The Universal Wire Loop is one of the most versatile sling attachment points made.  A flexible nylon coated stainless steel wire allows for a sling attachment through eyelets, loops, slots, or any other opening that the wire fits through. The sling loop body is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet before being tumbled and bead-blasted for a non-reflective surface. Universal Wire Loops are quieter and stronger than traditional hook attachments and won't wear through eyelets. The new Revo® S enhances cutting edge technology and functionality with a more compact and ergonomic design that is 15% lighter than the previous model.

The loop is hard-coat anodized before the nylon coated stainless steel aircraft-grade cable is installed with ball-shank ends.
The result is a sling adapter with limitless uses.  Cable outer coating may deform if subjected to extreme barrel heat but the stainless core will not melt. The spring loaded brake blocks act only when the spool is under high revolution (1st part of the cast) and will then disengage to give maximum distance. The non spring loaded brake blocks act on the entire cast to give maximum control throughout the cast.

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