The AAA 65-Piece Winter Severe Weather Travel Kit is a great little kit for winter roadside emergencies. The AAA 65-Piece Winter Severe Weather Road Assistance Kit is specially designed to deal with cold-weather emergencies. In December, Californian James Kim, 35, died in Oregon’s Rogue River Wilderness after leaving his wife and children to get help. Here are some things you can do for a car trip – before you leave –  to make that road trip safer.
Leave a note, telling someone your route, and when you intend to reach your destination.  If you don’t arrive on schedule, the designated person should contact the area highway patrol or state police.
Warm clothing: Make sure everyone in the vehicle has, as a minimum, a warm coat, hat, gloves and boots along.
Known routes:  Only travel routes you know to be safe – not rural service roads and cut-off roads that are unfamiliar to you. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The first week of September has finally arrived this year and with that marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall and then Winter. For must of us in the northern parts of the United States and the world we experience some pretty harsh winters on occasion.
Winter travel, especially by passenger cars (mini-vans and some trucks), is serious business. For those who live in eastern Pennsylvania like I do, you may be well aware of the 2007 Winter Storm that shutdown a major interstate (I-78). In Pennsylvania, National Guard vehicles loaded with food, water, baby supplies and fuel delivered help to hundreds of motorists stranded on Interstate 78 Wednesday night and Thursday morning while crews try clear up a 50-mile backup on the icy, hilly highway.

Your kit can be as extensive as you want, but you should include these items which would allow you to survive 12 – 24 hours (and sometimes more, if needed) without the benefit of the car heater. Winter clothing such as; caps, mittens, heavy wool socks, gloves, coveralls, thermal underwear, etc. High-energy foods – candy, nuts, raisins, peanut butter, sugar cubes, packaged condensed soups and hot chocolate. Small sack of sand or kitty litter, which is good for traction, and can double for vehicle fluid leaks. Basic tool kit, to include pliers, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, duck tape, regular tape and wire. Axe or saw, excellent for cutting wood for fire or branches to place under stuck tires for traction. Due to living in South Carolina, it is difficult to comprehend the weather that you must endure.
It doesn’t come with emergency food or water though, you will need to add those and any other pieces of gear that you think you need.
This economical kit has all the basics to keep you warm and assist you with fighting ice and snow. Black ice, slippery pavement, high winds and blowing snow, or reduced visibility due to fog, rain and snow storms can all happen within a few miles.
If  your car slips off the road in an isolated area, during a blizzard, a routine drive to visit the family can turn into a nightmare.
Periodically update the kit by checking the food and water and making sure you have spare batteries for emergency flashlights.
Using one of the blankets over your head, body heat and the heat from a single candle can prevent freezing.

Great for signaling help or finding dropped items in your vehicle or home at night when there is no lighting.
All of these items can be old or out-of-style items no longer worn.Also please limit the amount of cotton clothing to store in your winter survival kit as cotton does not wick moisture as well as wool and polypropylene (synthetic wool-like material). Use caution in shoveling snow, as overexertion is not advisable in a survival situation, especially in the winter when perspiration can kill you with outdoor temperatures start to plummet.
The kit that you describe is very impressive and hard to imagine the room necessary to store in the vehicle.
It comes with the following items: 1 AAA single-sided carrying bag, 1 AAA emergency care guide, 1 AAA membership brochure, 1 plastic flashlight with batteries, 1 three-piece fleece set (cap, gloves, and scarf), 1 folding shovel with sheath, 1 ice scraper, 1 LED safety strobe light, 1 emergency survival blanket, 3 emergency candles, 2 hand warmer packets, 1 emergency whistle, and a 46 piece first-aid kit. He bushwhacked five miles down steep canyons, covering about eight miles through rough country, but ending up only about a mile as the crow flies from his car.
I am accustomed to a rather small auto kit that contains a water pouch, food bar, flashlight, emergency poncho and survival blanket, rope, jumper cables, tire seal, shovel, first aid ,etc., no comparison. Mr Kim’s body was found several days later, and he had apparently died of  hypothermia His family was found alive in their car a few days later.
Having a quality, multi-lumen flashlight with a standard, easy to find battery such as the AA is ideal for any kit, not just your automobile winter survival kit.

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