Other than the colorful orange packaging, there was nothing external to differentiate this product from its competitors.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We offer Mainstay Emergency Water Packets in quantities of 6 packets, 20 packets or a case of 60 packets. Mainstay Emergency Water Rations are USCG approved, easy to transport and come in pre-measured emergency water packets making the water easy to dispense. In 1990, Survivor Industries researched and developed a new food product that can now be found world wide and is considered one of the most complete emergency food of its kind produced today (Mainstay Emergency Food Rations). Survivor Industries is also the producer of another unique product in which they package drinking water (Mainstay Emergency Water Rations) in convenient, pre-measured metallic sachets. The Mainstay Food, along with the Mainstay Water, are highly tolerable to temperature extremes and both have a five year shelf life approved by the United States Coast Guard.

In freezing temps, can these water packets be subjected to flames or heat to melt the frozen product without damaging the container?
They’re all heavy rectangular packages, making me think of foil-wrapped mud bricks for some reason.
For bug out bags and locations, for vehicle emergency kits, and for home food storage—this product passed my taste test.
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The final result is a Mainstay Emergency Water Packet which has a five year shelf life, needs no special storage, all at a very low cost. Each Mainstay Emergency Water Packet contains 4.224 ounces (125 ml) of life saving water rations. Would it be a good ration for an emergency, and would I still eat it if there wasn’t an emergency?

Normally, that’s a warning when your food hisses at you, but in this case, I was glad. There was just a moment where a slight doughy taste emerged, but then the apple cinnamon flavor rolled in like the cavalry coming to save the day. Sure, it was a little dry and crumbly, as these rations always are, but it quelled my hunger and is the best tasting one I’ve eaten to date.

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