The food products offered include 72 hour food supply packages, Grab and Go food kits for 7 days for 2, 3 or 4 adults, as well as 84 and 152 serving packages, and various long term food kit solutions.
For example, the company sells a 7 Day Ultimate Emergency Meal Kit for 2 Adults which packs 116 total servings. Not bad value, considering the shelf life of 7 years and the easy to stack square bucket design.
The recent earthquakes in Nepal were truly devastating, as thousands of people lost their lives and countless homes were destroyed.
Emergency personal do their best to keep people comfortable, but the best course of action is to be entirely self-sufficient. As the nation recovers from the housing market bust, homeowners seem to be asking themselves if they can be happier with less and in less space.
Wise Company dehydrated entrees and snacks are sealed in Mylar pouches and shipped in durable (reusable) black plastic buckets so you never need to worry about critters finding their way into your stored food.
In the last blog post we made brief mention of how winter storms had unexpected and significant impacts in Georgia and North Carolina this year. The city of San Francisco recently launched “SF72”, an online emergency preparedness site aimed at helping citizens in one of the most earthquake prone places in the country prepare for emergencies.
Smart packaging provides for a long shelf life and easy storage of all Wise Company products. Wise products have the highest customer ratings for quality and convenience in the industry. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. While “recycling” means reclaiming materials to make something entirely new, “upcycling “ means converting something you were going to throw away into something new and useful. Cut cotton t-shirts into thin strips, wind into a ball and use to knit or crochet soft, warm, durable rugs or bags (we think everyone who is “prepper” minded should know how to knit or crochet!). CDs have nearly become a thing of the past, though many of us had stacks and stacks of CDs and lots of nifty CD holders. A partnership with Food For Health International was disbanded, and Wise Food Storage was created.
Such notables in the survival and emergency preparedness fields as survival specialist Ruth England and National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers give their backing to Wise Food products.
Many online disaster prep food retailers list their products by the number of calories they provide per package or unit.
The product details reveal that this is 3 big meals per day for 2 people for 1 week, providing more than 2,000 calories and 100 grams of protein per day.

Several shipping options are included, which obviously drives your overall price up just a bit. Because parts of the United States are susceptible to earthquakes, such as the entirety of the west coast, it’s important for people to understand how to stay safe during an earthquake. Some gardens, called allotment gardens, give individuals their own small plots and each person plants what they want and keeps their harvest.
If you find you have to evacuate to a shelter, you’ll be a lot more comfortable if you have everything you need for a few days. Hurricane season begins June 1st so now is a good time to check your supplies or get supplies together.
The shift away from McMansions to more modest housing caught our attention because the possibilities to use micro housing for emergency preparedness or off-the-grid living are virtually endless. They have an interesting perspective on disasters: “We believe in connection, not catastrophe.
Optimal storage locations are basements that are dry and cool, having temperatures around 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Wise Company has no control over individual storage practices and therefore disclaims liability and warranty.
With Wise, because of its great shelf life, you will throw away less expired food and make fewer new purchases.
Includes a premium 28 oz Seychelle Water Filtration bottle, 3 one-cup pouches of Wise Fire, five entrees, two breakfasts and two beverages for a total of 72 servings and 13,120 calories.
This package includes 2880 entree servings and 1440 breakfast servings (24 entree buckets and 12 breakfast buckets). Upcycling projects are a great way to practice seeing everyday objects in a new light and to get your mind thinking about ways to make the most of what you have in difficult situations. Whether a strong gust took yours out or the fabric is dirty or faded from use, you can repurpose your broken umbrella into a functional tomato trellis. Use the rolling racks as underbed storage and the utensil caddies to organize art supplies, garden tools or cleaning supplies. Give one a coat of spray paint, drill holes in the bottom for drainage and you’ll have an instant planter with a modern edge. When it’s time to start seeds, fill the tubes with potting soil, add seeds, sprinkle with water, close up the clam shell and place in a warm, light place. If you’ve converted to digital and are wondering what to do with your old CD racks, give them a coat of paint and mount them sideways in a bathroom, office or closet for streamlined organization. Their contributions to the manufacturing process have also supported expansion with product development as well.

But the meat of the website, pardon the pun, is long-term, freeze-dried and dehydrated food for emergency preparedness and outdoor use. Pricing is in line with other survival and outdoor food suppliers, higher than some and lower than others. Shipping costs vary according to your location, shipping options you choose, and obviously the weight of your product. Container gardening is enjoying a resurgence as people all over the world get involved in vertical gardening, rooftop gardening, urban gardening and even xeriscaping (the concept of replacing a lawn with a garden). This unique packaging process removes oxygen, ensuring great taste and an extremely long shelf life.
Your seedlings will self-water and will be easy to move outside when it’s time to harden off and plant. As a change from the traditional process, in a move which helped the company save money while still delivering long-lasting food, Wise Food was delivered in metallic mylar designed pouches.
At any time you can request a free sample, and call the company’s toll-free number to speak with a food storage expert. Comparatively, Wise shipping costs run about the same as the other top disaster survival and emergency food retailers online. Our products are far more durable than most because of our unique freeze dried, dehydration processes. This is enough water storage to prepare all 2160 servings of food included with this package. This packaging process is now commonplace in the industry, and Wise was the innovator that developed it. The company also offers a 100% quality guarantee, as well as promotions which can drop your per serving cost to as low as $1. That’s 25 years without the stress of wondering if you and your family will have good, useable food when you most need it.
Because of this, they are often times able to deliver better retail value than a company that gets its fingers into every disaster survival niche. They also advertise their food packages by the total number of servings (their serving measurement is 1 cup), instead of calorie count.

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