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I'm liking it, could do with some concealed knifes, more weathered trousers, and the jacket needs to be much longer! Easily adapted to fit game rules and I think it fits nicely with the wasteland wanderer looking for work.
The best rifle for a zombie apocalypse in the UK would be any sort of air gun with a scope - ammo is small (so you can carry loads) and easy to find and the shots would be relatively quiet.
You can never forget eye protection either unless you want to end up like the dad out of 28days later.
You'd have a hard time penetrating a zombies skull with an air rifle, if there was a zombie apocalypse I'd raid a gun shop and get a hunting rifle and maybe a shotgun. As above, air rifle's would struggle to kill a zombie, but as time went on and their bodies rot you may be able to do some damage with darts or similar ammunition. Firstly, please excuse crummy (and upside down?) photo's - only have my phone for taking snaps atm. It's essentially just skirmishing in casual clothes, with smatterings of tactical gear here and there. Oh, and I've also included a picture of what happens if the zombies get you - now THAT I would like to see.
How To Unlock the Zombies Bonus Wave: It takes around 4 hours of playing the Exo-Survival Rounds.

I think I could do with 2x rockets really so I can put food and scavenged items in the other etc.
Also by the time a zombie is in effective range of an air rifle, him and his ravenous chums would definitely hear the shot and none of them would be killed by the pellets either. If there was a way to beef up the power of an air rifle you may have a chance too, but I think a silenced .22 hunting rifle would be the way to go. This is the sort of look I'd expect most zombie survivors in the UK to have, obviously with more gore, rips, dirt and general nastiness about them. Stop by any GameStop to pick up one of the most anticipated games to launch this year, along with 4-multiplayer map packs, Atlas Gorge, and yes – ZOMBIES. To make zombies appear in this new mode, you will have to unlock every single map in the Exo-Survival co-op mode. It’s one of the coolest customization options we have ever seen in a Call of Duty game. I'd imagine you'd be looking more at a backpack (for most of your survival essentials), a messenger bag (full of non-critical stuff & to carry spare mags in airsoft), a belt with a pistol holster and some spare mags at a push and just casual, hard wearing clothes. If you could liberate a Glock 17 or SIG P226 from a police station or military camp that'd be perfect for SHTF moments.
Weapons wise, I've got just a TM SIG P226 in an IMI moulded holster on my hip, plus two spare mags on the other side, also in a moulded holster. It's not a practical load out by any means, but if you could get a themed skirmish it'd look pretty cool, and you'd all be in a similar situation so it's no big deal.

As you fight 225 rounds across the 4 Tiers of maps, then on the final Riot map you have to fight 10 rounds and THEN in round 11 you get to play zombies. Plus an AK which looks like it's served in every major conflict since 1950 and a big ass revolver a la Rick Grimes. It's not too practical for airsoft though, so a little bit of poetic licence may be needed.
Saying that, one of those Mad Max Double Barreled Shotguns coupled with a pistol would be pretty awesome for CQB. In terms of clothes I figured snug fitting and hard wearing was the way to go, so just plain jeans and a thick shirt, plus a body warmer type thing to stop it flapping all over the place (and as a not-so-subtle nod to The Governor, all you Walking Dead fans.
Your best bet for reference material is movies - just look at things like The Walking Dead, The Book of Eli, anything post-apocalyptical. I've been thinking of doing one of these myself, if I get round to it I'll post my attempt too! Tactical eye protection does look incredibly out of place, but with smoked lenses it can be passed off as just something you'd wear to cut the glare on a bright day.

Emf protection tin foil video
National geographic channel zombie apocalypse quiz

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