I told the group about this great website that would be perfect to help us make a choice for the evening.
This is also a powerful alternative educational resource for your high school and college students. Grandma Shoes are the Shoe Silhouette of Summer2015 Gift Guide for HerHow To Fend Off a Common Cold – The Chinese Medicine Practitioner’s GuideLessons from 30 Days of Yoga. During the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in a feverish competition to be the first to set foot on the moon. This film introduces you to the key themes of the Thunderbolts theory and includes interviews with a number of the principal figures in Electric Universe research.
Water is a living organism, water is sacred, water is life, water is worth defending and protecting for those yet unborn.
If we follow that analogy, gaining knowledge through several senses simultaneously is better than through just one.
Since the beginning of recorded time, people have been thinking about the end of the world and making predictions about how and when it might happen. Overall at Top Documentary Films you can find thousands of stunning, eye-opening and interesting documentaries. Choose one that suits your interest through navigation system of TDF, watch it, and tell us how it was through comments. As the British and US-led troops get ready to abandon Afghanistan, they leave behind a country in the hands of the Taliban. Defenseless children are easy target for the Taliban - over two thirds of the kids in the orphanages have lost their parents to the war. After almost 12 years - with the assistance of the world's most capable military forces - the Taliban have still not been crushed. The Afghanistan war was almost won when Bush became overrun with greed and bloodlust and ordered his crusade. Pulling all of the troops out of Afghanistan to illegaly invade Iraq was handing the country back to the Taliban on a plate. Bush's order to Invade Iraq was the single most wasteful irresponsible, cruel and useless military order given since the call to go over the top of the trenches. I hope that Bush can take his rightful place in history as the worst military commander of the 21st century. Granted fighting against ideologies isn't really a win or lose situation, but you can't deny that Iraq took away resources from the Afghan campaign that could have secured vast areas of the country and reduced them to little more than bands of pirates.
However i accept that my opinions are naive as I also hadn't seen that info on troop numbers, which has utterly blown my mind. I fail to see how that mindless cretin could possibly be the lynch pin in any sort of conspiracy, beyond the conspiracy to lie to Congress and the American people about weapons of mass destruction to justify an illegal war. To purposely put young children in harms way for your own agenda show a very cowardly mind set.
An inside look shows how ignorance and misinformation leads to easy brainwashing of children. If anyone thinks just packing up the troops will fix all the problems of Afghanistan, then they are extremely misguided. The worst country in the world that exports terrorism is iran and if they get the bomb we are going to see world war 3!
Any country with nuclear weapons is a threat and if Iran does develop a nuclear arsenal it joins the league of nations that pose a threat to the rest of the world. Either do some more in depth research or shut the hell up for trying to spread such nonsense, both in regard to Iran and Japan.
So what you are trying to say is that the United States started world war 2 and pearl harbor never happened and I suppose Hitler was a wonderful man and never killed a jew in his life! Okay lets just agree to disagree but both the United States and Iranian governments are not innocent in any ways in dealing with the rest of the world. No I do realize there was more then just the jews killed in ww2 but I hear so much denial about what happened to the jews in regards to this issue. There are around eight nations with nuclear capabilities and that is eight countries too many. Ahmadinejad finished his last speech at the United Nations asking Allah to hasten the arrival of the Imam Mahdi. I understand the criticism of America but that doesn't mean that every other country is beyond reproach.
The Quran verifies earlier revelations and corrects the influence of man upon earlier writings. They have done so many illegal invasions of other nations and are forerunners on crimes against humnaity, even theri own citizens. The US used the war on terror to bring back the opium production to levels never seen prior to the invasion.
The Taliban eliminated 94% of the opium production and allowed the 6% for medicinal use only pre invasion.
I do hope Iran develops a nuclear weapon(they already have a few) to keep the corrupt Saudi fraud Muslims at bey and to keep the hounds of hell(Israel) from trying to enact an "elitist" attitude of zionism in the area. That sentence as it stands right there now is just another sign of right-wing vacuous though.
I notice you even managed to include the 'no true scotsman fallacy' in your short, silly preach. Because you feel an overwhelming need to trumpet the superiority of your imaginary sky daddy above theirs. Edit: Outside of your hangup on skydaddies I could probabaly agree with you on quite a few things relating to US foreign policy. No, I don't like what Israel is doing, but that doesn't mean everyone having weapons like that is a good idea. Unlike your inference and obvious personal beliefs, a belief in 'God' is not restricted to your Quran and it's BS.
I don't think it is good for anyone to have that sort of weaponry, whatever their intentions or beliefs. I understand the Quran better than you, I can assure you(unless you per chance happen to be an Islamic scholar). Yes, these weapons are meant for total annihilation of races, but it is a reality and the world we live in.
When you have an uneducated populace that knows nothing other than what they are told, it becomes easy to wield great influence. Just look at what happened to the early Chrisitans that were uneducated and where they are today in the religion because of it.
You do not understand the Quran and only use bits and pieces to justify a means to an end like so many others that do not understand.
Sorry that the world has been so cruel to you that you feel you need to argue in this manner. If you disagree, fine, but the insults make you like a small and resentful person trying to be a bully when you have probably been bullied your entire life.
The issue is to try and show that the Christian population early on was largely uneducated and the church fathers led them astray in knowledge on purpose without any way for them to refute what was being told.
Many Muslims(educated as well) do not understand the religion of Islam and are guided by those with an agenda.
Ask me something significant if you would like to gain knowledge on a subject you seem to have little of. The fact it speaks of a flat earth, which we now know is completely incorrect, indicates how accurate your claims of it being the 'word of God' are.
It proves your claims of 'divine inspiration' are incorrect, which negates the rest of your absurd attempt at ducking the issue. Therefore you are ignorant and really not worth the time to educate on the issue because all you can do is mock something you know nothing about. It's the audacity of starting up a 'best religion' battle in the comments section of a doc like this one that absolutely f--king floors me when it comes to understanding. All you are looking for is to get into a slanderous and mocking argument over who can insult the other more and be savy about it. If you guys want to talk on an educated level without the insults, then hey let's do it and perhaps we all can learn something from it. Secondly, how dare you push your mindless drivel in the comments section of such a serious topic and then try changing the issue. Thirdly, outside of countering your drivel here I wouldn't cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire. Grab a good pair of binoculars and climb onto your roof, I'll climb onto mine and wave to you.. I understand the Qu'ran well enough to know it makes incorrect statements and claims, and also contains messages of hate and instructions of violence within it. There is no benefit in trying to teach one with closed mind and black spot on their heart such as you. His crud was called out, he thought he'd get smart and ask for examples, obviously thinking he wouldn't get any. I will give him one thing, he didn't try to claim the Qu'ran doesn't talk of a flat earth as most of them do. The really sad thing is that not once did he honestly address the issue of the kids in this doc in any genuine way. Some day, when I grow up, I hope to have the same awesome tolerance for this kind of mega-bullsh*t that you seem to have. I say the United States needs to take care of business at home and screw the rest of the world!
Don, check the comments policy, your caps-lock rant is out of line, and doesn't make you any more correct.
I'm no fan of the Japanese in that time, my grandfather fought them in New Guinea, I have inherited his medals. It's not only the Taliban that does that, a good mate of mine has had the misfortune to experience first hand child soldiers, that were put in that position by their own Muslim father. Of course the Quran recommends God's revelation during the time of Jesus, but God tells the Muslims to be weary of what He gave no authority to while reading it. Jesus is reveared by the Muslims as a divine prophet of God and they as well believe in his eminent return. The claims in the bible as Jesus being God in the flesh here as His son are additions by man.
If Allah did not preserve the Bible from corruption, then Allah was stupid and shortsighted to recommend it so many centuries ago. The Quran corrects in Arabic(for it is sealed in this language) all revelation of the past. It is direct in it's message and God tells us if we want in depth understanding of what He reveals in the Quran, we can find it in earlier revelations to His prophets. Even in Arabic, the Koran has Allah recommending the Bible even though the Bible presents Jesus as more than the prophet that the Koran says he is.
What you are proving to me is that you have not studied the Quran except for what Christian fundamentalist have directed you to attack of Islam. Where did the trinity concept come from and do you adhere to the KJV of the bible as the majority do? The Quran says to leave the unbelieving and those that mock to their own devices and that God will deal with you upon Judgement Day of that which you reject. He gives you enough rope and time in this world to choose wisely and then eventually He withdraws this from you and leaves you to wander. This is when Satan sees you as easy prey and you succumb to this world as you will succumb to a terrible fate unknown to humans in this world during the next life.
Do you have anything relevant to say bunny man that could contribute to a meaningful dialogue? You'd have to start a meaningful dialogue first, all you've done is try to preach and put down others.
The trinity was added by man at thend of the 4th CE and spearheaded by Athanasius(arch bishop of Alexandria). He was also repsonsible for deciding what 27 books made up the canon of the 100"s that were out there. Damn the both of you for having a 'who's religion stinks the most' argument in a topic about child soldiers. They want the invaders to their homeland gone and that is the only thing I can have sympathy with them about. Sick pigs, the lot of you condoning this barbaric behaviour against innocent people, especially the children.
The Cove begins in Taiji, Japan, where former dolphin trainer Ric O’Barry has come to set things right after a long search for redemption. But his close relationship with those dolphins – the very dolphins who sparked a global fascination with trained sea mammals that continues to this day - led O’Barry to a radical change of heart.
But in a remote, glistening cove, surrounded by barbed wire and “Keep Out” signs, lies a dark reality. The Cove is directed by Louie Psihoyos and produced by Paula DuPre Pesman and Fisher Stevens. Interesting enough, Joaquin Phoenix's "Earthling" as not received anything compared to the "Cove". You know, this is sad, but after living in Japan for quite a long time now, I can see the Japanese point of view on this as well. I know that morality and values have been argued as being subjective all around the world, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. And as reflection as ourselves here in "the West", we need to consider too that our own practices are no better and it shouldn't serve as an excuse for other cultures to follow suit, but should hold a mirror that causes us to fix our own flawed practices. As a vegan I know how the animal slaughter system works, and its the most horrific system of torture for an animal (especially for one that is about to die). I feel their is a lot of cultural relativism in a movie like the Cove due to the emotional attachment to certain animals. I think its easier to come to a foreign country, denounce their killing of dolphins, then have a whole coalition of people band together and agree it has to stop (which it does).
There are instances where Dolphins have saved Human lives, have any cows, pigs etc: saved anybody lately? If you read any study on barnyard animals you'll see that they show a great amount of intelligence just like any other animal in the human world. If you read any of Peter Singer's work on human specism and the world of animals, he gives some great examples! I personally don't think the level of intelligence of these latter people reaches the average IQ, as a matter of fact if you ratio animal IQ vs theirs, i'd put my money on the animals. Let ask you people here, you know with out a doubt that your pet is suffering extremely, nothing can be done, live & suffers or dies to put him out of its misery.
Rick seems to have been and still is, tortured by having caused today's situation of the dolphins. I just spent about 20 minutes writing ten or so paragraphs of what I consider very relevant and insightful philosophical hibbeldibooger and then my computer shut off because Mac sent out a whole line of computers with batteries that blow up like balloons.
These are just two quick counters to the borderline-retarded japanese argument that westerners should not tell them what to do with their food.
One thing I haven't seen mentioned in the comments yet is that most Japanese people didn't know this was going on (I hope many more do now) and that their own government is deceiving its citizens with mercury laden meat, serving it to their children in schools.
But personally that it be Dolphins or Tasmanian Devils, "cruelty killing" is the issues, yes ? It's just killing for killing, let's kill everything and see what comes out of it, start a new "Fab" and export it and see how many moronic people would actually buy this fish for a 1000 $ a 100 grams.
If you cannot even change an ignorant point of view how can you expect others to change their way of living?
Hey guys, I think we are straying away from the purpose of the documentary which is to show the world one aspect of what we shouldn't do irregardless of the variety of cultures involved.
Now come on Vlatko give me a break with the censuring already, there was no foul writing, you should know my style of writing, i'm very opinionated and like to have good conversations but i also respect other's opinion. There is no reason that the Japanese should be eating Dolphins and whales in that much of an abundance.
The way I see it is that it actually IS about one country against another because when people from one nation impose their will and morals onto another how could it be anything but that? If I were living in Japan and planned on staying their for my life than I would try and do something about this.
As for dolphins, they are poisonous to eat so I'm all against that but, more importantly, they are a uniquely intelligent creature (as far as we know) and should be studied more. Trying to preserve the planet to suit our needs is just as arrogant as the apathetic destruction of it. The disregard and disrespect of animals is something I am personally opposed to, so I'll speak out and stand up for it when it's happening within my nation.
If everyone only spoke out for and stood up for issues affecting themselves and the people they know and the nation they live in, then every issue would get the attention which is proportional to that which it deserves. Good points, I merely wanted to make sure that you had considered that we'd not survive in certain ecosystems. In regards to us surviving I'll say this, I don't believe our species will be around forever. I also believe that my view is very rare and don't expect many people to feel the same way and I will not impose it on anyone, but I'll share it with people. Me saying that I think it is a selfish viewpoint pertains to this statement: Young- If dolphins were fished to extinction it would have no affect on me personally, my environment or my country. I pretty much agree with the points you make, accept when it comes to interference, that's just where we differ I guess.
But would you agree that we have to set a certain standard here first before we can advise another country to make effective policy changes? May God have mercy on those souls who shed the blood of innocent animals for material gain and human consumption. This a story that must be told along with many others where we as human beings are depleting the earth of all its "balances" and in turn wondering, why this, why that.
I commend all those involve in the production in particular those who risk their lives to expose this atrocity. I am committed at this point and intend to become directly involved in an activity which protects the environment and its contents from tomorrow June 7 2010. The method by which they are slaughtered is not an 'issue' as such because farm animals are slaughtered in equally brutal ways and none of those methods are fair to animals.
It is true that in every country or 'culture' of the world there is a different luxury or specialty food but the difference in the case of whaling and dolphin slaughtering is that these animals are not bred for a food market.
This documentary, although heart breaking to watch, did a splendid job of depicting exactly what is going on in these small towns that usually move completely under the radar( even their own people are oblivious!) It is a necessary movement to not only save the dolphins but to make people around the world aware of the dangers of the meat they are being sold, as well as generating public interest in other animals too - what if it wasn't just dolphin meat containing harmful chemicals?) It will hopefully generate action to stop or at least lessen these pointless slaughter missions.
I wish there was some way to be directly involved in these campaigns, but I will be sure to tell EVERYONE I know about this documentary and this horrendous story. I live in Southern Chilean Patagonia, where we have what we call "Toninas", local dolphins. I live on a farm and I assure you, on that farm, animals live a long and happy life until they go off for slaughter. As far as I'm concerned, the biggest point here about the dolphins, is that they are not bog standard animals (if there is such a thing), they are incredibly intelligent and therefore feel things very differently from your average chicken or tup. I get cross with some animal rights activists as I feel there are many that just jump on band wagons for the sake of it when they don’t know anything about it; this however, is probably the most horrendous documentary I have ever seen - bring on change!! But by refusing to watch "Earthlings" you are keeping your head buried in the sand, therefore allowing these atrocities to happen.
There is absolutely no justification for the cruel way these self-aware and intelligent creatures are murdered for pure greed.
Japan is a nation unaware on so many levels to so many issues on this planet - a fault not of the individuals (my wife included),bur of a greedy and power hungry government which deliberately keeps it's masses out of the loop as it were.
I sense underlying racism in your comment, which is the very attitude that leads to this kind of atrocity.
I got incredibly angry myself, but I got angry at "us", humans, and not a race of people, the Japanese.
I thought the film was VERY interesting, Made me see the japanese in a completely different light. The frogs, snails and shrimp are very well adapted, and I believe they ARE capable of feeling pain. The mammals on the other hand, especially the rats, can get bored, have very different personalities, interact socially, etc. So I would say that most mammals seem to possess a higher form of intelligence then what is most commonly attributed to them.
And to dismiss the rest because of this silence, be it real, or due to biased editing, is throwing the baby out with the bath water.
In terms of whether or not this act of cruelty should be stopped or not, what difference does that make? Trust is incredibly elusive - there can often be more "truth" in a surrealist painting than any hour of TV from any major news network. I just have a passion for documentaries so I like to see them at least make an attempt to be balanced. I don't see the point in killing an intelligent animal when it's a known fact that eating them is harmful to you, -this I blame on the Japanese government. I understand how the Japanese fisherman must feel to have a bunch of foreigners coming to you workplace and putting cameras in your face, but it's a product of their ignorance thanks to their own government.
Man is rated the highest animal, at least among all animals who returned the questionnaire. A very amazing documentary, if you happened to stumble upon this and read this comment, I highly suggest you watch. But, in the press, there are more and more frightening stories about the effects of the drug, and there's a growing debate about whether cannabis should be reclassified as a class B drug. That so called doctor that claims outrageous physical effects from cannabis should be executed.
As far as the argumentation in this video, it's of poor quality to say the least, factually AND ethically wrong on MANY issues.
We are dealing, first of all, with a women that is JUST STARTING TO SMOKE, people who start out NEVER smoke weed on a daily basis, NEVER. Secondly, I saw a big bottle of gin on the table of her apartment, yeah, HELLO, BIG RED LIGHT PEOPLE!! I'm about 12 minutes in and this chick reminds me of a dirty turd full of corn just lying on the ground covered in butter and ants. Any "evidence" or "insight" that comes about by programs like these should be completely thrown out. It should be legalised and whilst I mainly agree with "K" I disagree on the whole "Government would put additives into it" argument. If it is legalized, taxed, regulated, and controlled then yes there would be manufacturers who would make products similar to cigarettes which contain flavoring, additives, etc that I certainly wouldn't trust either (I think everyone would agree on that). Her experience on the first day is much like what happens to me when I smoke too much weed. It sooooo obvious that alcohol is REAL gateway drug.How many hard core drug users start with alcohol. This woman can't think for herself and lacks the intelligence and mind for me to take this seriously in any way. The doctor tells her she will go crazy smoking bud and the women ends up tripping her first time out. Follow around a person who is used to smoking weed and you'll see, once you get over the beginner stage, there are no negative side effects. I think this had several instances of fairly major and fairly annoying misinformation, and certainly seemed to be slightly biased against marijuana in its overall presentation of it. This is so fake, she smoked 1 joint and she says that she is really scared and that it was her worst day ever in her whole life. Someone, like say a doctor, on the other hand, who knows the dangers, understands the substance, knows how and why it should be taken, etc. Sorry to hear about your husband, but I hope you understand that a diagnosis like that is very very rare and you should not judge the plant based on his case alone. It's actually not our "right" to do that or even our privilege too because marijuana is an illegal controlled substance.
I do agree with you that you do not know what has been added to the marijuana, but its not likely that you're going to get a hold of any that is laced. Now, you may never know what was used to grow the marijuana, but the most harmful thing I can imagine would be Miracle Grow or Round Up. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS, LIVING INDIVIDUAL LIVES, WITH DIFFERENT PURPOSES AND ENCOUNTERING DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES.
And what's up with rejects always saying "It's a gateway drug!" Smdh, maybe if there was a legal,safe place for people to go to get their weed from, they wouldn't be around the street dealers that carry everything cause they don't make as much money of of weed and will always try to push it onto the kids who normally by marijuana.
You're living in fantasy land if you're trying to convince people that smoking dope makes you energetic and concentrate better. It's true that some types of grass give you a short lived energetic buzz and also true that you can get really into a project, at least for a while.
Smoking's great, don't get me wrong but after 32 years of smoking, these days I feel like a junkie, when I score, when I smoke and when I'm coming down. As a responsible adult with a lot of long term adult pot head friends, I can tell you with 100% certainty that smoking lots of dope has plenty of drawbacks in life. So, please continue to enjoy it but don't try to convince the rest of the world that it's all good. Ganja is simply a recreational herb, i wouldnt call it a drug, because its not chemically produced, it grows from the earth..
I don't think our government would try to make us addicted to it, as "k" said they would, but we could be living in different countries so I don't know about that. What i cant understand is, why so many people cant function through a full day without having to smoke weed, If its not addictive why so many people have to have it on a daily basis. Without any knowledge of who made this film, I can only bet the studio who filmed this company is under the umbrella of a powerful multinational corporation. When i do manage to score I smoke and then wonder why I have because I dont really know which way is up anymore. As I've said elsewhere on this thread I am 100% pro legalisation but strong weed does come with some dangers which people need to be made aware of. Yeah 11 is way too young to start - kids should wait till voting age before they consider it, as getting stuck into it younger, may, as you say, stunt you in certain ways. But there are such things as different strains, which have different ratios of the various cannabinoids (THC, CBD etc), which yield their own particular highs. At the same time I know dozens of people doing the same(smoking up daily) and having a great mental and physical health and fulfilling careers. I don't like getting violent, throwing up, losing control of my coordination, or having a hang over the next day.
But hey, I won't stoop to your level and judge you for what you do at home in your free time, which you so eloquently did for all us cannabis consumers. The peace,bliss,spiritual insight and freedom gained from deep meditation is so much more than from marijuana or any other substance.
Most of these comments are as misleading to the readers as the lady in this "documentary" may seem to several of you. As an American, self employed, who's income roughly $32,000 (before taxes), age 25, college enrolled, 38 credits with a 3.76gpa and user of recreational marijuana.
Are they just spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt by latching onto genetic modification in regards to weed?
Anyways enough personal expirence I thought this would be a decent documentary but its all a bunch of propaganda bullshit. The doctor in the first part is obviously crazy and is probably a dumbass that sucked her way to med-school. I think it's important to remember that all the experts in this doc have it in their best interests to tow the company line and remain mainstream. The confusion about our changing weather sequences and how they influence global forecast is somewhat justifiable. Temperature variations due to changing weather circumstances all over the world can be very big. Kind of a watered down documentary, but it does provide some convincing reasons to believe humans are affecting the climate. Unfortunately, government doesn't seem to want to subsidize a solution so that people will find alternative energy supplementation to be attractive.
When Walmart begins selling alternative power products in their stores, then we will know the costs are low enough for the average working person. The survey considered the work of some 29,000 scientists published in 11,994 academic papers. No, most of the media is in the pockets of the corporations, hence the ignorance akin to what you display.
Yes, the corporations who pollute and contribute to climate problems and whose best interests would be to DENY global warming, not support it. At least I won't feel guilty with off-springs facing the problems created by our generations. Listen I drive a 35 year old Mercedes and have been for the last 30 years I keep it fully serviced, if I was to buy a new car every 3-5 years how much energy would that consume! Those who deny global warming can be liken to a guy I once new in high school.Who at 38 is still living with his parents and spends most of his time laying around the house playing with him self and watching re-runs of the three stooges. That's real special you can just lump everyone into a group called "deniers" and dismiss them but there are many facets of people who are merely pointing out that this has been promoted by entities with dubious motives whose "solutions" are anything but. For my part I'm not bowing down to leftists who were just looking for political capital and don't care that every scheme proposed stands to worsen the problem. BTW if you still know that guy in high school that doesn't speak highly of you or the people you associate with. If soothing your personal guilt is your motivation you're only offering another example of why people have questioned the science. Well that sounds great but what if by the time it went from good intents to policies perverted by others with bad intents, the things you thought would fix that problem only made it worse? Deny as you like, the fact is since the inception of Kyoto global GGE have not only risen but so has the rate of their rise. Can you provide figures on how many of those experts would see continued funding for their research if they agreed to a consensus that their research was no longer necessary? It doesn't mean they were undecided, it means they were not mandated to find the cause but get the scientific facts about what is going on.
If you mean they falsified their reports, I think you are the one that need to provide proof.
Their research was peer-reviewed before being published, you might want to look into that process.
All the scientific publications are also cited on page 4 of the same article with online sources. However if the other proxy methods involve measuring carbon data in deep ice samples heritage tree rings and pulling carbon molecule data out of these maybe it would be a stronger linkage to say the fact is this or that. When they changed the "Global Warming" scare to the meaningless and unverifiable" Climate Change" - they gave the game away. Yeah right, the 3560 ARGO buoys distributed across all the oceans of the planet are lying about the temperature they record. I think the climate change deniers get their information from mainstream media exclusively. It's probably because the climate scientists came up with such overwhelming evidence that climate change really exists.
If you made a documentary on ocean pollution for example, would you interview a neurosurgeon, geneticist or paleontologist because they said it doesn't exist or is caused by meteorites falling from the sky?
I find it disturbing that people have been trained not to think critically because there's always an "expert" around to do the thinking for them.
If the four percent is absorbing the light rays as they bounce or deflect back into space - changing the light energy into heat energy then yes this causes an increase in the ambient air temp?
I would suspect that any excessive amount of carbon in the air will cause an ionization (increased lighting storms - as the result of) ? I am more concerned with the displacement of fresh water around the world in order to bottle water for sale etc. Not to mention - "coke" sucking up our Global water to make soft drinks - and thus farmers in India have no water to water their crops - ?
Of course they don't get fired, are you denying that if a scientific consensus were reached that determined AGW was not happening, funding for AGW research would not drastically be reduced- if not virtually evaporate completely? As for peer review process, Climategate gave us clear evidence many have sought to both rig it and drum opposition out of the field. The fact remains the name was changed from Global Warming to Climate Change purely for marketing and PR propaganda reasons. A consensus of scientists who have studied the portentous anthropogenic data support its conclusions. Hypothesis: Climate change (beyond what is normal for earth) is actually real, and humanity's actions are the primary cause of it. To verify this with true scientific analysis, we must first find a model for comparison (outside the earth) that does not have human influence.
Example: We have had orbiters around Mars for well over 20 years, and in that time we have observed it's polar caps receding at a rate comparable to that of the earth. Note: This conclusion does not preclude that all changes in earth's climate are sun related, only that the primary one is not humanity.
Question 1: What can we say, (with certainty) is humanity contributing towards climate change? As stated in the documentary, we know that CO2 emissions have dramatically risen in the last 100 years. Causes: industrial revolution and associated emissions, declining forestry, and increased human population. Although this is a dramatic change, CO2 is the tiniest contributor of greenhouse gases, far behind water vapor, and methane. Note: None of this is a dismissal of scientific evidence regarding CO2 emissions, it's impact on the biosphere, or the validity of the information itself. Since it is fair to say that few people would deny the impact our species has had poisoning our environment, and the biosphere, what can we really do to change our behaviour? 2) We can influence the situation, but we will never be able to change the course of humanity itself. None of these are desirable, (understatement) but are the only thing capable of interrupting the powers at be from their present course, and reducing human populations to a level that the world can contend with.
Although this is all doom and gloom at it's best, there is possibilities, but they go completely against our nature. I apologize if all this is too depressing for everyone, or creates unnecessary fear, but in reality, it is no different then telling everyone to be 'environmentally friendly' or else; especially when the average person is really quite powerless within the present matrix we are governed by. Sadly, those who are here for a good time, not a long time, have decided to enjoy themselves at everyone else's expense, and if we become like Richard Cheney and 'join the dark side', then we quickly forget our responsibility to what matters most. On a positive note, nature is a self correcting system, and there is a strong likelihood that humanity has itself gone through cycles we are unaware of.
So, if you wish to make a difference, you have to fight the good fight, put evil where it belongs, (out of power) and have endless vigilance to make sure that it never gains control again. P.S: Evil is unbound, and without rules, and only deems continuous growth as value, on a planet with finite resources, ergo insane!

Even if everybody stops having children, it will take at least a generation for population to reduce in great numbers and the emissions already in the atmosphere will also take a long while to get absorbed back into the earth.
Also, on an unrelated topic in your post, the sun doesn't have enough mass to go supernova. It is unprecedented in the past 8000 years but is on par with a similar event 9000 years ago. In view of these facts, I don't think it's logical to attribute the current climate change principally to solar activity fluctuations. I do appreciate your optimism though, (a good thing) and often find myself struggling between the idealist, (the potentiality of what could be) and reality of what really is. No, I don't think Universities across the globe would get rid of their climatology units if a scientific consensus was reached.
The "climategate" concerned 1 institution, the University of East Anglia's (UEA) Climatic Research Unit (CRU) in November 2009.
There were 2 public investigations (House of Commons and Sir Muir Russell for UEA) and 1 independent investigation by Fred Pearce. Even if you ignore the 66% that did not express a position, only 83 out of 4000 (0.7%) that did express a position published a clear definite dispute that climate change is not caused by humans.
I agree with your final statement and would suggest greenhouse gases are a large contributor but won't jump to blame human generated CO2 when so many that do have consistently ignored solar variation and the related issues of methane gas releases and undisclosed releases of industrial sourced GG. As I said solar variation alone does not explain the current warming, what's happened is likely a residual effect that's driving CO2. What bothers me most is the attitude "we've got to do something, anything, now" being promoted recklessly by ideologues and grasped by policymakers at the UN and leaders of third world countries looking to profit over this. The result will be a plummeting of standards of living in industrialized nations, a transfer of conventional polluting industries to third world countries who will not regulate them as they were here, and one big cesspool of a polluted earth as third world countries were given a free pass to harm the world as industrialized nations used to. I don't have the figures in front of me but methane gas content in the atmosphere has risen drastically since the mid 19th century.
Equally to blame was Bill Clinton's bizarre pro-China commerce policies and overly restrictive environmental regulations. Note one of those Clinton policies was booking trade junkets to mainland China for corporate CEOs who were solicited for campaign contributions for plane seats on these junkets.
Yeah and we can naturally expect that since ideologies drive people's desire to publish their views, those who chose to promote their position would be skewed toward approving it. The fact is that study used flawed methodology and presented its conclusions dishonestly trying to minimize those flaws.
Furthermore the overall tone of these people is that they are on a mission to silence and minimize dissent, and that calls into question whether they are acting scientifically at all. I think you're avoiding admitting an uncomfortable point by again answering the question a different way than asked. If a consensus were reached that AGW were not happening why would governments and corporations fund any research on the matter when there are so many other pressing issues? If your job were to conclude whether or not your job needed to exist, what would your work look like? Taken in addition to the probability ideologues would select this field in college with the idea they could save the planet because they believe man was harming it, it's hard to imagine these people are ever going to be objective. These things must be considered if we're going to be fair about oil corporations affecting research.
I can think for myself and many in the scientific community were appalled by their behavior. Furthermore if AGW is happening the policies alleged to mitigate it have been promoted by ideologues with confused and often self defeatist intentions and entities who wish to personally gain. In view of the current evidence though, it does exist so I have no idea how it would go away all of a sudden without a global scientific conspiracy to manipulate thousands of climate related peer-reviewed scientific papers in the past 20 years.
We homo sapiens poked some big holes in the layer of protective ozone in the stratosphere, in a short length of time.
My understanding is that water vapor has an atmospheric cycle of 9 days so it cycles the heat out of the atmosphere quite quickly and it forms clouds that reflect a good portion of the solar radiation back to space. On the other hand, CO2 has a variable atmospheric lifetime of 30 to 95 years so each additional molecule in the atmosphere will radiate heat back to the surface for a long time and CO2 has no albedo. Albedo is the reflective property of clouds and ice, the vast frozen islands that once covered the Arctic and bounced a lot of radiation back into space or onto co2; but, at least it bounced it rather than absorbed it as liquid h2o does. There is every logical reason to conclude the current consensus was reached through ideological and job security motivated "conspiracy"- which requires no secret pacts or any of that. This is why climate change research does not justify the special consideration given other fields of scientific research, in that everyone who pursued the field had to be a true believer to make that choice. The most obvious example being people like the (former) NASA scientist James Hansen, who fits the "environmentalism as my religion" mold. I'm sure the European Union activists who feared an Exxon Valdez in their waters can sleep well at night knowing their push to ban single hulled tankers virtually overnight overwhelmed the salvage industry when it rendered 2500 registered hulls obsolete. I don't argue that there are extremists like James Hansen on both side of the climate change debate but there is a large consensus amongst thousands of climate scientists that the current global warming is mostly man made. See there you go trying to place this issue above any discussion of bias by merely using the word "scientist". It's as if you consider these people robots, or believe people choose their careers and life's work randomly, without any concern over what that life's work might be accomplishing. It's hardly a surprise people pursue careers in cancer research to make their life's work mean something.
As for the analogy being irrelevant, just google "environmentalism as religion" and Hansen, their poster child, can hardly be dismissed as an extremist- in fact as one of the more powerful figures in it all the fact nobody saw anything wrong with an ideologue in that position reveals how many people are blind to this problem.
The human population growth 8k years ago with the start of the agricultural revolution and civilization--allowed humans to survive: the numbers of humans to increase, steadily but slowly, relative to the 19th C. My sense is that you are talking about the population "explosion" and the corresponding co2 upsurge due to the sharp, prolonged glut of industrial processes using toxic carbon when burnt as fossil fuel. Monster mutants lurk in the myths of many cultures, and we're fascinated yet fearful of nature's mutants.
In 19th century America, people flocked to dime museums to view the odd and the unexplained. In Great Britain there was a celebrated sideshow freak Joseph Merrick, the famed elephant man.
They're like a recipe book, but sometimes there's an unexpected change in part of the recipe. Toady such human tragedies are no longer a source of entertainment, but many of us are still fascinated by creatures that are one in a million. In nature conjoined twins are rare, but they nearly always make the slot at the end of the evening news bulletins. Whether or not one would think it's good has a lot to do with personal preference, beliefs and prior knowledge to the subject being discussed.
I've watched plenty of docs on mutations, genes, evolution, etc, etc and still enjoyed this one if only for the freakshow aspect of it. A mutation is simply when a gene in DNA changes, not some two headed freakshow that was a result of twin embryos merging together, since the genetics in those may otherwise be normal.
A good example of a recessive mutations is albinism, which can occur in all vertebrates and is a result of pigment genes being damaged, lost, or altered, which results in a different outcome of color. Another blatant example of how US Wars have altered the genetic make up of fellow human beings.
This documentary has very interesting information about mutations, but I don't buy the "survival of the fittest" or the positive mutation, as the fossil record belies both. The giant dinosaurs didn't die out because of unfit genes, they died because of an earth destroying asteroid. And most of the large land creatures today, have descended from much larger, fitter animals, including humans. I believe the ultimate answer may lie in genetics, but the stuff discussed in this documentary seems wrong.
History has shown us that empires crumble when their thirst for power overtakes all other sensibilities. Many key tenants of modern-day warfare are covered in the brief, yet wide-ranging interview that structures the film. The issue is so complex and far-reaching that pinning the blame on a single culprit becomes muddied and elusive. Wilkerson contends that such a path is unsustainable, and will surely spell doom for America's reputation, economic vitality and moral dominance in the world.
Abby Martin's voice is peculiar for a journalist, however, this is what makes her intriguing and interesting to watch.
I know it is very deep inside of the American culture to believe that the individual is ultimately responsible.
As I am convinced there are ways, how a weapon could save someones life, it is a matter of fact that in most cases (something like 99% of all cases) it is rather the opposite way around.
Your comment makes one things very clear, so you might think little about all the "foreigners" who are subjected to deadly force worldwide every day, I urge you to overthink your position. Kenneth, for one we could start a building boom of Earthship houses (which are currently not "permitted" because they don't feed dollars upward into the hands of the big utilitiy and timber companies! A very interesting interview, especially coming from someone within one of the most inglorious administrations in US history. That is perhaps the most depressing aspect of human civilization, but whether it is a universal quality or just a quality of the decaying scarcity meme of capitalist economic philosophy is still not entirely proven to me. We are in for some serious problems if we continue to be ignorant of what is going on not just around us but within us as well. Wilkerson is genuine, at an age in his life when honesty is far more important than pretenses. This confirmed all I speculated regarding my opinion of military presence in afore mentioned countries, and I may have to watch again to memorize the quote used in response to the question of who the US military serves.
It's not "bashing America" to face reality and learn from past mistakes, as opposed to continuing to march toward disaster. It is the Jesuit Order that owns the small conglomerate of corporations which own 40% and 60% of all the stocks and bonds of World Banking system.
If you have evidence to the contrary, then bring it forward for all to see so that we can learn together. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted.
And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief.
It is absolutely true that our foreign policy strictly is based more on business consideration than humanitarian ones which serves the purpose of the nation's top weapons manufacturers. As much as I agree with you, you must know that this practice is nothing new and has been going on for decades (if not centuries). The UN Declaration of Human Rights states a few of our basic human rights and then adds more statements declaring how those rights may "properly" violate the previously stated rights.
A supposed authority on human rights, Human Rights Watch, doesn't even have a rational definition of our basic human rights.
If political entities are left to tell us what our basic human rights are (the status quo), well, we already see how that is going. The notion that the world can't sustain 7 or 8 billion people is a preposterous myth propagated by the very same people who have created this problem. Dave - What books or articles have you read that suggest terrorist acts have been inside jobs?
Perhaps it is time for American soldiers to lay down there arms and let the ruling elite pick up where they leave off.
Though the seeds for the quest of freedom are ancient, the real upheavals have only happened in the past few centuries. An Al Jazeera production, Enemy of Enemies: The Rise of ISIL attempts to retrace the stratospheric rise of the bloodthirsty terrorist organization, and speculate on the severe consequences that may still lie in their wake.
A panel of experts from three different continents - including the former Iraq Minister of Defense Ali Allawi and National Security Advisor Mowaffak al-Rubaie - provide the majority of the film's informed commentary. Destabilization in the region reached a turning point with the rise of Islamic militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a figure who was previously regarded as an innocuous presence at best. Throughout this unfortunate string of events, the perception of the United States and their role in the region began to transform on all sides. Enemy of Enemies: The Rise of ISIL provides valuable insights into the origins of one of the most defining conflicts of our time. What do you call a country that has killed millions of innocent civilians, including the burning alive of thousands with 400,000 tons of napalm? The fact that the US has a bloodthirsty history does not mean that the description cannot be applied to ISIL. Nobody has ever beaten a criminal charge in court by pointing out that there are worse offenders. American private military contractor 'Black water' plays a major role in producing the ISIL??. One thing we really have to realize that where the terrorists could have gotten the weapons either they made themselves or getting from western allies like America,Britain, France etc..
They maintain a good relationship with terrorists for their selfishly businesses on the other hand ? they called blood thirsty terrorist.
I've got to wonder about the truth of this documentary since they are not offering it to be viewed in the US. Too busy to learn WHY there is a Syrian refugee crisis but not to busy to shout "Not in MY backyard".
Until "we" decide to elect those who strive for world peace not those who strive for world domination the status quo will continue. If you want to know where they came from, just look at who benefits from their actions: Israevil and the international intelligence community. It consists of twelve mothers, of all ages, each with very different taste in books, but we love our monthly get-togethers. Next month Danica, a young mother who just had a baby and low on personal reading time, decided to host a documentary film night.
Lately, I find the quality of feature films have been lacking yet documentaries have been compelling and even entertaining. Rise Of The Republic From the Tea Party Movement to State Legislators, the American people are drawing a line in the sand.
And the next generations aren't merely blameless observers of the continuous war- some of them have also become contributors.
Some agree to give up their lives, others are strained - but they are all Afghanistan's Taliban generation. Neaz's family was murdered when their village was bombarded by the coalition forces in an attempt to kill hiding rebels. One thing that must be done: show how internally inconsistent the Koran is and then show why, because of that, it cannot be the word of God. It is a proven fact that Iran exports terrorism and the Iranian people are controlled by their government! If my information is dribble as you say then Iran's government must be wonderful and anyone can stand up to them in their country and not be persecuted! As far as bombing Japan near the end of world war 2 Japan was not going to surrender and why should the United States lose more soldiers in invading Japan. Dribble, but I say whether in the positive or the negative the discourse when a discussion of WW2 is involved focuses primarily on the Jews, as you have so nicely pointed out and not on the many "others" and their stories. If you'd bothered reading any of his past posts you wouldn't have need to ask that obvious question. Policy on TDF says i can't tell you what I really think of you but you seriously need to go away and think about this conversation for a while.
What epiphany is ever so important that you feel an irresistible urge to waddle into a shared time of reflection and cram it in someone elses facehole, throat and ears.
All he has done here is perpetuate a notion that the extremists on that side are every bit as bastardish as we tend to think they are. If it was not for us depending on what part of europe you are from you would either be dead or speaking german! Allah is not God because the Bible (the only word of God) presents God as a trinity of persons, not as a solitary being. And the concept may be arrived at by observing that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are each presented as having attributes particular to God.
In the 1960s, it was O'Barry who captured and trained the 5 dolphins who played the title character in the international television sensation Flipper. One fateful day, a heartbroken Barry came to realize that these deeply sensitive, highly intelligent and self-aware creatures so beautifully adapted to life in the open ocean must never be subjected to human captivity again. Namely, what right does your culture, which kills thousands of cattle and fowl and pollutes the environment while doing so, have to tell us what we can and cannot eat?
The way we think of animals as food and the impact it has on the environment and quality of life really does have to change worldwide I believe. But when you look at your own society and the sick practices inside it, its more uncomfortable and likely harder to address the hipocracies inside it.
But the Japanese almost every creature in the ocean as potential food, they don't really distinguish between creatures.
For the religious and esoteric people out there, i'm saying these unemotional killers are "young souls". Go run around naked drunk in the forest with a tree branch up your ass and shoot everything that moves. And as far as Japan's National Pride, check out "The Rape of Rape of Nanking" also here on TDF. If I were born and raised in Japan I wouldn't be so naive to say I would do the same, who knows maybe I would even participate in this practice. The WORLD belongs to us and by that I mean, it is our responsibility to take care of, for our future and the futures of those who come after us. I think leaving someone or state to make their own choices is the most selfless thing you could do. The ecosystem is so remarkably complex with so many different variables affecting it that predicting its behaviour falls into the realm of chaos theory.
If we are to take the animals rights approach of "let nature take its course" by letting all the animals be free without any interference from humans then we are not letting nature take it's course because we are a part of the nature and therefor MUST affect it. Be the change you want to see in the world, but don't force others to be, this can't be done without a massive backlash.
I'm the guy standing on the edge of the cliff with arms wide open when the giant tidal wave comes not the guy hidden in a concrete bunker with 6 months worth of canned food. Killing these creatures for food is poisoning thier own people and capturing them for entertainment is pointless when they can breed them. If dolphin meat was a staple in thier diets, I'd say nothing except that they should kill them in a more humane way.
For no sin goes unpaid and time and history shall hold you accountable for the trials and atrocities against the lives of innocent animals. Animals of all species have proven to be intelligent creatures in one way or another (some more than others) but that is due to the way species evolved from the beginning by adaptation. They are caught by fishermen here who slit their throats, hang them from a hook bleeding and drag them that way into the water, so that the blood will attract "centollas",or king crabs. All powerful nations, (The UK, the US, the Chinese etc) have committed terrible acts of cruelty again people and the environment.
The fact that they were hiding the slaughtering of dolphins just showed that they knew what they were doing was wrong. But don't forget that in most of your own countries, intelligent, self-aware animals are also forced to suffer. Even though the shrimp and snail might have a different perception of pain then mammals, reptiles and birds (seeing as they have a very different brain and nervous system then us). I've actually seen the rabbits mourn one another, and the rats are able to open their own cages. The difference is that is pretends to be a factual documentary but it's actual a piece of propaganda following the Hollywood format not the proper documentation format that is needed to make a proper documentary film.
But, I personally feel all documentaries are propaganda - no matter how hard we try, our biases will always dictate what we edit out, or in.
Because when people find out they've been lied to or mislead they will tend to dismiss any information they receive from that source hereafter.
The academy of motion picture arts and sciences is supposed to be some kind of authority when it comes to film. Americans are hated for their capitalistic viewpoint etc etc but most Americans are very nice people. AFTER I HAVE JUST NOW SEEN IT THIS WILL BE ONE OF MY GOALS HEPLING TO MAKE THIS TERRIBLE SITUATION AWARE TO ALL I COME IN CONTACT WITH . It's not about just about the Japanese saying "Don't tell us what to do." It's more than that.
If your going to sell dolphin meat for a living follow quotas, their there so we don't run the species to the brink of extinction. While there, she helps out in a coffee shop selling cannabis and discovers firsthand how the drug affects daily life. I thought it was actually really well done, fair and it gave you the good and the bad of weed culture.
It has proven to lower the consumption rate, but still our politically-correct politicians can't rationally look at the topic. Its hard to believe but it actually motivates me to work, workout, clean the house and run errands etc.
Why do the brodcast companies insist on finding sweet and good-natured people, who just happen to be naive and uninformed to host these shows about legal issues and scientific experiments?
It will be the first video to come up and it is the best documentary on cannibis I've personally ever seen.
She then carries on with her experiment and behaves as if it is a brand new thing to her - which I suspect it was.
Alcohol causes massive problems; not just health wise but anti social and violent behaviour. Let the government and the tobacco companies make all the money they want off of taxed and regulated "commercial" cannabis. Alcohol is legal and I personally, and many of my friends have gotten into legal and personal trouble because of it.
Basically, i believe people should be able to choose if they smoke or not but whats important is that your smoking doesnt effect others. Opium is, and then that is extracted from the poppy buds and treated with chemicals to create heroin. If you read up a bit you'll discover that anyone with a condition like that was at higher risk of developing schizophrenia regardless. This is the point I was trying to make with the heroin comparison because THC is illegal yet opium is very legal, controlled but legal, so I don't think it is a valid comparison. But, if you eat non-organic vegetables from the supermarket you are more than likely getting a higher dosage from those than you are smoking a joint here or there.
I'm a completely different individual than you because we have had different experiences in our lives.
But, when you have a hallucinogenic trip it wakes your mind up, or "makes you think" as society would put it. First I cannot find any studies linking smoking pot to holes in lung or any kind of lung damage at all. For example you can do university assignments completely wasted and then continue to practice doing that. I have RARELY met anyone who claims a healthy productive life and regular usage of Marijuana. I am a long term smoker and I either suffer now or have suffered from every adverse effect that's related to smoking.
I get incredibly stressed out if I can't score, I often get aggressive when I'm high, I'm forgetful, I drive dangerously, I find it impossible to study or to take in any information apart from watching movies or something. I went through the whole of my last high school years smoking weed, and only after a while, could I do normal things with out bursting into giggles.
It does cause mental problems my brother smokes it, and hes all calm, but when hes not had some hes a horrible person,paranoid and aggresive etc, and has stolen in the past. A misguided production using doctors, academics, and other resources that are obviously going to side with the pharmaceutical companies. My son is 13 and has just told me he's started and the idea of him messing with his brain is horrible to me. Weed these days is way too strong and is definitely dangerous to drive on to operate machinery. I personally would like to see decriminalization, a set age limit, and a possible, like wine and beer, amount a person could produce for personal consumption without necessary documentation. Unfortunately the bias bleeding through with ill-written phrases like "most of the children don't always fall to harder drugs" and the casual use of the prohibitionist phrase "dope" took away any perceived credibility and reduced the piece to an offensive, vulgar bit of unprofessional propaganda in my mind. Ok I myself will admit that I get sketchy on pot but I still enjoy my high, usually when it starts wearing off and I keep smoking its all great.
The government could basically fix alot of problems with society with alot more tax money, like the homeless problem, schools, hospitals and roads and more police on the streets. If she were to deserve any credentials, I'd like to see a Part 2 documentary series where she revokes her idiocy and lights a joint up on screen. I am always up for hearing both sides of the argument; but I found this documentary to have a lot of information that has been left out. The doctors are certainly bias toward pushing pills and it would be unwise financially to promote a plant . So how do scientists react to the popular understanding, that climate is really unstable but that it's a natural rhythm? There is a company that will install a solar energy system on people's house for free, sell the energy to the power company and reduce the home owners energy bill as a benefit. From now on i'll be up voting every single comment of my own, just to keep that rating high and sustain my delusion of grandeur. Consider climate change research only seeks to confirm its own need to exist and conclusions contrary to that place them out of work- and most of the people who pursued that line of research in college would have done so because they were already convinced of man's guilt in harming the planet. To be specific the UN and a lot of entities involved are more interested in enacting global socialism which inherently seeks to industrialize third world populations by paving roads, and bringing electricity and other luxury infrastructure to areas that didn't have it before. Wouldn't we all like to have that kind of opportunity for job security to conduct research that only seeks to validate the need for more funding for it- and hide behind the facade of "science" if anyone dares question it.
What they did was only looked at papers that took a position on climate change and extrapolated those papers only to be the overall position of scientists on climate change. They couldn't appeal to people's fears whenever there was a cold snap or blizzard, so figured if they called it Climate Change they could use their cheap tactics whenever any variation in the weather was happening.
First, I really enjoyed this documentary, and it actually delves into all the relevant issues regarding climate change. Since I am sure that the vast majority of people will agree with me that we are NOT to blame for this, than it is reasonable to conclude that the primary impact on both planets weather patterns is the sun itself, and factors related to it. Thus, how much change in the levels of water vapor, and methane have occurred in the same time period? In other words, how do we act as a global collective to mitigate changes for everyone's well being? Yet the current concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere were last found during the Pliocene over 3 millions years ago.
The mass is insufficient for a super nova, but will more likely shed mass with thermal pulses as it converts from a red giant to a white dwarf. Maybe climate change will reduce the population but killing everybody is a hard task given all mankind survived so far with much less population and minimal means of survival. This is why I say they've waffled (as the primary scientist in this study, Solanki, had come out some years ago and blamed solar variation for the bulk of warming) as on one hand they suggest a conclusion solar variation can not fully explain warming BUT also conclude they don't have enough data to make a conclusion. A runaway loop, the poles melt, methane is released, the poles melt more, the planet warms, causing CO2 rises, etc.
Just because the rise in CO2 is more drastic than the other factors does not mean it's the culprit when CO2 is also driven by warming. Just like people don't get on the internet and rant about how happy they are with companies but sure do when they get ripped off by them.
If AGW were declared to be not happening the majority would be looking for a new line of work in a pretty short time, when contracts for existing research ended. This is a unique problem to this line of science, proving something is a problem that needs to be studied or should be forgotten about.
Everyone's got some stake in this and it's not just Shell and Exxon that are worthy of distrust.
I know the specific issues and they showed a concerted effort to rig the peer review process and marginalize dissent. I feel the science is suspect and this has been promoted dishonestly for politics and ideology and there is scientific basis to question AGW. If you attended a convention of Catholic priests, would you expect you'd see an objective viewpoint on the existence of God if you polled them? He's hardly alone, we can find a number of climate change researchers making problematic statements concerning the moral importance of convincing everyone their opinions are above reproach and must be accepted or the planet is doomed. This was due equally to warming, largely due to agricultural practices (deforestation, irrigation, composting) which reduced the frequency and severity of the cyclical ice ages on Europe and Asia.
Social sciences note that that the poorest people: generally the people most exposed to pollution and untreated disease contribute most to over-population.
I have always been somewhat surprised that the majority of the population tend to reside on coastlines, considering we can't drink the water, and are most susceptible to extreme weather conditions.
In West Fork, Arkansas, Fred Lally has spent 50 years collecting some of the most unusual reptiles. In humans, if the embryo hasn't divided by the third week of pregnancy, then Siamese or conjoined twins may result.
If you hang out for a few minutes you'll see that's how most of the comments go around here. According to United States Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, America could stand on the precipice of such destruction. From the more than 800 bases the United States military operates across the globe to the increased proliferation of weapons manufacturing, conflict means big business for the American elite. The Empire's Ship is Sinking forces us to consider the corporate complex that drives America’s violent incursions across the globe. Producing something that could be used to kill people is very different then must consumer goods. One that springs immediately to mind is the burgeoning field of nano-technology, which has applications in almost every aspect of life, including the military.
You obviously love your country and are probably a very genuine person, but I have to say that your views seem to be quite naive. Since Eisenhower's warning on the need to check the military-industrial complex, nothing has struck so hard society and economy as the business of war, arguably the most profitable, give or take drugs and Wall Streeters. At this moment in time it seems that humanity prefers to learn through suffering rather than other non violent means. The world is run by psychology and most of humanity could care less about their own mental health and therefore we create this sick world in which we live in. This man is genuine, truthful and he expresses himself in a thoughtful way that gets the message across with just the right amount of dark humor. I'm an irate American, a perturbed tax payer, a distrustful citizen of government and government agencies, as well as a mom to a young son, and a conspiracy educated sometime skeptic. The Jesuits are the Secret Military Order of Rome and have been around for miliniums and have stolen all the American Gold from Fort Knox and are keeping a big piece of it in the repository under New Yorks Wall Street. We are at a trickle of 7 billion and considering that a mere 5% are either mentally challenged, physically challenged or sight challenged (I'm being nice) we spend more money looking after those who don't even know that they are alive. This one of more reasons to create more conflicts, proxy wars and direct wars in other countries and every where possible in the world.
He says nothing that surprises me at all, it can only get worse, as the Constitution disappears before your eyes. Do you realize enough food is thrown in the garbage every day in america to feed multiple "3rd world" countries?
Fighting unjust wars just so the elite can continue to dominate and prosper leaves little to be desired.
According to their consensus, the United States invasion of the Iraq, and the subsequent toppling of Saddam Hussein, planted the foundation from which the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant could be born. Declaring dogged allegiance to the philosophies of Osama Bin Laden, Al-Zarqawi inspired the ire of the United States with a series of videotaped beheadings of its captured citizens, and managed to detonate a level of civil war in the region through his mass bombings of sacred landmarks. Were they liberators, as their leaders insisted them to be, or were they facilitators of a new realm of mayhem? It is only through an understanding of where we've been that we may be able to determine where we go from here.
Could the people from a country that is innocent of not killing other people please be the first to start pointing fingers? Is that because they are saying something that is untrue and they don't want to be called out on it?
It seems really suspicious, because maybe there IS something in it that someone doesn't want the American people to know about, perhaps something like where exactly did ISIL's first funding come from? Why don't all the so called good Muslims come out and say that they don't support this type of terrorist activity?
Ignorance is one thing but willful ignorance should be unacceptable to those who espouse the ideals of freedom and democracy.
We laugh, we share and we talk – A LOT!  Each year, we each sign up for a month to host the club. Neaz succeeded to break away from the Taliban camp during the night, and hiked until he came to a police station where he turned himself in. The NATO-supported Afghan government is battling for the hearts and minds of this growing generation.
Recently, a video was posted to the Internet showing what's considered to be Taliban members reassuring one unenthusiastic, young suicide bomber.
The United States did bomb Japan near the end of world war 2 but only to avoid having hundreds of thousands soldiers being killed in a war we did not start! Look I am not saying my government is so wonderful because I believe their policies are bad in many ways! For instance, I think that anyone that would make kids like these sacrifice their lives like that deserve to be taken out and cruelly beaten to pulp. The Koran recommends both the Bible and Jesus even though Jesus, in the Bible, claims to be more than the prophet that the Koran claims he is.
This mission has brought him to Taiji, a town that appears to be devoted to the wonders and mysteries of the sleek, playful dolphins and whales that swim off their coast. For example, a Hindu director making a documentary of our slaughter of cows in America may incite horror in India and even win an award in that country. The reality is, pretty much all countries around the World have some kind of delicatessen or a unconceivable food to other countries made with an animal.
No country likes to be told something from an other and even less from countries that aren't any better. Commercial whaling was banned under a 1986 moratorium, but Japan still hunts whales for what it says are scientific research purposes.
It's a self correcting system, it's phased hundred's of thousands if not millions of extinctions. I try my hardest to make sure fear of death doesn't affect my actions in life but at the same time I am not ignorant to my own need for self preservation and personal progression.

If they want dolphins for thier entertainment, then they can breed them from the stock they already have. But the example of the Japanese in the dark doesn't do it for me because I'm from the eastern part of Canada and have heard the same said about the seal hunt here. And to all of those who try to justify the eating of the flesh of animals you are just as guilty as those who shed their blood. The argument may even work to a lesser extent for Fish although it is perhaps easier to exempt fish from it because of their breeding patterns.
I don't see why the Japanese insist on eating everything in sight anyway, they proved to be very ignorant and sly in this film, and I personally don't know how they can go home and sleep at night. So I believe that precautions should be made to prevent suffering in these animals, and any other animal.
Yeah, great "documentary", they really know how to document the process and give both sides equal say. MAYBE, if they had of done that, you wouldn't have saw such a harsh backlash from the opposition as your seeing now and maybe something actually would have gotten done.
THIS IS A HORRIBLE WAY FOR ANY LIVING THING TO DIE JAPAN SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEM SELFS FOR LETTING THIS CONTINUE.MY BUDDAH FORGIVE THEM!! Yes, cows are eating in America more than everywhere else, slaughtered by the thousands every-day to make our hamburgers at McD's. Back in the UK, Nicky finds out about the genetically modified cannabis called "skunk," which is cheap and increasingly sold on the streets. She shouldn't be drinking during this pseudo-scientific adventure of Scientology-like proportion! Didn't you hear what the guy at the end was saying about the extremes in how people think about cannabis?
It's like taking a random person off the street and asking them to lead an expedition through Africa. Obviously we expect journalists to lie to better promote their own agenda and this was the feel I got from that point on. Cannabis has been found to have beneficial effects and I`ve yet to meet a stoner that goes running round in public smashing shop windows, getting into fights etc.
It would be even easier to dose the water supply and if we consider the fluoride additive then they already do. Already they've stated an abundance of invalid information; I know what the deal is and this definitely isn't it. If "God" created cannabis then why aren't we going around taking all the natural poisons he also created?
On the other hand weed is illegal, and I smoke it everyday, anywhere I want, on the city streets without discrestion and I have never come into any personal or legal trouble because of it. Sure, there are chemical additives put in certain drugs to make the body become dependent on that substance, but marijuana is not like that.
If you carry on, your brain will become slower and you will eventually start buying lesser quality products because you just want to get high.
ANYTHING IN EXCESS can have consequences, yet ironically enough, most marijuana users are loving, grounded, and sane people. I also feel as though the producers had the host stage or "spice up" the marijuana effects.
Second off, how can you refute the negative effects when your puffin on your cancer stick and pourin back your wine by the glass, HELLLLLLLLLO! I smoked weed for about 15 years at least 6-12 joints a day until one day I woke up and decided to quit, I also enjoy my occasional drink and if i had to pick between one of those I'd pick booze. Whether or not some one does, or doesn't do something is just the effect of themselves and nothing else.
Unless I am drastically mistaken, the government is the only that (in the mid 80s) required big tobacco to disclose all additives, and then determined which ones were actually "safe". YOU make yourself but not taking the action of educating yourself WHILE you're high as f-bombs, at the time you are the MOST open to ideas. I did not like how she totally let's her inhibitions go; not with just weed but alcohol too. So what do the ordinary people think about climate change in relation to what scientists are trying to convey? Major changes in our climate may not as be as visible to us as fluctuations in our everyday weather.
So, if a global median temperature was several degrees lower, or even few degrees higher, what kind of weather change would that suggest?
Modern science can actually determine the carbon levels in the atmosphere over recent centuries, but what can scientists tell us about climate variations in the very distant past? We see snapshots of a debate on TV throughout the documentary but every interview was with man-made climate change believers. They did not ascertain the position of the scientists who published over 66% of the papers.
Cheap they are, when in the aftermath of tornadoes or hurricanes they suggest the victims of these disasters should blame themselves for it by cooking food for their babies, and lighting their homes so grandma doesn't fall and break her hip.
Your political ideologies will affect your work, and you have to put food on the table like anyone else, and are subject to things like greed, avarice, fame seeking, etc.
Our activities may be contributing to climate change but we aren't going to do anything significant to make any difference so let's just get on over populating, destroying habitats and doing what we are good at doing - stuffing up the planet.
While I abhor such silliness I have to admit there are a lot of strange things surrounding his plane crash, including that the only two people on the ground with any technical authority over the locater beacon at the field, both killed themselves within weeks of the accident, in unrelated suicides. The "current situation" sees unprecedented attention and funding being directed toward their life's work, which would otherwise be an obscure and forgotten field. What then is so shocking, surprising and unthinkable about our destroying life and habitability on the planet with our co2 emissions? Finally you use the word "conspiracy theory" seemingly oblivious to the meaning of an ideological movement. Question: If you had to make a prediction, what in your opinion will be the long term fall out, even if we started scaling back our emissions today? People were always been interested in the weird, the strange, the bizarre, the exotic and the unusual.
Fred has been fascinated by reptilian oddities all his life, and he now makes a living by taking his mutant pets on tour to summer county fairs. A better question is, "Why?" I'd say we should thank the natural laws of the universe, they after all did create nature in all its varied forms and continue to sculpt it daily- but that really makes no sense.
His insights form the foundation of the short documentary The Empire's Ship is Sinking, and it's a rarely-heard point of view from inside the heart of the beast. He later served as the National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan, and as Chief of Staff to General Colin Powell during the administration of President George W. According to some reports, over 70% of retired military generals are recruited by the nation’s top weapons manufacturers as spokespeople and advisors. America's foreign policy is, for better or for worse, a direct reflection of the American ideology.
When Colonel Wilkerson says that the only way to start to reverse this statu quo is for a majority to stand up and say 'we're fed up!', I agree but ask myself if a sufficiently large portion of the American society realizes this. The military is run by the dark occult (those who use hidden knowledge for evil purposes) and high level Satanists.
He does not mention the CIA, with it's hands deep into drug smuggling for cash to finace black ops. They have been busy instigating permanant war for profit and steeling all the wealth of the world.
Instead, why don't they put more money and more investments on technology that would save more lives than adding many more dead. We've already given them too much power and it's gotten to the point where they are, as they love to say, "too big to fail" at this point. Now rendered chaotic without the presence of its leader or any established government, Iraq's lack of cohesive identity made them vulnerable to a new and threatening insurgency. If you name your country, I will list their involvement in barbaric and inhuman transgressions over the last century (direct and by proxy). Also, I know that the citizens of your country are taught that blind patriotism is a positive trait, but in reality it serves only to reinforce the 'us vs them' dichotomy that is used to justify the atrocities committed by your government.
Ah well, at least the land of the free isn't blocking all of Al Jazeraa like it was (trying) back in the day when it was the only one broadcasting the burning cities of 'free' Iraq. This is a great country full of freedom loving people of mixed races, ethnic and culture, biodiversity and we are trying to make this dream of freedom and harmony work. USA thinks it doesn't have to answer to anybody, Iraq was better off under Saddam full stop, but the US would rather have a puppet in every camp so they can drop depleted Uranium on innocents then walk away! We know that their humvees and a lot of their weapons were taken from the cowards who ran from them, but before that, there had to be someone funding them in a major way. The host is responsible for choosing the book, hosting the event in her home and supplying food and drink for the evening. Pro-Government propaganda materials are delivered to children in orphanages and schools around the country. It has been proven over and over that Iran exports terrorism through its so called democratic society! You may not reject these passages because if Allah is God he must have preserved them from corruption. I just think if every honest Documentary would be backed up the same way, maybe somethings would not exist anymore on our Planet.
If that country had purchasing power equal to the US, they could probably pressure the US to make changes through shame and economic sanctions, etc. Japanese people don't handle confrontation well, but they think the hipocracy in this situation is astounding. Since the beginning of time when ever something was introduced to the people they took it and wanted more. The film itself was extremely well done and I admire the courage and hard work of all those involved with its making. A mature nation, like a mature individual, listens to feedback when enough people offer criticism.
So lets work together, regardless of culture or nationality, and do whatever we can to stop this. We don't eat dogs and cats like some other countries do so that is not a reliable arguement. This is about the inhumane killing of a species of animal, that truly belongs to all of us. If they want to stop it then it's up to them to do so and if so good for them, but imposing your will causes resentment (which is evident by the reactions to the film) and you make actually do your own cause harm in the process. If it wasn't for the people who interfered, the citizens of Japan would still be in the dark. Dolphins and whales (and the rest of the family) are mammals that breed slowly and singularly like humans.
Which made some pigs steal the collars of others, and carry it in their mouths, to get twice the amount of feed. He answered to his name, liked to be petted, went to the kitchen door at meal time and banged on it if he was ignored, etc. They don't get bored, they don't interact (other then mating, purely for reproduction) and they don't have clear individual personalities.
But she does seem to be very aware of her surroundings, and can be manipulative to get what she wants. The pigs seemed even more intelligent, but it's hard to judge their full potential when they are locked in a cage and made to be pregnant continuously. But we do it humanely, we don't trap them all in a corral and start jabbing them in the back until they bleed to death. And when I mean "they" I mean the government, because clearly only a small portion of Japan even eats dolphin meat. As it stands some really dodgy characters are involved in it's production and the solid form (hash) has been found to contain all sorts of cr^p to bump up the weight.
Sure you can make the process as complicated as you want, but for the average person, why can't they simply have one or two "house plants" that they water every now and then and keep by the window? Cannabis for enlightenment (or just getting high) and natural poisons for weeding out the dummies (or just some kind of natural defense whatever). I watched a documentary on elephants a few years back and one particular herd was found to have gone yearly to a fruit grove. The fact that a percentage of these people get addicted to these substances show that the real danger is inside of people and you can't legislate morality. And second, if anyone did have drugs like, pcp or coke, they def wouldn't waste it by lacing weed they are selling to someone else. Because when you "think" or become more aware of the real things that should matter in life (or what I like to call "loosing the ego"), that goes against society's set of rules for being "normal". Watch the union and pay close attention to the part where a guy with multiple sclerosis smokes. Alot of people seem controled, or owned by the drug, IE all they think about is their next joint and were to get it if they dont have it. If you wanna watch a real truthful unbiased documentary watch the Union: the business behind getting high or How weed won the west!
Don't get me wrong Cannabis is MUCH MUCH safer and If someone that hasn't tried either or asked for my opinion I'd recommend pot, but hey to each his own.
If you believe your government is intentionally trying to poison you without any justifiable reason, you are probably just paranoid and possibly a schizophrenic. I have an anxiety disorder, depression and god knows what the hell else and I still enjoy it fine like the rest of the world. It's only been recent that people have had the nerve to actually speak out positively of their experience with THC.
So how do scientists document and assess global climate tendency, related to local weather changes? Most people knew about the ozone layer depletion but very few seem to know how that issue was settled. And if we had higher atmospheric accumulation of C02 than we have today, what's the consequence for us? If we wipe ourselves out, the planet will return to normal, and die as it is supposed to, when the sun becomes a red giant, and torches us before converting into a white dwarf. The main point I was trying to express is that people need to forget the idea of 'saving the planet', and call it what it really is, saving ourselves. This does not mean I am dismissing our poisoning of the biosphere, only that I have 'intellectual skepticism' regarding our knowledge of solar variation.
If I want to save the planet, and you want to save the planet, and 37 guys at Berkeley and Stanford all want to save the planet, you don't think we all need to hold secret meetings to discuss how we're going to do this do you?
I am of the mindset that re-forestation is our best alternative for reducing CO2 levels, (absorption) beyond technological innovation.
Oh, yes, I was referring to 'population explosion' as opposed to a gradual increase in population. He spent his adult years as a sideshow freak until he was rescued and offered shelter at the Royal London Hospital. But of all the animal anomalies he encountered in his long career one stands hand a shoulders above the rest. Only a few hundred pairs are born each year, more than half are stillborn and may live for only a few days. Thanking an inanimate concept is just as pointless as thanking the great ju-ju up the mountain.
The wealth created by these global skirmishes does not promote a more productive capitalistic society, because none of it falls downward in support of the lower classes. It falls on them to convincingly sell the need for continued conflict to the American people.
From the outside, it is clear that corruption is rife within the American political system.
Just look at the majority of wanna bees in the current presidential campaign; how many of them speak about cuts on the defense budget? I refer anyone who is interested in understanding and knowing this to check out Mark Passio's work that you can find on Youtube. He does not mention how the deep state actually manufactures terrorism now to perpetuate the fear required for full funding. Hard decisions need to be made IF we want to keep breathing, this is where the military comes in. That, empire, over population, proliferation of nuclear weapons, and obliviousness to climate devastation mean the kids are doomed.
Upon his death in a United States air strike, the snake of terrorism grew a new tail and called itself ISIL.
Their debates run throughout the course of the film, and their practical and ideological differences make for fascinating and enlightening viewing. Any of your fellow citizens who have the courage to stand up to the regime, and so face being demonized by both the media and brainwashed bigots, are not doing so because they hate their country, they are standing up for the country that they want the USA to become. Because it is making conflicts in the countries and supporting for violence there by promote them to terrorism and train them, fund them,protect them, do oil business with them,sell military weapons to them finally the US called them terrorist.
KAT get a grip of reality love if there was a god America be the first place to pay for atrocities they are the biggest war monger in the world go check out they equipment isis uses, american tanks and hum v's american made munitions! If they are rightly accusing the US of wrong doing then you would think that the most important population to view the film would be US citizens.
It's time a new generation of people stands up and makes it clear too everybody, explaining people why we need too loose this part of our humanity!
Too busy to actually take the time to learn about our "real" history but not too busy to deny it. These are all the people that were freed from all the prisons in the countries overthrown by the west in the last decade. But, Neaz and his friends know that life is more complex than what the propaganda advocates. I am not saying the United States is perfect by any means going in for war after war for any reason because to me war is immoral!
My country has some terrible foreign policies and we do have some of the worst politicians in the world.
And then, Allah cannot be God because he recommends the Bible when the Bible shows Jesus to be more than the prophet that the Koran claims him to be. Yeah, it kinda sucks knowing that im growing up in a world where the previous generation polluted our planet more than any other. But Japan & China just love to eat everything on this planet, and when they're not eating they're still killing animals because of some Dark Age belief in special powers and bs like that. I have never been so moved in my life (I am 74 years old and have been through a lot of tough experiences). It is 100 times as toxic by weight as potassium cyanide — two milligrams can kill an adult human — and it is not destroyed by cooking. Otherwise, your doing exactly what the sick and twisted system wants you to do, point the finger at someone to blame all the problems on. And if the Japanese did this 200 years ago it would have never affected the lives of my ancestors. There is NO excuse to kill these dolphins for "food" or because they are "pests", which I feel is only an excuse. I truly believe we are destroying this great place, when we should be nurishing the home that gives us so much.
There are not enough of them in the ocean to provide a meat market and still sustain themselves in their own ecosystem. But I do find it a bit hypocritical to get angry about dolphin slaughter "because they're smart", and tolerate the mass-breeding, castration, teeth-clipping, tail-docking and slaughter of pigs in our own countries. Eventually the pig passed away at a ripe old age and the entire family mourned his loss for years.
They also don't care if a member of their species dies, not even if it happens right in front of them. This film has sparked a huge debate, if they had of given the opposite side some airtime in the film I think it would have taken the wind out of there sales. They wouldn't eat the fruit on the trees preferring instead the mushy remains on the ground. Theres a guy who lives up my street who smokes it all the time, hes turning into a rite looney tunes. It just makes me sad that stuff like this is out there simply because it misinforms people who are trying to find out about pot and its effects. Notables like Carl Sagan and Pierre Burton managed to keep their little secret from us, I believe they would have had some valuable insights to share . Climate change is an even bigger scientific adventure and given the intricate nature of it we need to probably relearn the fundamentals of the science behind it. There is a ton of scientists out there who have not yet agreed with those on the political side of climate science. What saddens me the most is the destruction of other life forms that we will be taking with us as we travel down the of extinct to join the 99 percent of life that ever existed on earth has done before us.
Our plant-based agriculture is a gross co2 emitter after you factor all the fossil applications involved. They'll skew the facts any way they see fit to advance their agenda and if they're wrong about climate change they're okay with that because they feel they're still working within the save the planet ideology. I am still convinced that there is a direct correlation between energy production, and the dramatic increase in human population.
Now researchers are uncovering how mutations actually work and that may help us find cures for life threatening diseases. Some creatures were fake products of an entrepreneur's imagination, but others brought us face to face with real mutations. Deep within every cell, our chromosomes hold the instructions for life and the genes are held on long and delicate strands of DNA.
So here we are, all this beauty and complexity and no one to thank for it really- could that tell us something about human nature? He possesses intimate knowledge of the inner workings of war, and has witnessed first-hand how the propulsion of endless conflict continues to line the pockets of the very wealthy and decimate the existence of the lower classes worldwide. In some cases, as Colonel Wilkerson points out, foreign policy is based more on business considerations than humanitarian ones. The "few people in power who have hijacked political positions for financial gain and act as an American" are, in fact, American citizens, and they represent the interests of the country as a whole.
Half or more of the "terror" events in western countries over the last two decades appear to be inside jobs, specifically engineered to perpetuate the war economies in each country.
They - coupled with the alphabet agencies, will devise plans to take over certain countries and in doing so reduce the population a little, however this isn't near enough to meet the output of human copulation. It is your kind of ignorant, flag-waving, intolerance that keeps the US stagnating in a mire of medieval values and, frankly, it is stinking up the rest of the world. FreePress and freedom of speech is a dillusion you don't have any such things plenty of documentaries showing the US funding training and support of Terrorists are unplayable on us vpn's . The site encourages comments and has created an open forum for discussing each film with other passionate viewers. The Afghan authorities claim that 48 kids were taken into custody last year for planning attacks. Just half an ounce of the fish liver, known as fugu kimo in Japan and eaten by daring connoisseurs, can be lethal.
Then they claim to "LOVE" dolphins and have overstated it all over thier town because they don't want thier citizens knowing what really happens.
No one told anyone what they could or couldn't eat, all they did was let it be known that dolphin meat contains mercury. It really is sad that the world was taught to eat meat and ignore how they get it on thier plates in the first place. Even Fish, who produce thousands of offspring during any one breeding season, populations are depleting - and it is not because of the predators in the ocean that are eating them all, it is due to OVER FISHING plain and simple. That being said, the cultural silence is most definitely a major part of the mass ignorance.
I agree with wolf in that probably no animal (even insects) is "more" or "less" intelligent and that each one has the intelligence it needs to survive as a species. But they don't really need any higher level of intelligence, because they can function very well without it. Here in Canada we gave parliamentary seats to Quebec separatists on the theory that if we try and oppress them that it will actually only make them stronger. I do understand that this fisherman needs money to live, but then the way they kill this creatures are horrible! People are going to do what they want and right now a lot of people want to have access to cannabis. Anyone that has ever put a hole in their lung with a broken rib can tell you that it heals. But the biggest trick the drug plays on you is making you think you are on key, sharp and productive.
I often get the impression aswell people who smoke weed, seem to be ultra defensive on the subject like its the best thing since sliced bread, yeh tellin me that with your devilish red eyes and horrible stench, and artificial state of mind. 10 minutes timing to hit her with tobacco seems a bit off since when I smoke with tobacco or rather Newfie style it hits me in about 2 minutes. Imagine the howls that historians will have with our societies conundrum with the weed enigma. Aren't we going to bump into each other in instituitions, and online forums, and slap each other on the tookus agreeing with each other and squashing dissent? Perhaps our unwillingness to get off fossil fuels will prove this correct when it becomes far more difficult to acquire, and our number drop accordingly.
As we understand more about mutation we may discover more secrets of the history and future of life on this planet.
That our sense of justice says we should thank someone for anything we find pleasurable, valuable, pleasing, etc. Clearly, someone like you is not part of this, and if you had your say I'm sure things would be different, but it is important that you see the full picture of what is happening in your country. Because like it or not an important portion of the constituency has been led to think for decades that, as long as the US remains strong as the world's PD, it'll be a safe place to live. They have been slowly buying out any non Jesuit Corporations and banks and have taken complete control over the White House and it's staff and the U.S.
Apparently they aren't hoping to effect any change with their film, but perhaps just hoping to get other countries to side with them against the US? I can write thousands of things too give this idea strenght, but I wont since ive haven't go all day (from pedofile priests too jihadi terrorists, too landstealing jewish settlers)! For our book club, we tossed around watching either The Cove, Food Inc, Tapped or The World According to Monsanto. I agree with you on many of the issues but I also think that Iran exports terrorism with some of their agents.Lets face it the world is run by rich bankers and corporations and many innocent people die because of money! Behind a vegetarian is nice but it won't even get close to fixing the problem of animal slaughter, not even in 100 years, sad but true. When ingested, the toxin paralyzes nerves and muscles, which leads to respiratory failure and, in some cases each year, death.
If the air tomorrow is too polluted to breath, both American, Japanese, and every other race will die. We, apparently, are beginning to become less and less intelligent what with wars, destruction of resources and what have you.
Their is a level of toleration recongized by everyone in our society, from citizans to authority figures.
So America needs to stop spending money trying to enforce prohibition and instead needs to make some money off it. The Physicians that where paid off in this documentarys should be triped and thrown head first down a flight off stairs. Sure people have freedom of choice, and we also have freedom of opinion, im sure all the weed smokers will read this and say haha what an idiot.
A really good documentary on marijuana is The Union: the business behind getting high- there is a huge amount of information.
We will seem ridiculous that laws sanctioned all the really bad drugs like tobacco, alcohol, prescription pills and a harmless plant was demonized. For me, this is always the underlying problem, and I am far from convinced that it can even be corrected, given the history of human nature. Unfortunately your good intentions do not extend past the sphere of your own influence, and the ones who have the most influence are the ones who are creating a country of corruption and genocide. Once the population rises to over 8 billion there will be food shortages, water shortages and so on - so, something HAS to be done! I believe that ISIS is not being led by God but it is really in the grips of the antithesis of God.
My saying is in the next war politicians kids fight first then we will never have another war!
The idea of 'will and investment on a global scale' looks good on paper, but it is a long road between theory, and application.
If anyone doubts this, how long do they think it would take for us to feel the effects if the sun just suddenly winked out? It appears that when their is no one to really blame or thank we create agency, intention, even consciousness to fill this role. Please do not take this as an attack - the point I am making is that the documentary is a lot more objective than you might want to believe. The Jesuits created the CIA to be the new Intel of Rome in modern era and used them to take over America's National Intelligence system in 1940's with very little resistance.
We have welcomed Muslims and they live peacefully within our country unless they plan on doing violence to our citizens….we can't live with terrorism. As an atheist, you learn there is no 1 version that explains all, there is no 1 trued, there is no 1 holy word, there is nothing that preaches hate! This guy, Ric, feels a certain responsibiliy for showing the public how entertaining dolphins are.
But i stand by my original statement cause although i shouldnt be greedy; greed will keep ur brain moving faster than marijuana can slow it down. So basically my point is don't judge something because of what the media or hearsay tells you (Do you know what the tobacco companies used to say about smoking).. These things are happening and it is important that good-natured people like yourself see the truth and accept it.
Of course not, and why, because there is always a leftist out there who thinks that there is another way to live.
Believe me, all of us would rather have our people at home not risking their lives around the world to try to protect people from terrorism. It's actually the only time the people have true power, simply because it's concerning money, profit to the Corps. He just wants to fix what he feels he did wrong and do what he can for the dolphins by educating the people of Japan. I do realize that if I decide not to eat meat anymore and do the same with my children, it really isn't going to make a huge impact. Those people are so dumb that they don't understand that if they keep on doing this, eventually, there's nothing left. WAKE UP- These drugs slow you down, take you off guard, de-masculine men, make women loose.
If fear of lung disease is your issue then quit whining and eat the stuff in a delicious brownie . They created this New World Disorder which we now live in, to further their thieving plans with no concience of the millions of humans that they have massacre for their great profit.
Unfortunately our world is starting to show the pangs of over-population, she is killing dolphins, birds and whales in order to keep the balance, but people won't stop f&cking!!
Who is killing innocent women , children , wiping out a civilisation 7000 years old in Yemen ?
Where people no matter what they think , always respect eachother and will never turn too vilolence, even tho they disagree!
I have a strange feeling that most of the meat they have for sale gets thrown out, because most people don't want to eat mercury laden dolphin meat.
As far as I can tell, he hasn't done anything to the people of Japan to cause them or thier country any harm, excluding the people who are making money from the slaughter of the dolphins. If they had ganja legal yes they would regulate it but still they wouldnt make as much money and they have the problem that MARIJUANA IS NOT A DRUG, its a life saver. This interviewer unfortunately seems to be so convinced that the believers are correct that he wouldn't dare interview anyone with a contrary view. They invest in both sides of every war and squirmish and they are the only ones who really reap the spoils of wars.
Once the pop reaches 8.5billion it will start to increase almost exponentially and you know what that means!?
Are not the killers , heathenistic Saudis who are wiping out Yemen only at your country's behest ?
If we reach a planet wide idea that its religion together with inequality that is causing all our modern problems, we might overcome the problems we have ahead! So what needs to be done i think, for now, is to go all in the same direction and demand to stop the way these animals are being killed. If you were born in India and raised as a Hindu and saw cows as sacred, you too would bathe in cow piss.
Sooner or later a decision is going to have to be made to 'cull the herd' and I believe it will be biological, as much as I hate to bang on about the greed of men and so on, the REAL problem is still staring us right in the face but the only problem is - who has the b&lls to make the decision required in order to save both the earth and it's inhabitants?
All of the mistakes made by the US are nothing compared to the mass violence done to us, our allies and all the innocent people murdered.
The way the killing is done is the problem, the life these animals live before getting kill is the problem, the horrible feeling of petrification right before they get killed is the problem. They are surely going to deplete our oceans of the most intelligent species and our great grandchildren may never know what a dolphin is except from text books and water parks. New solution slows down production, no problem, double, triple the price of meat, the Corps will make the same if not more money. Why can't the Japanese breed thier own dolphins from the stock they already have, for entertaining them? They want you to have these angry liberal views, keep smoking, keeping believing your free.
They hold in their Vatican Bank that controls all other banks of the world all the wealth and treasures they have stolen this way for miliniums and they aren't going to stop anytime soon. Let it be a luxury, taxes the F**k out of it, like cigarettes, there's a lot less smokers in the US & Canada nowadays.
Why don't they have fish farms for feeding the country instead of just relying on the ocean (since they are blaming the dolphin for eating all the fish)? Their plan is to collect all the wealth of the world and kill 6 billion human inhabitants so they will not have to share it with anyone else.
I think some of the posters need to watch the documentary again because they just didn't get the point.

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