Switch with confidence - it's free and easy We compare prices of the UK's leading business energy suppliers - you save money!
As a totally independent company we act in YOUR best interests, NOT the suppliers'.By comparing business gas and electricity prices from the entire business energy market, we will establish which suppliers are prepared to offer you the best prices. Ofgem confirms household energy suppliers must give customers at least 30 days notification of price increases.
New rule also means that consumers must have 30 days advance notice of any change in their contract which leaves them significantly worse off.
Advance notification of price increases builds on Ofgem’s proposed reforms which aim to sweep away complexity in energy pricing.

The news comes two months after the UK utility announced a 7% rise in domestic energy bills, which it blamed on rising wholesale prices. British Gas said it had increased its number of customers by 267,000 during the year to 16 million. Technology development of a wave energy converter to convert deep ocean wave energy into electricity. Olivier is an experienced global automotive executive with special expertise in Zero Emission Strategy, and Upstream Vehicle Programs.
Since 2009 he is based in Paris and is in charge of Nissan’s Zero Emission Strategy in Europe, and since 2014 he is project manager for the EU-funded TeN-T project “Rapid Charging Network” which will deploy up to 70 EV quick chargers across key corridors in the UK.

Olivier holds a Master of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Kansas (1985) and a BA in Business, Administration and Finance from the Clermont Business School in France (1984). He studied, and started his career in the USA, before moving back to Europe in 1990.For the past 14 years he has held key management positions with Nissan in Europe.
More recently he has been admitted as a member of the newly created EU Sustainable Transport Forum.

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