of you at home, we wanted to present you with an in-depth look at all of the important Sundance Movies over the years. What follows are the incredible films that make The Sundance Film Festival what it is today. John Waters had been making independent movies for decades, but even the ‘80s popularity of Hairspray probably couldn’t have prepared him for what it became. Winner: Filmmakers Trophy - Documentary (Errol Morris), Grand Jury Prize - Documentary (Errol Morris)The recent release of The Theory of Everything just makes me want to go back and re-watch Errol Morris' brilliant 1991 documentary film about Stephen Hawking. Winner: Special Jury Prize - Originality of Vision (Miranda July)Twee, precious, and perhaps insufferable, Miranda July's 2005 comic drama Me and You and Everyone We Know is one of the sweetest films of its decade, and easily one of the best. While a solid debut film, no one could have predicted that director Justin Lin would go on to be in charge of four blockbuster Fast and the Furious films. The Sundance Film Festival is famous for discovering important filmmakers, influential new voices and championing serious motion pictures that illuminate life as we know it. This Film Is Not Yet Rated is not just a documentary, it’s a full frontal assault on the entertainment industry.
Winner: Grand Jury Prize - Documentary (Chris Smith)Filmmakers would never become filmmakers without a healthy heaping of good old American can-do, and Sundance has always been (at least ideally) defined by ambition and originality over all else. Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas is one of the best films of 1984, and one of the most achingly painful and oddly romantic films of the decade. The Blair Witch Project wasn't the only Sundance horror film whose immense buzz and popularity steered the method of mainstream horror filmmaking for the next five years. Guy Ritchie made his feature film directorial debut with this stylized British gangster film. Winner: Audience Award - Dramatic (Damien Chazelle), Grand Jury Prize - Dramatic (Damien Chazelle)Damien Chazelle’s Oscar-nominated Whiplash was born and raised at Sundance. Winner: Special Jury Prize - Acting (Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley)Young romance is difficult to do.
Before he tackled all of Boyhood, Richard Linklater focused on young love with Before Sunrise, one of the great cinematic romances.
Bret Easton Ellis' novel American Psycho was, like so many of his works, an outright damnation of the vapid and aggressive wealth culture of the 1980s; people giving into anti-intellectual drug-laced murderous heartbreaking hedonism is the word of the day. Winner: Special Jury Prize - Originality of Vision (Rian Johnson)Teen angst, gangster style.
Now, without further ado, grab some popcorn, queue up the comedy flick, sit back, and dim the lights. Vince Vaughn teaches Jon Favreau (both in significantly skinnier forms) how to be cool as they peruse the LA lounge scene. Eddie Murphy is a beggar and Dan Akroid is a slightly snobbish banker; they swap roles at the whim of two stodgy old dudes. The funeral of an eccentric, dysfunctional family’s patriarch spirals out of control as his purported gay lover makes an appearance.
Before Adam Sandler did the actor equivalent of panhandling on a street corner by making Grown Ups (and Grown Ups 2), he played a hockey player-turned-golfer in this mid-90’s classic.
So big that it defined its own genre, this rockumentary about Spinal Tap, the world’s loudest band, is still one of the funniest movies ever made. In a dastardly plot to demolish the sleepy Wild West town of Rock Ridge in order to build a profitable railway, a new sheriff is installed in the hopes that he, a black man (!), will offend residents enough to drive them away. When Gozer the Gozerian tries to stage an unholy comeback via possessed persons, a crew of NYC-based parapsychologists are forced to battle evil itself (and a huge marshmallow man), all while covered in funky ectoplasm and spouting wit at every turn. The Blues Brothers are on a mission from God to save the orphanage that saved them years before. The third installment in the Evil Dead trilogy, Army of Darkness is over the top cranked up to 11. All right, all right, all right…watch it, if only to see why everyone loves Matthew McConaughey.
The movie that taught every man how to lose a tail — the old banana in the tailpipe trick.
A nearly prepubescent version of Val Kilmer is an American pop star who gets involved with the French resistance during WWII. The debonair and sophisticated Inspector Clouseau foils his new nemesis, former inspector Dreyfuss, who has been driven to criminal insanity by Clouseau. Robert De Niro’s role as an efficient and hard-edged bounty hunter is priceless as he pursues an embezzler, played by the dry Charles Grodin, whom the mob is trying to eradicate. Shaun and his equally under-achieving buddy, Ed, step out of their morass of an existence to combat zombies attempting to overtake the world. A dim-witted white man raised by a black family leaves his home and makes his way in the world, falls in love, and becomes a millionaire via the positively magnetic Opti-Grab invention.
Many of Monty Python’s movies could have made this list, though we picked the most quotable. America’s greatest family comedy act, the Marx brothers, star in this film about two star-crossed, Opera-singing lovers. This dark comedy about the aftermath of a botched assassination attempt takes place in fuckin’ Bruges. The Griswolds’s epic road trip to Wally World rolls up all the epic fails of road trips.
When two friends decide the solution to all their problems is to enlist in the Army, insanity ensues.
As if we’re going to make a funniest movies of all time list without including something by Chris Farley. A neurotic, effete New Yorker named Fielding Mellish tries to impress a girl by becoming involved with a revolution in a tiny Latin American nation called San Marcos. This is a classic buddy comedy in which the wonderfully named morons Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne head halfway across the country to return a beautiful woman’s briefcase, not realizing that it contains ransom money. One of the greatest college movies ever made follows a naive pre-frosh visiting the fictional Port Chester University (based on Wesleyan University).

Professional hitman Martin Blank (John Cusack) reluctantly returns home to Grosse Pointe, Michigan, at the behest of his shrink for his 10-year high school reunion, where he rekindles the only romance that ever mattered to him, seeks to complete his latest contract and avoids his archrival Grocer (Dan Akroyd) the only way he knows how. What's New, NowToday in Gear: April 11, 2016A folding electric scooter to get you around, an action camera rig that can see all around, a waterproof shell that'll round out your outerwear lineup and much more. Turning Over New LeavesThe 10 Books We’re Looking Forward to Reading This SpringFrom punk rock history to treasure hunting and lost love poems, these are the pages we're turning while we wait for summer. More: Electric GuitarsEssential Tools for Binge Watchers4 Free Apps to Make the Most of Your Streaming Video ServicesHow to find exactly what you want to watch in less time and for less money. More: Musical GreatsEntry-Level Timepieces for Watch Nerds10 Great Watches Under $500For under $500, you can afford a chronograph, a GMT, a super-thin Bauhaus or a military style dive watch.
This is The Sundance Film Festival, and for over 30 years now it has been the haven for new filmmakers, experimental visions and - in no uncertain terms - the future of film as we know it. One year later it introduced the world to now-celebrated icons The Coen Bros., who made their directorial debut, and gave us the first major work from Jim Jarmusch. We asked our four film critics - William Bibbiani, Witney Seibold, Fred Topel and Brian Formo - to nominate what they considered the most significant Sundance movies. If you can't go to the festival, track these movies down and make some discoveries of your own. Terrence Howard plays a pimp who decides to take a crack at stardom, crafting a killer track in his brothel and begging his neighbors to be quiet long enough to lay it down on tape. Perhaps his most accessible film (Divine eating dog poop just didn’t cross over), Hairspray later spawned a Tony Award-winning musical, and a hit movie based on the musical based on the original movie.
I don’t just mean the character – an overweight teen (Gabourey Sidibe) who lives through intense variants of abuse from her mom (Mo’Nique) in Harlem –  but in the way the film is perceived. A man is divorcing from his wife, and wants to remain something of a hero in the eyes of his sons. Lin’s microbudget crime caper got him into the big leagues, and was also a landmark film for diversity with its Asian cast.
Filmmaker Kirby Dick sets his aim squarely at the mysterious and powerful MPAA, who determine the ratings for every motion picture. Chris Smith's 1999 documentary follows an ambitious director named Mark Borschardt as he tries to gather the funds and shoot a short horror film called Coven (pronounced with a long o). Co-written by Sam Shepard, Paris, Texas follows a mysterious man (Harry Dean Stanton) who stumbles out of the desert after four years. What began as a short film about an abusive music conductor browbeating greatness into his students evolved into a feature length masterwork starring J.K. After playing Sundance in January, Four Weddings and a Funeral went on to be one of the year’s biggest box office successes and a Best Picture Oscar nominee.
Jesse (Ethan Hawke) meets Celine (Julie Delpy) on a train in Vienna, and they disembark to spend one single night together, sharing themselves in a way they only could with a stranger. Mary Harron's 2000 film version of the novel includes all of Ellis' yuppie evils, but folds them into the absurdity of manly machismo, making Patrick Bateman (an excellent Christian Bale) into a risible caricature of manhood.
Future Star Wars director Rian Johnson emerged as a dynamic cinematic voice with Brick, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a teenaged loner trying to get his ex-girlfriend out of trouble. Frankenstein’s grandson returns to Transylvania as the sole heir to his family estate, where he becomes obsessed with reviving the dead. To raise funds, they’ll have to get the band back together while evading capture from an increasing hoard of pissed-off people left in their wake. Using disguise technology slightly shy of Mission Impossible-level, Clouseau works his accidental magic. Wading their way through the undead, as well as family and relational drama, the daring duo wreak havoc and humor throughout and make the most of ’80s LPs and garden tools. When Roger Rabbit is framed for the murder of Marvin Acme, it’s up to Eddie Valiant, a cartoon-hating detective, to save him.
It has the distinction of being the only Colin Farrell movie that also stars a little person. With Da Ali G Show, Sacha Baron Cohen ushered in a new wave of comedy, one in which his (often unwilling) audience played the actors. Watch as he (and a young Chris Tucker) try to raise $200 — but mostly just smoke a lot of weed.
Watch it with your loved ones and feel slightly better about your relatively innocuous miseries.
In the course of their follies, they completely re-vamp Army Basic Training and subsequently save the world.
Business is good until they take on the wedding of weddings and one of the buddies falls for Claire Cleary. In this classic, the lovable big man plays Tommy Callahan Junior, the dimwitted heir to a massive auto parts factory.
The formula is simple: Andy, a forty-year-old employee at Best Buy, has never had sex, so his buddies try to get him laid. These tires guarantee top performance from the edges of winter well into the warmer days of the year. Practically every year since, important artistic voices emerged from The Sundance Film Festival, many of whom went on to push the cinematic envelope, win Oscars, direct blockbusters and inspire new generations to follow in their footsteps. We compiled their votes and now we are letting them present the results, with each of what we are calling The Top 50 Must-See Sundance Movies introduced by one of the critics who championed its inclusion. Let us know how many you've already seen, and let us know what you think of all the films you'd never watched before! Craig Brewer’s film is honest about his hero’s failings, and uses them to gradually expose how true artistic expression evolves from hard living. The magical realist post-Katrina Louisiana marshland's tale went on to garner four Academy Award nominations, including a surprise Best Director nomination for Benh Zeitlin (who beat out Ben Affleck, even though his Argo won Best Picture). As McElwee becomes less and less confident that he's even making a film, he includes on-camera updates about his fear of nuclear war. March isn't campy. When I finally saw it, I thought it made sense, but that it was clearly the vision of a deep thinker. When they refuse to give up their secrets, he hires private detectives to investigate who these gatekeepers of mainstream cinema are, what their agenda really is, and why films from major studios are held to consistently lower standards than their independent counterparts.

But most people don't even remember that the original Saw was more of a mystery-thriller that told the story from a victim's perspective. This is not a halcyon, self-indulgent, “But daddy, I LOVE him!” tale of fantasy romance, nor is it a horndog's tale of getting one's jollies. This is not a passionate affair, but a soulful tete-a-tete between two intelligent people who are toying uncertainly with the idea of love.
When she goes missing, the film reveals its true intentions: to create knowing, thrilling parallels between the hard-boiled world of film noir and the soapy teen dramas of John Hughes. The best of both make us think and elicit a strong emotional response; the worst of both make us reach for our Hollywood-producer-window-breakin’-brick. The movie also focuses on the club’s eccentric members, pesky rodents, and general Chase-, Murray- and Dangerfield-induced antics.
A black and white spoof-style send up of the original Mary Shelley story; Gene Wilder helms a monster cast in a genius masterpiece. With more cameos than you can shake a tambourine at, this film is rife with quotable lines, timeless performances and incredible music. The highlight of the movie takes place in a gut-busting hand-to-hand combat session between Clouseau and his trusty assistant, Cato. As a side note, did you know that Groucho Marx once won third place in a Groucho Marx look-alike contest?
If not, you’ll at least have fun trying to pick out young Paul Rudd, Michael Ian Black, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks and Amy Poehler. Slapshot showcases everything hockey fans love about the game, along with a comeback underdog story wrapped in raunch and laughs and enough innuendo to engage a thinking man. Louis For $1on Apr 6, 2016 Dodgers Pitcher Clayton Kershaw Sits On Top Of Baseball's Money List Yet Againon Apr 8, 2016 Manny Pacquiao Set To Earn $20 Million Against Timothy Bradley In Final Fighton Apr 8, 2016 Nicki And Her Former Wig Designer Reach A Settlement In $30 Million Lawsuiton Apr 9, 2016 Companies Are Starting To Put Some Serious Money Into Esports-And With Good Reason!on Apr 9, 2016 Billionaire William Koch To Auction Off 20,000 Bottles Of Wineon Apr 9, 2016 Who are the richest black actresses in Hollywood? We talk to his friends and family, and get frank anecdotes from Hawking himself, all between clear explanation from his oblique book about the nature of the entire physical universe.
11 months of hype later, prominent critics were vocally revolted by the stereotypes and narrative differentiation between the skin tones of the darker-skinned black characters (largely abusive, and illiterate) and the lighter-skinned black characters (who were helpful); then Precious won two Oscars.
The seemingly Harold Ramis-inspired story, about a group of lazy, oversexed prankster Highway Patrolmen on the verge of getting fired, is but a delivery system for one classic gag after another. The torture porn that the series is credited with starting came later - after there was no mystery. The film raises difficult questions about art and artists, and comes to conclusions that are both shocking beautiful and dangerously subversive. This is a film about how teenagers ache for real love, and how they constantly announce their newly-formed life philosophies that they assume will be permanent, but usually only last a few years. Romantic Comedy and Curtis wrote more hits like Notting Hill and Bridget Jones’s Diary before writing and directing the ultimate rom-com Love Actually. The joke is funny, but the slick, exciting mystery would have worked just as well without the gimmick. Donnie Darko has lasted though, as a director’s cut was released years later, and also straight to video sequel.
Father and son then go on a quest to find the boy's pretty absentee mother (Nastassja Kinski). I remember checking it out at my college town’s indie movie theater, where it probably wouldn’t have even played had it not been a Sundance hit. And while that's become a bit of an indie-trope, Russell gives Spanking the Monkey a Generation X slacker spin: an overgrown boy (Jeremy Davies) takes care of his injured mom (Alberta Watson) because he's bored and lost his internship. This is a film that knows the way young people think, and presents it as simultaneously painful, pitiable, and exhilarating. In the decades since Four Weddings, the Working Title-produced films of Curtis would premiere in the U.K.
After an irrational amount of hemming and hawing we came up with our fifty favorite funny movies, ranging from slapstick to black-as-they-come to downright strange.
Whether it's on the big screen, television, stage, the recording studio… or all of the above, these women are some of Hollywood's biggest stars! This film is like kitchen sink Shakespeare, a halcyon paean to reuniting families, a quiet opera of complex unspoken emotions. Richie continues to make gangster films in the same style, like Snatch and Rocknrolla, and also earned a place at the big studio table with the Sherlock Holmes films. Regardless of their tone, each of our picks bring just the right amount of levity to keep us smiling. Several women on this list have not only been rewarded with great wealth for their talents, they've also received multiple Emmys, Academy Awards, Tonys, Golen Globes and more. Sex is a bit of a red herring, because Russell has other suburban fish to fry, but Spanking hit Sundance at a time where incest wasn't so narratively commonplace. But some might say it's been a challenge for black women to get the financial recognition they deserve for their contribution to the entertainment industry. Even putting the race issue aside, women in general are often not paid as highly as their male counter parts. And these women are in some ways the trailblazers who are leveling the playing field not just for women, but for all minorities who dream of fame and fortune in Hollywood!
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Fast forward to 2016, and she is still gorgeous, a little crazy, the mother of two adorable kids, and recently put an incredible mansion on the market. She just made an $11 million deal with Whole Foods to carry her lemonade and is on a crusade to save the bees and our planet!

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