Desc: An anthology series that centers on different characters and locations, including a haunted house, an insane asylum, a witch coven and a freak show.
Temptress – Damien is led to a beloved figured from his past and confronts Rutledge as he begins to unravel the conspiracy surrounding him. Myriad – Kara must find a way to free her friends when Non and Indigo use mind control to turn National City’s citizens into their own army. The final season of American Idol will be premiering tonight (January 6) and we have gathered all of the audition clips released so far!
Ryan Seacrest Explains His 'For Now' Goodbye on 'Idol' FinaleSimon Cowell, Paula Abdul, & Randy Jackson Reunite at 'American Idol' Finale! Here are all the videos of everyone’s favorite heart-racing obstacle course competition American Ninja Warrior 2014 Miami qualifying round aired this Monday.
Incredible athletes from across the nation come together in one location to test themselves against one of the world’s most challenging endurance courses in the hopes of completing every obstacle and earning the prestigious title of Ninja Warrior.

Cupertino, California – As Apple prepared to venture into the smart watch market, the tech world is abuzz with guesses as to how well the Apple Watch will perform. Time will tell how well the Apple Watch does when it hits the market, but some are doubting its attractiveness to the female consumer.
Smart Watches are just one type of wearable device that has yet to prove itself useful above and beyond the smart phone.
The one major drawback to the Apple Watch so far, that might hurt its sales right off the bat is that it is not designed with a female fashion sense in mind. The gadget is one that Apple has been hesitant about, since there have not really been any successful wearables to benchmark their projections at.
The dronish design leaves you thinking it looks masculine at best, if not asexual in style.
If it can become successful enough on its own, then the hesitant flood gates of wearable devices from other manufacturers should begin pouring in rather quickly in 2015.

First off, it’s an Apple product so it will probably have a very warm welcoming into the consumer market. There will need to be some revamping of the design, or some aftermarket case mods available to make it blend in better with a woman’s wardrobe. Additionally, it just becomes one more device to take up a charging outlet near the nightstand at night when you sleep.
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