We talked a few weeks back about an apocalypse survival course being taught at a university that included how to kill zombies. The course that is being offered is a two-day workshop and includes such topics as how to rekill a zombie (because, of course, technically they are already dead), and what kinds of weapons work best to do the job.
So if you are curled up with one of your favorite zombie books and thinking a weekend of dressing up like a zombie, this nerf-based week-end training camp might be just the ticket!
Looking at the site, it seems that they actually offer several courses, some for kids and some for adults. This entry was posted in Zombie Stuff and tagged fighting zombie class, how to fight zombies, zombie invasion. As Zombie movies and series fill the screens, many people are wondering if there could really be a possibility of a zombie apocalypse. While apocalypse training may seem ridiculous for some, to many zombie enthusiasts , enrolling in a zombie apocalypse survival course is a no-brainer. If you want to train for a zombie apocalypse and other disasters, then you must consider the Zombie Survival Camp in Central New Jersey. For the weekend courses, the training starts on Friday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon. In the camp, you will learn everything you need in order to survive a zombie and other disasters. You read that right, the University of California Irvine is now offering an 8-week zombie survival course, based around The Walking Dead, that actually counts for college credit.

The role of public health in society--from the CDC to local community organizations; The spread of infectious disease and population modeling--swarm! The name of the group is Trackers Earth and the workshop is titled Zombie First Responder Course, for those who think they might want to look this one up.
You will get both urban and wilderness survival training for the eventuality of a zombie invasion.
I have to admit it looks like tons of fun and would be a great weekend getaway with some buds for a weekend of silliness and total mayhem. Some think that this idea is crazy and that zombies will always remain fictional character. You can sign up for a day class, or if you want something more comprehensive, then enroll into their weekend training camp. Aside from being taught to use firearms like a shotgun, handgun, and rifle, you will also be trained in melee weapons and self-defense.
Unfortunately, there's no hands-on training with weapons such as the heavily-armed baby stroller above. Managing stress in disaster situations--what's the long-term effect of always sleeping with one eye open?
They are offering a course in surviving a zombie invasion including the best ways to kill a zombie. The company generally offers various kids camps and adult outdoor training sessions for hiking and camping enthusiasts, with this one course being offered as a fun outdoor camp for adults.

But the cool thing is that they teach you something called The Curriculum of Shadows which will show how a small band of survivors of any kind of disaster can develop ways to stealth their way around so that the brain eaters don’t even know you are there!
After all, and zombie enthusiast  will tell you that if you are prepared for zombies, then you are prepared for anything. Here, you will learn skills that can help you survive in the worst catastrophic situations. Even if you do not believe in zombies, the skills you will learn here will help you prepare for any tough situation.
The day classes are for adults, but children who are 15 and above can also attend if they are accompanied by a guardian. These classes highlight the most important trainings on supplies, basic firearms, and crossbow shooting. The course discussed several scientific topics that could be seen on the series, such as the spread of diseases and how to manage stress during calamities.

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