Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile. The outage was caused by equipment failure at a substation feeding into a Southern Maryland power plant, according to utility providers and US homeland security officials. According to Joe Slater, President and CEO of Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, which operates the powerplant in Charles County, Maryland, a Potomac Electric Power Company line feeding to their facility failed and fell to the ground. A spokesperson for the utility company, PEPCO, said crews were on the scene investigating the failure of the PEPCO equipment. An official with the Department of Homeland Security official told ABC News that initial information showed the cause of the outage was an explosion in a southern Maryland power plant. The power also went out at the Warner Theatre during Oprah Winfrey's remarks at the Maya Angelou stamp event.

ABC News' Jack Date, John Parkinson, Alex Mallin, Mary Bruce and George Sanchez contributed to this report. Here’s a nice recording of Chan Marshall playing solo at a very appropriately named venue way back in the early days of her Cat Power career.
Following up that Cat Power post, here’s the band she was opening for, playing live in the studio right around the same era.
RIP Merle HaggardStanding up to say goodbye like all the rest to one of the great American songwriters. Can - Rare OneMarcus directed me towards this nice collection of Can rarities – the first of three volumes! Add it up.  America will fight back in every way possible until we get rid of the tax and spend Democrats and Obama.

ABOUT USMission: A locally-minded, unified team serving God and our community to the utmost of our abilities and resources. Amazingly (to me) the host notes that the opening groups for Low’s show later that night are Butterglory and Idaho. Haggard was tapped into something indefinable and brilliant, and we’re lucky he shared it with us all these years. She’s practically Mariah Carey now, compared to the ultra-shy vibe she gives off on this tape.

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Electrical force vs magnetic force

Rubric: Electromagnetic Pulse Shield


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