Have no fear, in an emergency if your oven doesn’t work you can still use your CAR AS AN OVEN!
Every year emergencies take their toll on businesses and industry, both in lives and dollars.
The Comprehensive Risk Mitigation and Disaster Recovery Plan is a tool prepared by NMDC, AVCOG, KVCOG, and EMDC to guide businesses on how to create and maintain a comprehensive program. In an emergency situation, it is important to have a process in place for preparing, mitigating, responding, and recovery from a natural or man-made hazard event. Important functions in managing emergencies include planning (although critical, it is not the only component). Help businesses fulfill their moral responsibility to protect employees and the community. Enhance a company’s ability to recover from financial losses, regulatory fines, and damage to equipment or products, or business interruption. Improve a company’s image and credibility with employees, customers, suppliers, and the community. Consider what could happen as a result of loss of power, water damage, building collapse, etc. A fill-in-the-blank template to assist in assessing and recovering from damage, minimizing economic impacts of disruption, and providing for rapid restoration of service.

A fill-in-the-blank template for creating your own business continuity plan listing critical operations, personnel and their contact information, suppliers and contractors, as well as records back-up, security and shelter. Charts by County showing frequency and damage from natural hazard events over the last sixty years. This documentary is a historical tribute to Nixon's life and to his involvement in making the Bus Boycott a reality. Note that a more comprehensive organizational chart may be required for larger or full-scale exercises. Furthermore, Logistics may be expanded to include transportation, public works, health (ie. One of the key elements in disaster preparedness is the selection, storage and maintenance of essential supplies. Our experienced staff will survey your facility and customize a logistics and equipment plan to meet your organization's needs. You’ll spend the same amount of money weather or not you wait until you run out or if you fill up at every half mark. Training, conducting drills, testing, and coordinating with the community are also important functions. To give back, they wanted to share their success and resources with those who had helped them in their journey, with others less fortunate than themselves, and future generations.

Though it presents some of the basic functions of an exercise planning team, it can be modified to suit the needs of your particular exercise, its objectives and degree of complexity, and your available resources. For example, in addition to the involvement of police, fire, and EMS are part of Operations during an exercise, it may be of interest to you to involve other entities, such as public works and hospitals.
If he ever had to go somewhere in an Emergency and there was no gas, he would probably get as far as 10 miles. Businesses and industries can limit injuries and damages and return more quickly to normal operations if they plan ahead. It is this generosity and willingness to share of themselves and their resources that is their greatest legacy.
For further support to the Planning team, exercise documentation and evaluation may be joined by a simulation team, particularly in larger exercises. We hope you have fun while filling it out and putting your car kit together with your families.

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