You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If we have learnt anything from movies and TV it’s that the zombie apocalypse is definitely coming. Interchangeable camo skins are included making sure you are ready to fight in any terrain and to make your assault rifle look super awesome. The Zombie Slayer Gun doesn’t use darts, or bullets, but instead fires paper meaning running out of ammo is only an old gas bill away.
RED5 says: “Hi there, we are sorry to hear that you are having some problems with your product. I actually bought this from Menkind this week not RED5 but thought I'd leave a review anyway as I'm gonna buy one for my nephew too.

If you don’t have a plan in place or a local Winchester pub to hide out in, then you must prepare for the arrival of the undead!
Admittedly, you do have to spend the first few hours building it from the 138 pieces but once you are finished, you are ready to take on any brain munching monster!
50 soft splat rounds are included to get you started, just in case the zombie invasion happens quicker than you expected.
A handy paper mould is included in the set and if you’re really good, you can create 60 paper rounds in just 45 seconds. He enjoys firing it at the picture across the living room, it sits on the shelf and everybody that has seen it asks about it, looks great, works great. When loading the gun then shooting great until u reload then the actual bullet wat the tissue sits in keeps getting jammed in the gun this is a poor design.

Each one of the paper rounds can be fired up to 100 feet and they are insanely accurate too! The cardboard has a kind of special coating that makes it really durable and looks great on my shelf.

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