Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Cool, reminds me a bit of the stuff I got from Antenociti's Workshop for my 28mm Space station terrain.Mind you, they were nice pieces but I had way more fun with the stuff I crafted myself, good for ideas though.
Once inside, enter the root cellar using the trap door in the floor in the back right of the cabin.
Head into the metal house that is just West to the giant tower that dominates the location.

Everything will be linked together as I post, so if you need something specific, search the Archives. The Scrapyard Home Decoration Guide and Guide To Diamond City will not appear in your perk list so even if you managed to collect all issues, it will only appear at though you only have 7. The rooftop also provides a good vantage point to set up your spotlights and towers so build stairs there that will allow your settlers to go up.
I'll be running a game here in about 4 weeks so I have little time to prepare and get all this stuff painted up.

There are a few trees and a pair of eyes (likely those of the hunter) in a bush next to the Radstag.

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