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Long before JWoww and Snooki, these famous-by-last-name socialites first hair-flipped into our world via The Simple Life, blurting ridiculous sounds bites and dishing out blank stares for a bemused TV audience. With the power of hindsight and nostalgia, it's easy to see how 2003 was an easier time than today.
She may be brushing her teeth with bottles of Jack and indulging in other unhealthy habits today, but before the dollar sign, Ke$ha was just an eager teen trying to play matchmaker. Before everybody decided to meet their soulmate online, approaching people and asking them out wasn't as awkward. They were called ditzy, aloof, ignorant and annoying, but no matter what your opinion of them (or their definition of Wal-Mart), it was easy to tell that Hilton and Richie enjoyed causing trouble together. Paris and her handheld pup Tinkerbell popularized the idea of canines being carried as accessories, an idea that has only ballooned since The Simple Life's retirement. It caused a sensation when it hit the Internet, and although Hilton originally sued Salomon for releasing the tape, the suit was settled in 2005. But one of the true twosome treasures of American television is Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

In remembrance of a bygone era, here are 10 ways The Simple Life proves that 2003 was a less complicated time. The glitter-spewing popstar appeared on the third season of the show, working with Hilton and Richie to find her single mom a new man. Pre-Sex Tape Paris Cover of Paris Hilton's Sex Tape 1 Night in Paris Courtesy Red Light District At her 2003 The Simple Life debut, Hilton was only known for being a spoiled heiress, if even known at all.
This vintage Richie clip proves you don't need the confusing jumble of pokes, messages and matches to try and form a love connection. How To Wear Overalls Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie posing for 2003's The Simple Life Everett Overalls became the unofficial uniform for Hilton and Richie throughout their dirty jobs, showcasing the utility of the style.
Not Too Smartphones Paris Hilton on The Simple Life Everett The Simple Life kicked off by stripping its entitled stars of their credit cards and cellphones. This clip shows that before puppy manicure and doggie strollers, there was a time when all a dog needed was a good grooming, a little love and a few adorable butt squeezes.
Meanwhile, the phrase "1 night in Paris" only meant spending an evening in France's charming metropolis. Today, the denim duds are an on-trend fashion statement that must be worn with caution for fear of landing on someone's Worst Dressed list.

At the time, losing the ability to call and text was a small setback, but it's nothing compared to the trauma of losing a 2013 smartphone. The Simple Life opened minds to the oddly hypnotic world of bare bones celebrity television, but we can also look back on the series and fondly remember a time when this kind of show was a novelty not a norm.
After a series of legal troubles, Richie is now a confident and successful mother, fashion designer and author. ChaCha Answer: Watch Sep 17, 2008 Watch One Night in Paris because it could be a film like no other to you. By the following year, Hilton became synonymous with naughty night-vision, changing the nature of her fame forever. In 2013, "That's hot," will just lead to eye rolls, shudders and perhaps a lawsuit from Hilton. Nowadays, losing your phone is comparable to losing a limb that can also browse the web and give you Candy Crush.

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