When youa€™re traveling to a place where the local hospital is the backroom of someonea€™s house, and the local ambulance is the bed of pickup truck, ita€™d be wise to carry the Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel First Aid Kit. Preparing a travel first aid kit for your summer holidays may well seem rather strange and perhaps a pessimistic view. So being forewarned, is being forearmed, and lets hope you return home without the need to open your travel first aid kit! There are also those medicines that you may need to function every day, whether these are prescription or herbal. For many, we seek warmer climes for our vacationing periods, and despite all warnings about the sun, we don't always adhere to them.
For many years I myself would seek the coolest darkest place on our holiday's as I only had to look at the sun to get burnt. Initial Self Treatments - I have found a flannel (or small towel) soaked in cold water has worked wonders for me, extracting the heat from the skin.
Further treatments - once you have applied the cold water, and pat dried, if necessary (Do not rub - it WILL hurt) then you can seek to apply any after-sun preparations that you may have.
Sunburn is one element that you may not be able to wholly prevent (ever been sunburnt on a cloudy day!), but you can at least forearm yourself for the situation. The most effective way is to research your holiday destination, check out the heat on expected for the time of year for travelling. Here are a selection of products available to you through Amazon, including my highly recommended Banana Boat Aloe Vera gel, I will not use any other after sun!

Armed with your sun protection, don't forget your sun hat, sun glasses, and of course that you use the sun protection you should be set to have a whale of a time. Remember these aren't just fashion accessories, their use can mean the difference between a fun holiday and one that is filled with pain; not really what you want on vacation eh? Inspiring Easter Egg Hunts Feb 29, 16 02:37 AMGet inspired for your Easter Egg Hunts this year - lets make them the coolest ones that everyone will talk about! Creative Valentine Ideas Feb 15, 16 08:38 AMWith creative valentine ideas you can make this day the most special of all times. All information provided in this site is given in good faith, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. This is the technical data for the St John Ambulance BS 8599-1 Compliant Travel First Aid Kits. Obviously i have not used it yet and hope i never will but it should fit nicely in my caravan in case of emergancy. Adventurer is a well-equipped First Aid Kit that will give you the basics to deal with most common injuries.
Vaccination UK Limited is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and are designated Yellow fever centres. This comprehensive medical kit features plenty of wound dressings, essential tools, and medications for pain and stomach ailments.
Each Voyager Travel Case features a side mesh pocket, a side grab handle, and interior straps for when you need some additional hanging support.

Every comfort travel set is a great companion for those who travel as they work or work as they travel. It contains the first aid essentials to help treat common travel injuries such as blisters and to provide relief to skin affected by insects. On the inside is a large mesh pocket and a waterproof zippered pocket for additional storage. The set comes with a wrap case, inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, ear plugs, and travel alarm clock with snooze feature and batteries included. Leave it a blank item or put the finishing touch on it with a company logo or other decoration. The winner will be selected at random from all the entries received and notified within 3 days of the closing date via their email address or twitter handle. This year I am holidaying at home, and really looking forward to daytrips and acting like a tourist visitng places I haven’t been to for years. The last time I was there I caught a severe bug (malaria-like symptoms) likely to stem from a mosquito bug.

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