Bonnaroo (and festivals in general) can be a little overwhelming to everyone, whether you’re a first-timer or a concert vet. Put up a balloon, a flag, or something else that will make your tent easy to spot for you and your friends. In conclusion: prepare yourself, know your limits, and get ready for a weekend you will never forget!
Matt has been involved in marketing and event management for the better part of the last decade, planning concerts and comedy shows of national and local scale, tour managing various brands on national tours, coordinating VIP experiential marketing, and developing marketing plans for entertainment and technology companies. Nationwide Event Production CompanyEndless Entertainment are the nationwide, event production Einsteins. In 2012 Carl Beech, Andy Kind, and I got together in a room in Chesterfield to talk about how we could help with the tough questions that are asked both of ourselves and of our faith. Over the first three years we employed different tactics and approaches, and having distilled all our thinking, writing, and speaking we came up with three areas of questions tackle in the book: Scientific and Logical Objections, Personal and Emotional Objections, and Biblical Objections.
Because man is not a purely rational being, many objections to faith will take a more personal tone. This one is a biggy, so we added an extended section at the end of the book dedicating more time to unpacking this particular challenge and explore some of the hopeful replies that Jesus offers in response. Jonathan Sherwin is an apologist, chaplain, and communications consultant based in Oxford, England.
The Good Book Company is a fantastic resource for books, bible studies, group material and more.
From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom. The perfect guide for preparing scouts, explorers, and budding survival experts for any eventuality while adventuring in the great outdoorsFull of inspiring true life survival stories, this helpful guide teaches top tips for surviving out in the wilderness—or even in the backyard.
Mike Flynn is a trekker and climber with firsthand knowledge of the techniques explained in this book.
An insightful look at how to protect, save, and grow wealth in difficult economic timesHaving an effective financial and personal plan for the future is now more crucial than ever.
With no end to the global debt crisis in sight and the American economy sinking into depression, traditional advice on money could lead millions of innocent victims down the road of deepening losses. Here we have compiled the ultimate Bonnaroo survival guide, going over what to bring, how to bring it, and how to make the best out of your Bonnaroo experience. The festival staff will check your car and confiscate the glass containers with their contents (and let’s be real, no one wants all their liquor to be taken before the festival starts!). This will help keep your food and drinks cool throughout the festival instead of having a cooler full of warm, melted ice by Friday. Your body will likely be dealing with sleep deprivation, heat exhaustion, and alcohol consumption throughout the weekend. Wandering around at night, lost, among thousands of tents and not knowing how to get back to your temporary “home” is a scary situation that you don’t want to be in.

Throwing your sleeping bag directly on the ground may work for some people, but for those of us who don’t go camping often or like a more comfortable place to sleep, an inflatable mattress or mattress pad will help you get a good night’s sleep, which is all too necessary at Bonnaroo. Sure, you’ll be out a lot watching a ton of bands, but everyone needs some downtime at your campsite. It’s an easy thing to forget, but it won’t be so easy to forgive when your tent is flying across the festival grounds at 4am.
Being able to wash your hand before eating or being able to do a quick cleanup of yourself can work wonders when at a festival. In general, it’s not a good idea to bring anything to Bonnaroo that you’re not comfortable with losing (other than car keys and money). When he's not writing blogs and event managing at Endless, you'll find Matt playing hockey, attending concerts, going on weekend trips, drinking IPAs, working on graphic design projects, and having a good time with his friends. A graduate of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, Jonathan lives and works in Oxford. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Taking inspiration from the experts, it covers a multitude of survival techniques both historical and cultural, from how the SAS approach survival during wartime to how the Bedouin survive with barely any water in the intense desert heat. And with the bestselling The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide now in paperback, you'll quickly learn how to create such a plan. Weiss, PhD, is President of Weiss Research, Inc., and Editor of the Safe Money Report, known for warning investors of this crisis well ahead of time. But with this timely book, Martin Weiss will guide you to the truly safe havens and show you how to turn this crisis into a unique wealth-building opportunity.As Editor of the Safe Money Report and author of Crash Profits, Martin Weiss specifically warned of this crisis well before it began.
With a solid grasp of macroeconomics and investing at his disposal, he shows how various financial instruments respond to a recession or a depression and how to take advantage of trends and minimize risk. If you don’t want to go the dry ice route, you can always buy a couple of jugs of water and freeze them before heading to Bonnaroo.
Make sure to keep your body nourished so that you can enjoy the festival without getting sick or passing out. Solar showers make it easy to have a quick, free, makeshift shower near your site without waiting in shower lines. The sun will be out in full force, and if you don’t have sunscreen with you, you’ll be in for a long weekend.
As much as you’ll be out and about, everyone has to sleep at some point, and it’s so much easier when you can separate yourself from the insanity surrounding you.
People go to music festivals for a bunch of different reasons, and Bonnaroo is no exception. However each culture will frame questions in a particular way and with a particular emphasis.
So switch off that computer game, step outside, and use this invaluable guide to learn how to plot a map, make a weatherproof shelter, navigate using the stars, leave tracking signals for others to follow, bake high-energy survival snacks, and more!

This comprehensive guide was especially designed to help people map out a practical financial plan in this unpredictable economic environment, so that they can stop worrying about their money and just enjoy life.Step by step, Martin Weiss-America's Consumer Advocate for Financial Safety-introduces, explains, and helps solve many of the new challenges and risks that face millions of Americans.
Oliver Wyman's vocal clarity and upbeat reading make the author's accessible writing even more understandable and fascinating.
This should be self explanatory, but the last thing you want to run out of in the summer Tennessee heat is water.
That’ll help keep items pretty cold in your ice chest for a while and will give you cold drinking water once it melts!
Some people go for the music, some people go for the friends, some people go for the art, some people go for the atmosphere, some people go for the drugs (regardless of your stance, it WILL happen).
The challenge that Carl, Andy, and I faced was how to answer the questions being asked from men in the UK.
He has a column in Sky magazine and has contributed to the Evening Standard and New York Times. Throughout the book, Weiss provides you with sound strategies for coping with the credit crunch, housing bust, and decline of the U.S. His broad range of pitch gives the performance a boyish quality that works surprisingly well with this type of advice.
Not this narrows the scope of book to too fine a spectrum, the book is still broader than something aimed at bird watching enthusiasts from Hull, for example. But if the Bible can sustain its claims of divine inspiration & authority then Jesus is real, what happened 2,000 years ago really took place, and we have some thinking to do! And now, with The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide, Weiss combines the past analysis of his father with his own contemporary insights to help you protect your money, improve your income, and build wealth in the worst of times.Step by step, Weiss outlines effective strategies that will help you to sidestep the continuing dangers in stocks, cut your losses in real estate, escape a banking crisis, build a substantial cash nest egg, and put that cash away in the safest possible place.
It's a shame he is not around to see the result of the unrestrained credit expansion that he so consistently warned against.
Everyone is there for a reason, and all of these different motives come together to form an incredibly fun and unique community for 4 days.
If you feel you're stuck with sinking real estate or falling stocks, he offers you a solution that will help you sleep at night despite continuing market declines.
Plus, he shows you how to recognize the ultimate bottom in real estate and stocks, giving you the opportunity to buy choice assets at bargain prices.
The valuable insight in this book is vital information for all investors looking for safe harbor in a very choppy ocean."—KEVIN KERR, Editor, Global Commodities Alert"This is Weiss's best book ever and so appropriate for the tough times!

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