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A tree house can be quite useful in a zombie apocalypse for a loner if they have enough food and ammunition to survive.
They can be very easy to spot, depending on elevation, location and amount of leaves on the tree.

Wood planks often times offer very little in way of protection from firearms and easily burns.
Would you please put up a link for people to download this that don't have winrar or winzip or 7zip? I have been working on this since about 3 weeks ago.Tekkit Zombie Apocalypse Survival (TZAS)This map is designed to be a zombie apocalypse but instead of just fighting of zombies after zombie, you can build awesome stuff like quantum armor and Tesla Coils and many other items!!!WARNING!!
When the flesh eaters come crawling calling, here’s the house to protect ya momma n them.

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Rubric: Electromagnetic Pulse Shield


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