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Prioritization of Broadcasts Very unique feature allows you to have low priority marketing or contact broadcasts running and if a High Priority event happens, have that broadcast job pre-empt existing dials.
The Campus Community Emergency Response Team (C-CERT) is based on the national Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) model. While Virginia Tech does not maintain an active C-CERT program, the Office of Emergency Management does provides C-CERT training twice a year to students, faculty and staff members to encourage personal preparedness. The C-CERT training course is designed to provide volunteers with a broad overview of disaster preparedness and response skills in a team-based environment. The C-CERT Training course is taught by experts in the field, so volunteers will have the opportunity ask questions of police officers, firefighters, EMTs, incident management experts, and members of Virginia Tech’s Office of Emergency Management. How often do we hear of people in our communities that have been constricted by lack of funds when an unexpected bill at the end of the month comes up or when we need to get groceries for our families we cannot afford? Creating an emergency fund is a creative way to raise money for the community and has the ability to make a positive impact. Clayton Sutherland is a Fall 2013 Residential Outreach Intern at Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. A passionate social entrepreneur, Brittany founded Zealous Good, a website that connects people with extra goods to local charities with matching needs. New Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines recommend the prescribing of opioid pain relievers in primary care settings.
In this model, community members form a team following disasters or when professional emergency services need assistance.

By participating in C-CERT training, volunteers learn about responding to disasters in their communities, as well as about the first response and community service opportunities available in the New River Valley area. The course involves both hands-on and lecture opportunities to learn skills and knowledge associated with emergency response.
Participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so early registration is recommended. Develop expected member commitments. Develop and adapt the expected financial commitment of each member for the community emergency fund. Distribute the funds when needed. Only members who contribute to the emergency fund can apply for the funds each month. Supporting and promoting our local communities is going to be vital to how we function in our daily lives. These volunteers work under the direction of the local emergency agencies coordinating relief efforts to supplement and support first responders. Once the course is full, registrants will be added to a wait list and will be notified if a space in the course opens up. Now, when we are organizing and picking the members of our emergency fund who want to participate it is important we choose people who are reliable. Weekly contributions will create a larger pool of funds at the end of the month that can be distributed. Simple ideas like this will help increase awareness and increase sustainable practices in our every day lives.
The C-CERT program takes this response structure and applies it to the unique needs of universities and college campuses.

Well, one way we can help each other is to create a group that provides emergency funds for its contributors.
In Prince George’ County, those who have diabetes have a high rate of related emergency department visits. You may find anywhere from $1 to $20 is a reasonable place to start, this may be altered as needed. Another option would be to elect a new person each month that is responsible for handling the fund. Since the group is based in your community, set-up a time each week to meet at a location for the collection. At the end of the month if no one needs any funding, keep it saved and continue the weekly contributions!
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