By Sarah Camp, on December 5th, 2012Walkabout is the ultimate backpacking adventure, allowing for deep wilderness immersion. Walkabout is intended to provide an extended and immersive wilderness experience with opportunities for personal growth and reflection. The extended duration of this program affords many opportunities that cannot be accommodated during one of our ordinary Trail Programs. We would be happy to communicate with any prospective campers or parents about any questions, concerns, or feedback they might have.
Hi Folks, We are glad to announce this amazing course in Primitive Living Skills, Wilderness Self-Reliance and outdoor Survival, taking place in southern Utah. Walkabout campers will spend nearly their entire time at Camp Unalayee backpacking on the trail; of the 31 days 5 or less will be spent in Base Camp.
As such, it is available to campers 12–17 and is recommended for those with previous backpacking experience and who are in good physical condition.
It will allow us to explore areas that are too far from the CampU basin to get to in a single session, and allow us to see them in greater detail. As well it will allow us to schedule a lot more into the program.

While Unalayee sometimes visits the Marble Wilderness during it’s Trail Programs, there is rarely enough time to see more than the southwestern corner, and little time to explore. Interested participants will also have the opportunity to learn or reinforce many of the skills ordinarily covered by our CIT training, including map reading, navigation, trail leading, firebuilding, shelter building, and leadership skills under the guidance of experienced staff.
Previous enjoyment of a trail tribe program is a good indicator that a prospective participant would enjoy the Walkabout program. Walkabout will the have opportunity to go places that Unalayee has not visited since the Walkabout program of 2003. During this time he has led multiple Trail Programs, led the Counselor in Training Program, served as Program Director, and most importantly, led two Walkabouts. We will be foraging, trapping and hunting our food with the tools the land offers us, and expanding our awareness of the natural world as well as the Wild Within.
Although the focus is more on exploration than miles, with most days being of mild or moderate difficulty, the itinerary may include longer days and some challenging off trail terrain. The Marble Mountain Wilderness is gorgeously lush and features dozens of beautiful alpine lakes.

The Marble Valley area in particular has unique geological features including Marble Mountain, which we plan to summit, and an extensive cave system, some of which we will be able to explore. By treating the earth like our home, we can become more comfortable and let go of the conquering notions that the term a€?survivala€? sometimes has associated with it.
At 20 he was doing search and rescue as a tracker in Sequoia while running and learning to travel the backcountry with no food or gear. At 23, he ran the length of California on the Pacific Crest Trail (1750 miles) in 58 days, a record at the time.
We welcome all participants who seek a wilderness excursion, are able to hike 5-10 miles in a day, and areA  aiming to increase their knowledge of traditional earth living skills and wilderness survival.

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