When supplies in space run out before the earth is safe, an expedition of 100 child-criminals are sent to the earth on a lark to see if it's survivable down there.
It's hard to describe, but the absurd things that happen in Z Nation somehow remind me of genre games like fallout and left for dead.Oh, and when you kill someone on Z Nation to keep them from becoming a zombie, you say "I grant you mercy".
While other shows have hand-wringing moral dilemmas about killing the doomed, Z Nation takes it for granted. This is a really good show, and were it not for petty personal issues I have with the resolution, it would probably have won the #2 spot.Continuum has great acting, great writing, and even better graphics.

Stick with it, though, because it eventually becomes the "mankind fights to survive" post apocalyptic goodness that you crave. Check and check.But Fringe gets the Deus Ex Machina award for Peter's story late in the series. Revolution picks up about fifteen years after the lights went out.This series had a lot going for it, but it still didn't do great in the ratings department. Let me be frank with you; the second season is really great - but it's the only one worth watching.

Then you can come on here and comment on whether or not it enhanced your viewing experience. The premise is Peter Pan meets Under the Dome.It's kind of like Jeremiah - but actually watchable.

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