The Canadian tulip festival, now encompassing an 10-day celebration each May, was established in 1953 to preserve the heritage of Canada’s role in liberating the Dutch during the Second World War. At the other side of the world and in a different time of the year the Tesselaar Tulip Festival is located within 60 minutes of Melbourne in the town Silvan. The Tesselaar Tulip Festival is a unique annual event the whole family can enjoy, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of over one million spring flowers in bloom. Tulip festival in India is south Asia’s largest Tulip festival that has been named after the Indian prime minister of India, the late Indira Gandhi. Tulips in Holland gives you information about the spring flowers and flower fields in the Netherlands. Or sign up for our weekly newsletter to get the blooming status and helpful tips for your visit directly into your mailbox (a day earlier than on the website!). If you have any questions – write them below in the comments or find us on social media. It started out small; the idea of a Tulip Time Festival was introduced in 1927 at a Holland, Michigan Women's Literary Club meeting when a club member suggested that the community adopt the tulip as its flower because of the community's close ties to the Netherlands.
There are over 3000 different registered varieties of cultivated tulips and all are a beautiful sign of spring. A small boat with tulip flowers in the foreground – Keukenhof, Lisse, The Netherlands. Keukenhof has been the world’s largest flower garden for over 50 years with about 7 million bulbs planted annually. It may look like a scene from Holland, but this tulip festival was in Sakura City in Japan. Nearly 4.5 million tulips are planted in city parks, at public attractions and along the streets.
The symbolic tulip – Ottawa’s official flower – was given as a gift in perpetuity to the Canadian people for having provided safe harbor to the Dutch Royal Family during the German Occupation of the Netherlands.

Tulip festival takes place during the months of March and April and is the prettiest festival that takes place in Kashmir at the Siraj Bagh Chesmahsahi in the capital city of Srinagar. It resembles a beautiful carpet that has hundreds of colors and provides a heavenly view to the thousands of visitors, national and international.
If you are interested to see what the current blooming status is have a look here for the weekly flower updates. So as a traveler to Italy you might be astonished to hear that there is also a big tulip festival in the country many people know mainly for its excellent wine, pasta, pizza and other typical Italian foods.
Holland, Michigan has one of the largest Dutch community's outside the Netherlands and the idea for a springtime festival soon took off. Tulip festivals honor the Dutch and are huge tourist attractions, but the festivals are held all over the world, including the USA. Most people think of tulips originated in the Netherlands, but the flower was first cultivated commercially 500 years ago in the Ottoman Empire. Tiptoe Through the Tulips “was also featured in the 2011 horror film Insidious a number of times throughout, and in the thriller film Wrecked as a radiotune.
Other tulip color meanings are: White tulips are supposed to represent purity, innocence, forgiveness and respect.
According to Wikipedia, “Variegated varieties admired during the Dutch tulipomania gained their delicately feathered patterns from an infection with the tulip breaking virus.
Colourful tulips looks great in garden, spring is the best season for tulip cultivation in garden.
The tulip remains a valuable symbol of friendship and of spring, with special meaning to the people of Canada and its National Capital Region. Castiglione del Lago, Pg (Province of Perugia) is a picturesque little town, situated on a peninsula in the Trasimeno Lake, the "Umbrian Sea".

During the 1600s, tulips were so wildly popular in Holland that social status was measured by exotic tulips.
At one point during the height of Europe’s tulip mania, a single Viceroy tulip bulb was purchased for two lasts of wheat, four lasts of rye, four fat oxen, eight fat swine, 12 fat sheep, two hogsheads of wine, four casks of beer, two tons of butter, a complete bed, a suit of clothes and a silver drinking cup! Generally tulips have one flower per stem, yet there are a few species that have up to 4 flowers on a single stem.
While the virus produces fantastically colorful flowers, it also causes weakened plants prone to decline. This blooming festival is a real treat to the eyes as the garden is spread over 5 hectares of land at the foothills of Zabarmwan near the Dal Lake.
The view is simply magnificent and has countless delicate beauties lined in rows to dance with the wind in front of the tourists. More information about in Srinagar Tulip Festival in India see the website. Vernon Dursley was humming the song while he boarded up small cracks around the front and back doors of his house so he could stop letters from Hogwarts reaching his nephew. Princess Margriet of the Netherlands was born at Ottawa Civic Hospital in 1943, and the Canadian government declared the land to be extraterritorial. During WWII and the Dutch famine of 1944, people survived by eating tulips and sugar beets.

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