Last year saw another giant leap for the show when it began a series of dates in London’s West End becoming the first circus to appear in a West End Theatre for 100 years.
The show started it’s gruesome begging’s at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival and became an instant hit, touring al over the world from Chile to Chatham, Argentina to Aberdeen, Japan to Jersey including festival appearances with Alice Cooper, Eminem, Motley Crue, Oasis, Iron Maiden, The Manic St Preachers, Marilyn Manson and many more. The latest incarnation ‘The Night of the Zombie’ is set in 2020, a decrepit & corpse ridden London, plagued by a swamp of Zombies. Performed by an almighty cast with a forked tongue firmly in each cheek and the devil driver rock n’ roll of Dr Haze & The Interceptors from Hell.
Facebook launch parties and other related events have been a fixture of the social media platform since its launch. Horror author Timothy Long discussed his zombie fiction Facebook event during a 2014 episode of Simon Whistler’s Rocking Self Publishing Podcast.
The Social Media Event strategy works for many of the same reasons that the Box Set strategy works.
After you’ve secured some initial authors through your existing contacts, start reaching out to authors via email or the contact form on their websites.
Make the event and a related event hub page on your website look seamless and professional. As the event draws near, get your authors to engage in their agreed upon promotions and spread the giveaways far and wide.
Most of the discovery strategies we’ve discussed are relatively passive until you get people onto your email list. From seaside studio apartments and rural homes to elegant listed buildings and fabulous new builds, Sussex really does have it all.
Multi-Author Facebook Events, however, are relatively new, and when they’re done correctly, they can lead to a lot of new fans discovering your books. Sell More Books Show Co-Host Bryan Cohen went on to take the events to the next level, running six events over the following year.

When you bring together a collection of authors who are willing to promote something, you end up with thousands of fans who hear about it.
They make direct connections with new fans of the genre, and they bond with other like-minded authors. Set up cloud-based documents to agree on times the authors will visit the event and what they plan on doing to promote. If you’re already familiar with the platform, use Facebook ads to bring in additional targeted attendees. This is your chance to make new fans, so you should always respond to comments quickly and charmingly.
It’s the kind of place where Halloween is stretched out to be enjoyed to the fullest. What these events showed was that Facebook is a great venue for cross-pollinating readers from one author to another. While it’s likely that not every author will pull his weight and not every fan will be interested, if the majority of people involved give it a go, your event will be popular and successful. As in the box set strategy, the person putting together the event will spend the most time, but he’ll also get the most benefit. You may need to email three to five times as many authors as you want to include to get up to your final number. Make sure to have popups and tracking pixels enabled on your hub page to give yourself the best chance of bringing in new readers.
Throughout the day, pitch the author sale and encourage the other authors to push each others work. A Haunted House on Easy street starts off the festivities on October 28th and continues through till the 31st. It works well as an arena for author-fan interactions, and it can be used successfully to collect email subscribers and sell books.

By directing attendees to a hub page on his own website, the event coordinator has the best chance of bringing in email subscribers and getting the word out about his own books. If you can’t get many big names, then your target should be hard workers who have a small but dedicated fan base.
As the event comes to a close, draw winners from all the giveaways and invite readers to visit author websites. There’s something about having control over a process that makes this kind of marketing worthwhile. If all goes well, the authors involved should see a spike in sales, and you should have a fair number of new subscribers and Facebook users to target with your tracking pixel.
If your brave, and aren’t bringing young children, wait for the full scare experience and go between 7pm- 10pm and check out the Whistler Haunted House in full effect.
Since you have a limited number of hours every week, you probably can’t make all your marketing efforts active, but a mix of active and passive promotion will help you cover all the bases for the discovery of your book. This iconic Whistler neighborhood has been hosting trick-or-treaters for the past 30 years. The evening is made complete with fireworks being presented at 7:30pm from the lower field at Myrtle Phillips Elementary School.The Crystal Lodge loves Halloween! Don’t be surprised if you are checked in by a zombie, or see a witch cleaning guest rooms.

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