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We want you to know that we take the security of our client accounts very seriously and are sorry for any potential inconvenience this situation may cause you. I know I've made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal.
So you mean that email i received from my long lost uncle in  zimbabwe  trying to give me my entitled fortune of 7,000,000 dollar is a fake ?
Obviously, they tried to keep it all hush hush, and didn't contact the affected former and current employees months after the event.
I wonder why they didn't send it out to everybody?  I have an IRA with Scottrade and I didn't recieve a notice form them. Thanks to my dad, who hurls the term around in a derogatory manner, the 'Brave New World' definition of "Epsilon" springs to mind here. Every month, every quarter, every new year: form signing, continuing education on-line programs, meeting attendance - endless bullshit essentially.
Anyway, one day we get this email that the bank's retirement services division left a few crates of paperwork on a loading dock (which then vanished) - chock full of employee SS#s, pass codes, account numbers etc. Needless to say, when this TBTF bank blew up and it's stock went to the pink sheets it was in "full compliance" the entire time. I remember one time I got a call from Vanguard apologizing because account year end statements were sent in opened envelopes.

Opened envelopes were sent to clients with account statements showing Soc Sec, account numbers, balances.
Today we were informed by Epsilon Interactive, our national email service provider, that your email address was exposed due to unauthorized access of their system. TIAA-CREF has been informed by Epsilon, a vendor we use to send emails, that files containing the first names, last names and email addresses of some TIAA-CREF participants were accessed without authorization.
As always, do not reply to emails asking for your personal information, account numbers or any other type of confidential information.
Do not respond to emails that require you to enter personal or financial information directly into the email. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused and will keep you informed of relevant updates. I'm moving my account to that incompetent stockbroker who lost most of his business to Scottrade. Ten prvy je FAAAAKT prenadherny o____o Krasne, nwm, co dodat xD Sorryze otravujem, ale plz, hlasnes za mna a pesnicku Hana Kagari tu? However, we wanted to contact you directly, in case you have not logged on to your account over the past few days.
For additional inquiries, please log on to your account and click "Message Center" (under Home) to write us. By the time you figured out you've been punked you'll be left with a bitch of a credit mess to fix.

A few years ago laptops were stolen from Towers Perrin (big consulting firm) containing retirement data from Prudential Financial current and former employees.
We take your privacy very seriously, and we will continue to work diligently to protect your personal information. We want to urge you to be cautious when opening links or attachments from unknown third parties. According to the TD Ameritrade letter, it implied clearly that epsilon did not have Social Security Numbers and account balances, which probably means it does. We were advised by Epsilon that the information that was obtained was limited to email addresses only. Familiarize yourself with our legal and use policies every time you engage the site: they're updated constantly without notice. When you call some call center in India (for your Citi, Amex etc accounts) they know everything about you: SSN, credit card numbers.

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