East Tennessee State University is continually preparing for the possibility of disaster on campus. All students, faculty, staff should familiarize themselves with the university's general emergency procedures. Register for approved East Tennessee State University emergency communications and other important information via text message and email, hosted by Rave Mobile Safety. In the event of a severe thunderstorm situation, where there is an eminent strike by a tornado, the ERT Coordinator, or the nearest ERT Team Chairman (Department Manager) should be immediately notified. All ERT Team Chairmen should cooperate to immediately assemble all employees into the center of the floor, and away from all windows.  The safest areas would be found in the bathrooms, freight elevator rooms, central file rooms, central supply rooms, and any offices located in the interior section of the floor that do not contain windows or glass exposed to the exterior walls and windows.
These days, the world is being hit with more and more natural disasters every year: from tsunamis to earthquakes. Unfortunately, according to this infographic 74% of businesses do not have a recovery plan. ANA has policy, resources, and educational opportunities for nurses on disaster preparedness.
Unresolved issues of legal, ethical, and professional considerations of disaster medical response remain a challenge, and could hamper the ability of nurses to respond.
This week marks the first annual National Severe Weather Preparedness Week during which residents of the United States are being asked to ‘be a force of nature’ and prepare themselves and their communities for when disaster strikes.

Knowing where to go for information before, during and after an event is essential knowledge and this list of links directs you to many appropriate resources based on the hazard. Get the latest natural disasters news: Follow us on Twitter, add us to your circles on Google+ and 'like' us on Facebook. We hope you find it useful and if you have one that you think should be listed, let us know by leaving a comment below!
Tony HakeNatural Disasters ExaminerWith a passion for science, meteorology and climatology, Tony Hake has long been fascinated with all types of natural disasters. Bryan Adams cancels Mississippi concert due to state's new anti-gay lawRock and roll star Bryan Adams has canceled his scheduled show in Mississippi due to the state’s new law, according to ABC News on Monday. The Church of Scientology of San Diego sponsors workshop in response to President Obama’s call for community involvement before disaster strikes. As an ETSU student, faculty member, or staff member, personal preparedness is necessary at the individual level.
They are posted in all ETSU buildings. These procedures give students, faculty, and staff specific information about what to do in the event of fire, severe weather, power outages, and hazardous material releases. How ready are they and what do they need to do to ensure they don't loose everything in the next Hurricane Sandy?
With such volatile weather conditions becoming the norm, it's important small businesses take a few moments to ensure their natural disaster preparedness is optimal.

Seventy one percent don't have a back up generator either, which means that if the lights go out, they stay out. ANA is helping to ensure disaster preparedness and response is robust in this country, and helps you be personally and professionally prepared for a disaster.
When we are a prepared profession, we can cope and help our communities recover from disasters better, faster, and stronger.
The Natural Disasters Examiner provides complete coverage of all types of events across the globe from tsunamis and earthquakes to tornadoes, hurricanes and much more. The posting also provides specific procedures to follow for building evacuation and response to the GoldAlert emergency notification system.
Having a generator would be a good step for most businesses to ensure they can remain open during bad times. We examine the natural disasters that affect all of our lives and provide news, information and education. The seminar also included a presentation by the Department of Animal Control and Humane Society on how to care for pets and ensure their safety in times of emergency.

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