The Final Stand is a relentless multiplayer experience in which competitors must fight to be the last survivor standing in an unpredictable, dynamic wilderness. We are currently for additional team members who are willing to work for post-launch compensation, since we'll sell our game on Steam and many other DRM-Free stores. Go to my channel and get it!i»?Pod Bux: Guys thank you for downloading my project and I hope you are creating great games with it!
Players will have to act on their instincts and react quickly to unforeseeable circumstances to gain the advantage against their opponents in a gritty fight to the death. You should usually give advanced notification if you'll have a temporary leave for something so we know how to deal with it.

We're still looking for positions above, really looking forward to hearing from one of you. We offer a professional environment where each of us may continue to gain experience, develop our skills, and express our creativity. If you're looking forward to working on an exciting project and learn a lot, please come along! We've already been greenlit and are already pushing the game to Steam this month or next month. Just tell us a little about yourself, summarize your qualifications, and mention what about this project interests you.

We would like all applicants to submit a small portfolio of recent work, demonstrating their skillset. We usually reach back within a few hours of sending that email, so don't be afraid to apply!

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