To become a National Emergency Preparedness Coalition member an organization need only agree to participate in an activity or event during the month of September. FEMA’s Pledge to Prepare site or Federal Signal’s Emergency Preparedness webpage to start your plans today.
The recent East Coast earthquake and now the approach of Hurricane Irene highlight the importance of being prepared for an emergency at any time.
Our 11th New York City Hemophilia Walk will take place on Sunday, June 5 in Riverside Park.
Click the image to learn more about opportunities to volunteer, donate or make a planned gift. We all know that we need to take steps to be prepared in an emergency.  But just as we need to have fire alarms, 72 hour kits and a safe place to meet our families in cases of emergencies, we also must have strategies in place to protect our families legally in times of emergencies.

Every day, public health works to prolong life and promote community health through disease prevention, control of environmental health hazards, and attention to the health needs of vulnerable population groups.
The Western UP Health Department works with local hospitals, emergency medical teams, county emergency planners, and regional, state and federal authorities to develop and exercise procedures to protect public health in the face of a wide range of possible emergencies, including natural disasters, contaminated food or water supplies, communicable disease outbreaks, and the potential use of biological, chemical or radiological weapons.
For more information regarding local public health emergency preparedness, please contact Pete Baril, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, at (906) 482-7382 x 155. While we cannot know when disaster or public health emergencies will strike, preparing for the unexpected can help you and your family deal with emergencies more efficiently and effectively. Make a Plan: Make sure all family members know and understand what to do and where to go in case of emergency. Be Informed: Learn how to shelter in place, how to cope with the aftermath of disasters, and what terms such as quarantine and isolation mean.

Have skills you’d like to share in the event of a local natural or public health emergency? Everyone is invited to the 2013 Emergency Preparedness and Home Safety Faire on Sunday, September 8 from 1pm-4pm. It will be in the Multi-Purpose Room of El Carmelo School, 3024 Bryant Street, in Palo Alto. Residents of other areas should contact their local municipality or county government for information on local emergency plans.

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