Though the genre documentary evolved in the silent era of the movies but its was not popular until the 00s decade.
It was because when the century turned people become more aware or say about the increasing pollution, global warming and green environment. Here is a List of 100 Most popular documentary films ranging from the old documentary movies to the latest and most recent documentary movies. A NoteI am an aspiring Screenplay writer who mainly works on fantasy, adventure, history and comedy genre. It was because in the early days of documentary they were made on film stock, that was not a popular method.

This resulted in a huge fan base of documentary movies and film makers made documentary movies on other topics as well that were well received. Do you like Docufiction (Fictional documentary) or mockumentary or knowledge increasing documentaries? However from past 20 years Documentary have made there own place in the film industry and they are being awarded and praised by critics and fans alike.
The idea of documentary was to catch real actions of real people on camera thus making it much more realistic than the non fictional films. Infact some of the highest rated films on several popular sites such as IMDB and Rotten tomatoes are Documentary films.

In most of the documentary movies the characters are played by the actual people who are being documented.

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