Submitted by Bernie Alexander, fire protection engineer with Occupational Health and Safety, the project won recognition as a creative solution to a difficult safety problem. The UD project involves posting evacuation plans in prominent places on each floor of each major building and residence hall on campus. In addition, a meeting location away from the building is shown on the diagram, plus a photograph of the meeting area.
Joseph Filippone, a plans room technician with Facilities planning and construction group, designed and created the signs.
UD also took top honors in the Complete Safety Program awards category from the National Safety Council. In addition, a meeting location away from the building is shown with a photograph of the meeting area.

27, 2004--UD’s evacuation plan for buildings in case of fire or other emergencies received an Award of Recognition from the Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association Division of the National Safety Council, in the Unique and Innovative Program category. Among other criteria, the submission was judged by its cost- effectiveness and its applicability to other institutions. It's clear and easy with a SNAPĀ® sign!Here today, here tomorrowProduce, in minutes, durable SNAP You-Are-Here floor plan signs that last and last. For example, the plan posted on the first floor in Graham Hall shows a meeting place near Pearson Hall. Thank you for trusting in our quality American-made engraving machines, engraving supplies, name tags and signs. Read more about us on the Contact Us page.Be thrifty, be creative with SNAPĀ® frames, papers and supplies that let you produce quality changeable floor plan signs and other building directionals without any formal training.

Just print it out, slide it into the frame and attach it to the wall for a SNAP sign that's good to go.
We've got you covered, every step of the way!Prefer to engrave your own floor plan signs?

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