Pic documents the daily lives of a small community of the living deceased who make their home in Los Angeles. IMDb Picks: April "Game of Thrones" Of course "Game of Thrones" is on our radar this month. 2016 MTV Movie Awards: Red Carpet Check out your favorite actors and singers on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet.
Every movie enthusiast knows that the productions featuring zombies went practically dead and buried in the 1990s.
Featuring Simon Pegg, Shaun of the dead is the most representative movie of its genre, combining an incredible zombie carnage, a romantic story and the notorious British conversational wit.
While the movie could easily create the impression of a faux documentary at first glance, it is actually among the best zomedies ever released. Even though some felt offended by what they perceived as an insult to the gay community, the truth is that the story behind Creatures from the Pink Lagoon is actually well written.
As the name of the zomedy suggests, the story takes place at a bed and breakfast where a group of friends heading to a wedding decide to spend the night.
Even though it was released too soon after the much more successful vampire movie, Let The Right One In, the truth is that Dead Snow is still very funny and engaging. The best way to describe this zom com would be to state that it is better version of the infamous American Pie. Similarly to Zombie Strippers, at first Dance of the Dead does not seem more than another stereotypical teenager-themed movie. If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. Michael Jackson teamed up with Jack London, (director of American Werewolf in London) to create the most elaborate music video ever made.
Indebted to Robin Hardy’s horror classic, The Wicker Man, Wake Wood adds an interesting spin on the zombie genre. Zombieland pulled off what few other zombie movies have: it created interesting characters you actually admire.
REC 2 is a shockingly inventive sequel that takes the basic premise of the original film and cleverly expands upon it, offering a much more in-depth explanation for the zombie outbreak, and multiple camera perspectives and narratives that connect together.
This skillfully crafted remake follows Romero’s 1973 original and adds a zombie-like twist.
World War Z was not the zombie apocalypse masterpiece we wanted–but it might very well have been the one we deserved. The Citizen Kane of gore movies, Dead Alive saw Peter Jackson taking his over-the-top horror style to the next level. We’re still waiting for a zombie film where bath salts are the cause for the zombie outbreak, but in the mean time we have this cult gem. Good list, although personally think the Dawn of the Dead remake shouldn’t be that high.
The military comes in to clean up the mess and a girl in the military trys to get her family out and towards the end they get in a underground lab to take it out.
In American Zombie zombies exist in an unseen society right here among us, going about their a€?livesa€™. I have spent a good portion of my adult life trying to convince people that zombies do indeed exist.
The documentary team culminates their work with a trip to Live Dead, a festival for only zombies. American Zombie is a well done documentary showing the existence and plight of zombies living right under our noses. At first I thought I was watching a propaganda film trying to indoctrinate the viewer with mantras such as a€?wea€™re here, wea€™re dead, get used to ita€? and a€?Ia€™m just like everyone elsea€?. I recommend American Zombie to all who want to believe, and to those who want their friends and neighbors to believe. Back then, the public became so oversaturated with the ideas of the films featuring zombies that they couldn’t be bothered to watch yet another horror movie with these creatures, ever again.
We have to admit that zombies and comedies constitute a pretty interesting combination that hits the spot. The story revolves around Shaun, the main character who decides to turn his life around by reconciling with his step father and winning back his ex-girlfriend, all with the help of his chubby friend.
The plot starts with a group of friends who want to celebrate a birthday party at a secluded cottage. However, they accidentally unleash some evil spirits that turn the entire town’s population into zombies. The story takes us to a remote ski lodge in Norway, where a group of seven teenagers plans a small getaway from the busy town.
To summarize, a small fishing village in Australia is literarily bombarded with meteorites that turn almost the entire population into ravenous living dead.
The plot revolves around a high school student who is on a very difficult mission: he must win back his girlfriend.
IDF chief Gantz: Syrian conflict might become ours New Study supports biblical model of life existing solely on earth Mark of the Beast Watch! There will be disagreement, there will be rancor, but most importantly, there will be blood and brains. After a couple loses their only daughter in a horrible accident, desperation leads them to a cult who can bring her back from the dead.
This film works because it pokes fun at the zombie genre while also providing some impressive apocalyptic visuals and creepy atmosphere. It’s actually hard to tell if the infected are zombies in the vein of 28 Days Laters or just rabid homicidal maniacs. Initially, we were heartbroken when we found out how far the film strayed away from Max Brooks epic novel by going in the most conventional direction imaginable.

Its use of horrific imagery and apocalyptic despair makes it one of the scariest and most realistic zombie movies ever made. Technically, this was Jackson’s best to date, with state of the art creature and gore effects that far surpassed Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles.
Even as kids, we recognized the critique that Romero was making on consumer culture even if we didn’t fully understand it. He consulted with Romero on the script and provided an original score performed and composed by Goblin.
If you’re looking for an 80s punk rock zombie fest, look no further than Return of the Living Dead.
Though zombie purists will say they are not technically zombies, the virus infected monsters with blood spilling from every orifice still kill humans as zombies do–they just do it much faster.
We think it more than surpasses the original, but you have to pay credit where credits due, to the originals. It’s made the top spot of a horror movie list more times than a bong gets passed around at Burning Man. This is just awful…Day of the Dead (Original) which is one of the best zombie films ever doesn’t even make the top 20 but Flight of the Living Dead does? From the dead people who vote on a regular basis in major metropolitan areas to the members of various rock bands, the evidence is all around us. The low brain activity zombie is a more docile form that can be trained to perform menial tasks.
Grace Lee is able to pull some strings and allow the filming team limited access to the festival that is barred from humans, but the trip has its own twists and turns.
Grace Lee, an award winning filmmaker and John Solomon, a director and cinematographer, make for an odd team that seems to make their different styles work together. While there are those within the film that would want us to be sympathetic, and maybe even the filmmakers originally, they cannot hide their true nature for long. We do not sell or trade email addresses in any way, and they are not used for advertising purposes. Well, that didn’t take long and the living dead took the movie industry by storm once more in recent years.
While Shaun tries to win back the most important women in his life, he also has to deal with the entire community of his small town who are now zombies. In order to avoid any spoiler, it suffices to say that FIDO is the hilarious and adventurous counterpart of classical movies featuring a boy and his best friend the dog). As you probably guessed, the zombie community can talk, act and think just like the people with whom they are trying to co-exist. The strong cast and the ongoing musical narrations represent two of the strongest points of the movie.
However, the trouble arises not long after they settle in, when they become the targets of vengeful Nazi zombies who are keen on eating them. The plot presents a group of less popular high school boys who decide to try out a forbidden voodoo ritual. As you can imagine, not everyone gets infected and the small group composed of the five protagonists remains unharmed because they took shelter in an isolated farmhouse.
The virus is basically released in a highly conservative region in Nebraska at a strip club and it turns all the clientele and the strippers into zombies.
The main character, you guessed it right, was not very popular and was unable to get a date for the prom night. Add horror actor Vincent Price as narrator and one of the catchiest pop songs in history–no mere mortal could resist it. A bunch of passengers in the air don’t realize that below the plane, there’s “special cargo” that is being shipped with a zombie in it. It tells the story of a young man who decides to visit his ex-girlfriend in an attempt to win her back when a horrific zombie outbreak occurs. Loaded with gore, zombies, cliches, and self-referential influences from the likes of John Carpenter, George A.
The film follows a SWAT team as they head into the original quarantined complex in search of a blood samples for an antidote. Either way, The Crazies is a rip-roaring fright fest that would fit perfectly in any horror fans wet dream.
Then there was the PG-13 rating, cartoonish looking zombies, non-existent gore, and the generic rah rah American nationalism. Filled with rivers of blood, a woman nursing a zombie baby, hordes of flesh eaters, and a grandmother who swallows a cat whole. It abandoned the murky imagery from Night of the Living Dead in favor of a darkly satirical assault on rampant consumerism and bourgeoisie culture, that was bigger and bloodier. Starring an abundance of cult actors, this film strives and succeeds admirably in being equal parts funny and horrifying. Despite a shoestring budget, homemade special effects, cheap grainy 16mm film, and unknown actors, this little zombie movie has turned out to be the most influential horror film since Psycho.
We’d give anything to see this movie for first time in the 1960s, being completely ignorant of anything zombie. Through the lives of these four, and interviews with experts, we learn that zombies are created two ways.
The footage is real, raw, and unapologetic while the stories almost make you feel compassion for the zombies themselves. Even though they believe the ritual does not have any effect, later on they all die in a car accident and come back as zombies. Each of the characters has an uniquely humorous personality and all of them find themselves in unusual circumstances while trying to get out of ground zero. But this is also the exact reason why he is not affected by the infestation from the nearby nuclear plant.

There’s just something fundamentally exciting, almost poetic, about the idea of the undead chasing down living humans and eating them alive.
Thriller is the ultimate document of the 1980s…a time when the only craze bigger than horror movies was the music video.
Wake Wood is tremendously unsettling atmospheric creeper that relies more on filling viewers with a sense of dread as opposed to in your face scares. Now trapped in a vacant flat in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, all he can think about is tracking down his ex-girlfriend.
It was directed by Michele Soavi, who got his start as an assistant director to horror master Dario Argento. Throw in some witty banter and a surprise appearance starring Bill Murray playing himself…And what more could you ask for?
Slowly, the SWAT team learns there’s far more going on than just your garden variety zombie outbreak. The story takes place in a small town in Iowa, where the inhabitants have contracted a severely contagious virus that turns people into murderous sickos.
They instead took their zombie movie and turned it into a twisted and goofy B-horror movie opus.
Dan O’Bannon, the writer of Alien, stepped behind the camera to direct this loving homage to the zombie genre. After watching 28 Days Later for the first time it made the zombies in the Romero films seem comical by comparison. It also brings a sense of dread to the table that seems unnervingly contemporary, as being wiped out by a virus could theoretically happen.
Watching this film snowball into a seething siren of panic and dread is the most thrilling film experience we’ve had in the last 10 years.
Either by a dormant brain virus that, if in the subject, will activate itself if the subject dies violently, or by a bite from a zombie. According to Joel, while the docile zombies are treated as slave labor, it is the high brain activity zombies that are the most discriminated against.
Essentially, it is up to him to get the girl he loves and save the entire school from the ravenous living dead. And more importantly, there’s something both haunting and mesmerizing about the prospect of the 7 billion member human race consuming itself because of a virus or supernatural hex.
This films tells the story of a cemetery caretaker whose daily duties include killing zombies that perpetually rise from their graves.
This film is a loving ode to a lost film experience, when watching movies on the silver screen had meaningful imperfections like blips and scratches on the film.
REC 2 is a scary good time with more mayhem and creepiness than most horror fare…especially when the characters’ cameras run low, and the screen goes black.
The set pieces are sensational and the action scenes are relentlessly intense and often quite scary. Like Romero’s best efforts, the story cleverly builds around the characters world inch by inch until the real nightmare dawns on them.
The Re-Animator is sick and demented with some of the weirdest special effects ever created. It single-handedly put the zombie genre back on course for all of us zombie lovers to enjoy today. We’d say 28 Days Later has done more then any other film in the 2000s to bring zombies back into the limelight.
The violence, which was shocking in its day, reflects the horrors Americans were seeing each night on the television.
We also discover that there are three types of zombies; the feral zombie, the low brain activity zombie, and the high brain activity zombie. Job placement is difficult, they have no credit, it is virtually impossible to get a bank loan, etc. Given the fact that the zomedy takes place in a time where former US president George Bush Jr. Things change, however, when the caretaker falls in love with a woman who turns into a zombie. Now that digital projectors have completely taken over… this cinematic experience is long gone. That’s the scariest thing of all, being alone in the dark with nothing to keep us company but our imaginations. There are very few horror films that are able to deliver pulse-pounding excitement at this epic of a scale, and for that we love this movie. In an industry full of cheaply made cash-in zombie flicks, Flight of the Living Dead is one of the most entertaining zomcoms out there. You’ll also notice some visual similarities between this movie and Rear Window, in terms of how the characters interact with each other in the apartment complex.
This dark surrealist comedy is intelligent, playful, beautifully-shot, and intellectually perplexing. Romero was so pleased by the film that he had the creators appear in one of his own Dead flicks, Land of the Dead. It’s not often you see a decapitated zombie head going down on a girl and still want to rave about it. We’re pretty sure this was the first film to debut the appearance of the “fast” zombies too.
One things for certain, the last few minutes of Rec will truly mess with your psyche, sticking with you long after the credits roll.

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