The Conservation College Wilderness Survival & Traditional Technologies instructors training internship position is an exclusive summer focus of our Earth Skills Apprenticeship with only two positions available. FAQ – How is the Conservation College Earth Skills Apprenticeship the Ultimate Summer Internship? We offer our Earth Skills Apprenticeship with a choice of five focus options where you can build wilderness skills quicker than anywhere else. Each week of the summer is an intensive training on a different aspect of wilderness survival, wild edible and medicinal plant crafting, ethnobotany, wildlife tracking, ancient scouting skills, hunting and fishing, plus traditional crafts like hide tanning, bow and arrow making, flintknapping, and more.
Our two Traditional Technology & Survival Instructor training positions are available for those who want to move beyond a general overview of the skills we teach, and to challenge themselves with skills like navigation and orienteering, fire and shelter, wild edible foods foraging, and traditional craftwork such as tanning hides for leather, making bows and fishing gear for the fall harvest, working with stone to make knives and arrowheads, and practicing survival scenarios in case of emergency or catastrophe. By the time you are done with this course, you will know how to harvest plants, animals and minerals with confidence about how to honor their gifts.  You will never waste resources again, while becoming a utilitarian artist, and a person people will look to in times of need. 3) experienced teachers of other subject matters become versed in survival in a familiar fast-paced educational setting. No matter your previous experience, you will be expected to fully participate in every possible training opportunity to push your skills to a higher level of excellence, although your own health will be the priority while developing into a better and healthier instructor. Benefits of this program include eligibility for employment at Wolf Camp, strong recommendations for employment elsewhere, and advice for starting your own guiding programs. Beyond tuition and health insurance, you need not spend a dime all summer, as all additional expenses are covered with work trade. Some might think that not spending any money all summer, and often starting to get paid over time is the bottom line benefit, but the real bottom line is your transformation into an excellent outdoor leader, ready for employment as a nature guide wherever organizations and agencies need qualified experts. Your goals will expand over the course of the summer, from learning the basics of earth skills education, to focusing on the development of your personal skills, to being given teaching opportunities during the summer according to your desire and readiness. Sep 12-16: Optional complimentary participation in the Wilderness Spirit Trek for apprentices only.
Oct 28-30: Graduates are encouraged to return for work-trade participation in the 20th Anniversary Wolf Gathering Celebration. Click here for supplemental FAQs received from applicants, and after deciding whether this apprenticeship focus most interests you out of our choice of 5 focus options or just click here to check out our application process.
There is an invisible force, an energy of sorts, that governs all life, it is powerful, omnipotent, and slowly works to keep all things on our planet in equilibrium (Although, it seems as though mankind is trying to do the exact opposite). In an attempt to help get more people to spend time in the wilderness and get in touch with nature we are profiling individuals who are making a difference and who are encouraging others to get out there.
This week we caught up with David Arama who is the founder, director, and instructor of WSC Survival School based in the small town of Cloyne, Ontario. HT: Give us a list of items you have on your person at all times, and tell us why you carry these items. HT: Tell us a little bit about your Survival School and why people should enroll in programs at your school.
DA: I have many Canadian outdoor heroes that have inspired me, including Bill Mason, Farley Mowat, and more recently, Survivorman Les Stroud, I was his original instructor way back at Humber College in the early 1990's, and now he inspires me, especially when he asked me to work on the "Survive This YTV Series". HT: From your experience, how important would you say is having the correct footwear when you’re out in the wilderness? HT: You spend a lot of your time working on TV productions, in front of the camera or behind it. Survival instructor Chris Stephens teaches Junior Survivalists and their families how to make emergency shelters at the Lake Solano family campout. Charlotte M. More than a dozen youths ages 10 to 14 from Davis and elsewhere in the Sacramento region are better-equipped to handle wilderness emergencies thanks to a four-day Junior Summer Survival Series presented by Tuleyome Home Place Adventures. The kids met daily last Wednesday through Saturday to learn wilderness survival and safety skills through hands-on activities and demonstrations and from guest speakers. Tuleyome’s award-winning outdoors program, Home Place Adventures, encourages people of all ages to become more connected to and involved with the natural world that surrounds us. The goal of this program is to educate and empower our community to care for and help protect the land and resources that we enjoy and on which we depend.
The survival series began with “Survival 101” on Wednesday at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve in Woodland.
On Thursday, the kids visited the Conaway Ranch, where they got a “Search and Rescue 101” lesson.
On Saturday morning, the Junior Survivalists were put to the test with a series of obstacles, and then awarded certificates and their own mini survival kit.
Tuleyome Home Place Adventures is made possible by the Conaway Preservation Group, the Wynant Foundation, U.S. Enter your email address to subscribe to this newspaper and receive notifications of new articles by email. Copyright (c) 2016 McNaughton Newspapers, Inc., a family-owned local media company that proudly publishes the Daily Republic, Mountain Democrat, Davis Enterprise, Village Life and other community-driven publications. The leadership traits that will aid in survival are the same for the individual as they are for the business. You will be presented with an opportunity to employ the survival skills learned in a truly primitive survival situation. The cost of this course which includes all training sessions and a two day one night final challenge is $800 per person. Over two decades of working in the outdoor industry I have seen many poorly organized instructor training programmes.
During your training, you should study with multiple instructors and at various institutions. The second step on your quest to become a Survival Instructor is to develop the techniques necessary to teach others what you have learned.
Beyond basic instructional skills, you must also take a minimum of an Advanced Wilderness First Aid Course.
Eventually you will to be required to look after a group of untrained or semi-trained individuals in the wilderness. The third step is to learn to run a business or at least understand how a business really runs.
Because so many amateurs teach in this field, there is an misconception that proper professional survival training should be nearly free. Lastly, you need enough cash and or another small income to get you going and last you through the first few years.
As I stated earlier in this article, no one institution can create properly developed professional survival instructors.
Three basic certificates are required before you begin, two from BWI, and one from another reputable source.
We provide a series of learning steps in order to develop your method of instruction and presentation skills. In one summer, you can become a professional survival instructor and traditional technologies specialist through this full time, residential apprenticeship at Wolf Camp and the Conservation College with travel into the North Cascades Mountains, Central Washington Canyonlands and Pacific Coast Wilderness.
We hope that your development of a personal medicine wheel of health, guided by permaculture principles, the values of earth skills, and your own spiritual study, we hope that each participant becomes a person to whom anyone could turn for learning these skills. Click here for application. There are also other apprenticeship focus options you can choose which vary in required dates and base costs of between $2,950-$4,950.

More than half our staff came on board  this way, while others enrolled to receive training in order to found their own schools or gain experience for employment elsewhere.
You don’t even need any books, as you will have free access to the Wolf College library. By the end of your summer, you will feel that you have fully embodied and can live up to your title. Click that link for a pdf describing state laws about internships, and click here to start your application process. The way to become the best of teachers is to observe, participate in, and take notes on all the activities our instructors present over the summer, including staying up a half hour after the kids go to sleep in order to record your experiences. It is important that you come into the program as healthy and prepared as possible, for although during the training portion of the program your educational needs are the focus, during the summer camp season, the needs of the children at camp will be the focus, so you will have to learn to remain healthy amongst constant camp activity. This energy goes by many names, but in western civilization we refer to it as Mother Nature. He has been teaching wilderness survival for more than 30 years and likes to remind us that it was he who first instructed Les Stroud (Survivorman) on wilderness survival. Hordes of stinging insects, deluge after deluge, and losing 40 pounds, I needed a month to recover!
Many who venture out hiking and camping simply wear incorrect footwear, or footwear that is more fashionable than functional! Elpel Author, Builder, Survival Instructor, and Conservationist Wilderness Way Magazine Staff Report. Elpel is the founder of Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School (now Outdoor Wilderness Living School) and Green University in Pony, Montana. Together they explored the hills and meadows near Virginia City, Montana, collecting herbs, looking for arrowheads and watching wildlife.
The following year he and Grandma Josie went together to Tom Brown's Tracker School in New Jersey. They moved into a tent and started building their passive solar dream home of stone and log. His basic philosophy is that the wilderness survival skills are useful to connect with nature, but you shouldn't run away from the problems of modern society. His writing career took off with his book Botany in a Day: The Patterns Method of Plant Identification, which is now used as a textbook in numerous universities and herbal schools across North America, as well as by thousands of individuals.
On survival outings interns focus on the essentials of physical and mental well-being, shelter, warmth, clothing, water, and food on a model scale. Tom founded the organization to establish public campsites along the Jefferson River segment of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Survival instructor and distinguished military veteran Chris Stephens led activities on all four days at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve, Conaway Ranch and Lake Solano Park. The program provides engaging outdoor experiences and service projects that encourage local youths to engage in outdoor recreation, and become leaders in conservation, sustainability and land stewardship.
Online visitors will find a Tuleyome Trails page that includes a free database of trail maps and local recreation information.
There, youths learned basic survival intuition, animal tracking and the uses of native plants. They learned basic first aid and emergency signaling, and met author Kaye Hall and her search-and-rescue dog, Julot.
After dinner, participants learned shelter and fire craft, and then enjoyed roasting marshmallows under the stars.
Fire starting with a variety of primitive and advanced techniques, each one has its own time requirements to master.
Students will be required to survive an overnight trip with nothing but the clothes and their back and their newly found knowledge. Build your skills and knowledge by working in different areas and with a variety of gear, or lack of it. I have seen a number of very skilled individuals who simply could not effectively convey their skills to others. The ability to navigate and travel freely in the wilderness with confidence and safety is paramount to your clienta€™s safety.
To do this you will need to be able to pack quicker and in a more organized manner than those around you. If you are in it for the long haul, most individuals will be required to start or run a business to create that niche. One third of your time spent in Marketing, one third spent in Business Administration, and one third actually Teaching or preparing to teach. At the Boreal Wilderness Institute, our Instructor Development Programme points you in the right direction to become a Professional Survival Instructor.
It is a series of requirements, guidelines and suggestions for those with a thirst for knowledge and a genuine want to become a Professional Survival Instructor. You need to take the Wilderness Survival Certificate and the Wilderness Navigation Certificate from the Boreal Wilderness Institute.
To help we provide an extensive reading list of books that includes wilderness survival skills, general science, method of instruction, and even business books. We insist on a minimum of a 14 hour course and recommend as much training as you have time for. Teaching basic skills effectively in the wilderness under poor conditions and in the classroom is very important. Past apprentices say that the place they learned the most about teaching and leadership, as well as where they learned the greatest bulk of their earth skills, was while assisting the incredible instructors at Wolf Camp as they guided youth and adults through the summer. The opportunity to assist lead instructors and take on instructional leadership yourself during the summer is a great way to fully embody your own skills, because sometimes you can learn best only that which you teach. Not quite ready yet? Email us to be put on our our list for future years. You can also like our facebook page to keep in better touch. She speaks a language that is understood by the land, the oceans, and all the animal species. I love the rugged land features for example the coastline and canyons, and also the history of the region. Nature can be an adventure, but without a tent, sleeping bag, or food, it's a struggle to survive, and you compete against the weather and creatures for survival.
Waterproofness and ankle support are critical areas, in addition to durability and longevity. He has authored six books and produced five videos on topics ranging from wilderness survival and botany to stone masonry, sustainable construction, and green economics.
Grandma Josie helped Tom to learn about native plants and their uses, igniting a passion for nature that has inspired him ever since. From there Tom spent thousands of hours practicing, developing, and teaching survival skills in his "backyard" in the Rocky Mountains. In each video we go out for three days and two nights with little or nothing and film all the skills we use to survive, including shelter, fire, water, and tools, plus plant and animal foods.

They both worked with troubled teens in wilderness survival programs, so they commuted to Idaho, Utah, or Arizona for three-week trips, then came home to spend their money on building materials. Instead, we need to apply the lessons of living close to nature to the challenge of solving our worldly problems.
The bookstore quickly outgrew the house, and in 2003 Tom and Renee bought Granny's Country Store in Silver Star, Montana for their book business.
Through the Green University internship program, Tom mentors young adults in wilderness survival skills, sustainable living, and green business principles.
The group encourages landowners to place conservation easements on their land to preserve open space and the historic quality of the Jefferson River. Although he is insanely busy, getting out into nature remains a high priority, and he continues to hone his wilderness survival and awareness skills. The program also has opportunities for volunteers to participate in habitat restoration, and trail-building and maintenance projects. Education specialist Fred Vanderwold from the Cache Creek Conservancy taught participants about local wildlife and how to make plaster molds of the animal tracks. Kaye and Julot taught the participants what to do if they get lost, and gave a demonstration that simulated finding a missing person. Even in aspects of wilderness survival, preparedness entails more than just bringing a pocketknife and fire starter along on a hiking trip. 25% OFF February 25, 2016 Jungle Survival; Living off the Jungle January 7, 2016 Fatwood for Bushcraft December 28, 2015 Build Your Own DIY Survival Fishing Kit December 27, 2015 Get Free Sigma 3 Survival School News by Email(unsubscribe any time) Email Address (required) Email Format htmltextmobile Recent Posts New Bushcrafter’s Reflective Tarp Shelter SIGMA SUPER Tax Sale! Working with just one instructor or school no matter how skilled limits your knowledge and experience.
Remembering always to take the Critical Items you need to survive in the prevalent conditions. Learn to see weather changes coming; predict weather in the field, and understand what effects your region may suffer during Global Warming or Natural Disasters. It is a real shame to see someone who has developed such good wilderness skills who cannot effectively teach them to others effectively.
You must master use of PowerPoint and other modern presentation methods so that they help to enhance your presentations, not control what you present. These skills can be a lifesaver and most employers in the industry require this level of training. It also means that you will have fewer misadventures and more well planned learning experiences for yourself and your clients. Your organizational skills help to create the extra time to teach and interact with your students in the wilderness. It also means a new instructor needs to compete against these amateurs as well as other more established professionals.
For most of us, the first two were the hardest and caused the most grief because we failed to learn them before we put up our shingle.
We want you to take the best training possible and we know that we can provide some of that training, but not all of it.
We recommend that you take your survival training in winter then supplement it with a little summer training later.
We will also recommend other survival schools and instructors where you can broaden your survival training.
Modern society has cut most of us off from this energy, and as a result our values and beliefs have been influenced adversely. Therefore, you need shelter, fire, and water to survive (at the very minimum), and preparedness and avoidance is key, along with the will to live and not panic. These experiences led to writing his book Participating in Nature: Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living Skills, which is currently in its sixth edition. We put the skills in a real world context, and either we succeed or we get cold and hungry." Viewers enjoy watching the DVDs again and again because there is a human element to the presentation. In 1988, two years out of high school, they walked 500 miles together across Montana, starting in Pony, and ending at Fort Union on the North Dakota border.
Tom's book Living Homes: Integrated Design and Construction is based on his experiences building super-efficient homes on a shoestring budget.
The companion Shanleya's Quest Patterns in Plants Card Game is a fun way for kids and adults to practice their plant identification skills. With their four children they moved "temporarily" into an apartment attached to the store and now struggle to find the time to get back home to Pony. Conversations started in the wilds are continued as interns return home to work on projects such as high-efficiency construction from mostly recycled materials. Preparedness is a way of thinking and a way of looking at and anticipating possible variables and adverse circumstances that may stand in the way of survival or success.
25% OFF Jungle Survival; Living off the Jungle Fatwood for Bushcraft Build Your Own DIY Survival Fishing Kit Recent Tweets Watch this. I Believe that it is a Multi- Step Process to become a Professional Wilderness Survival Instructor. You must have a good understanding of Modern Wilderness Survival, Bushcraft, and Primitive Technology Training. Ensure that you have a firm grasp of how biology, physics, chemistry, geology, geography, and history affect human survival. It get you organized, teaches you how to prepare yourself, and keeps you on track as you deliver a lectures whether in the classroom or in the wilderness. They will point you in the right direction toward more advanced training in public speaking you will require. It did not teach me how to write a viable business plan and other lifesaving business skills I was required to learn by making mistakes.
To help you along during the method of instruction training video is used to help cut down on your verbal baggage. If we want to live balanced, healthy lives, we need to go into the wilderness to where we can be free of noise pollution, traffic, social media, shopping malls and all the things that blind us. They ship wilderness survival and house-building books worldwide on a daily basis, and they run the community post office from within their store. The Green University program begins with self-sufficiency and looks outward towards global sustainability.
We aim to bring you a unique experience that not only forges strong bonds between its participants but forces a shift in your psyche that can help secure success in your working environment. Even if you plan to teach only in one of these areas, a good grasp of these interrelated skills can be extremely useful.
You will also share camp and cooking duties with everyone else on the trip, and attend week-in-review meeting on Friday evening.

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